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  1. Did you build using the new reserves and all that stuff if so did change list building for either of you? Did inspiring presence change of 1 use come up in the battle because I have had battles where people stored cp and inspired multiple units.
  2. So the faction article is well a dud. Nothing new probably going to be the case for the other factions unless they slip in something in one of the other ones. The core battalion article is more interesting. It looks like matched play will have different battlpacks for new ways to play matched play.
  3. Go to reddit and search you will find it. If I understand what they showed how we build armies is changing significantly.
  4. Also worth a thought is if this retreat if charged is a thing. It could reduce the number of models that get in range depending on how it works. So take kos as an example it gets charge and maybe the charge is enough for the whole charging unit to get all models into combat roughly before they pile in. We'll if you retreat d6 and let's say they still catch you but the kos still moves that d6 and the charging now doesn't get the wrap around and needs the pile in to get more models in the kos can locus them and deny the pile. This would reduce incoming attacks or just take the +1 save.
  5. Even if it goes away we have the Masque to pull some shenanigans.
  6. Aod does offer some more survability in shooting phase now then it did. Though the uptick in mw shooting is an even bigger problem since we don't have a lot of after saves.
  7. I find it interesting that we can now make Daemonettes as a example hit on 3+ Wound on 3+ and have 4+ save. We can also bring back each model slain on a 6+ from New command. Also reroll 1 to hit in pretenders. The thing that probably annoys people is a lot of armies came built to give those +1 bonuses and other mechanics. Now if stacking bonuses is limited then the armies that have those mechanics they will not be able to double dip. So long as double dipping does not happen then some armies will see more limited gains. We now have to manage cp well in order to benefit from these changes.
  8. Looking at new cogs it got a nerf and a weird buff. Only gives +1 to charge a lot less impactful for movement and lost reroll save. It gained however wizards (meaning all) gain 1 additional cast while within 6 inches. It became a powerful boost to casting.
  9. Well the wheels are tied to armor save and they have shown some seriously beefy saves. The mirror may get some changes
  10. Let's not forget mesmerizing mirror. That can do a lot of chip damage every time they attempt any type of move.
  11. Any large scale chip damage to multiple units just became a lot scarier depending on bravery and Wound characteristics.
  12. Glutos bravery bonus and dex immunity for daemons makes more sense now as well.
  13. "On the flip side, you really need to think about Battleshock now, as only one unit can benefit from the Inspiring Presence command ability." so inspiring presence can be used to save one unit from battleshock from the sound of it. So multiple battleshocks happen better choose wisely.
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