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  1. So in the realm of life the jade diadem on a 6+ save you heal a wound well the faq Page 79 – Artefacts of Power: Relics of Ghyran, Jade Diadem Change the rules text to: ‘If the unmodified save roll for an attack that targets the bearer is 6, heal 1 wound allocated to the bearer.’ Even if the rend -3 and your save is 4+ you still roll. Since modifiers are applied after you roll. Still get to heal some of the damage. Also cogs let you reroll failed saves. It is possible hordes with loads of attacks but no rend can make a model generate more dp then they were expecting it to. Probably still going do die but you get more milage on the dp. I may test it this weekend.
  2. In the video they posted from the tournament they showed his list. The furnace had the suspicious stone. Its posssible the list was poorly formated and caused confusion. It was not well formatted infact most list they showed had multiple differnt formats some clearer then others. This could have artifacts and traits in spots causing confusion as to who has what. They need to come with standard format that makes it clear who has what. So yeah could easily be a miss read of the list.
  3. I know it has a built in version thats not what im talking about. The Artifact he gave it is Suspicious Stone thats a master clan artifact the plague furnace can't have that artifact. This gave him 2 5+ roll instead of just the singular built in 1 5+ after save.
  4. Interesting thing i just notice looking at the bobo video. If the list they showed for the skaven and slaanesh match were the correct list submitted by the players the skaven list had invalid entry on it. He gave the suspicious stone to the plague furnace only masterclan can have it. That thing provides a 5+ mw and wound save. Depending on the kos out put and if it double activated that could easily be the difference between the plague furnace living and being dead. Don't know if it would of made a difference.
  5. A good idea for sure in it's set up. From the looks of it the mistake may have been not pushing the army more for the vermin lord who had death frenzy and has an aoe battlshock immunity for 2/3 the board. Maybe got a little gready though I understand why if the kos did their job he could of killed both the furnace and the vermin lord. The dice rolls got him rolled a 1 for the keeper who went for vermin lord so the verminlord retreated on his activation. The failure of locus and not doing enough damage to the screen kinda sucked.
  6. Can use it to cast slothful stupor from the keeper on Marathi or a terror ghiest turn 1. Also states it only counts the spell if it was successful to cast so if you whiff slothful stupor you could go for a different spell with proper positioning of wizards. Also seen a list where they took fateweaver he knows all spells in the army within 18. This includes slothful stupor or whatever else you have. 4-1 at bobo lost to skaven failed a key locus and didnt do enough damage to the screen. To get to key target. Killed the warlock engineer with spell portal and fate weaver. didn't quit get to the verminlord warpseer. Also failed to kill the plague furnace. Got counter charged by 80 plague monks.
  7. Spell portal is cast on a 5 so you dont have to have her cast it you can use her second slot for another higher cast endless spell if needed. Yeah she has highest chance to cast it though.
  8. You can use it to pick out the warlock engineer in skavenn fly over it and use the enrapturess to shoot it doesnt matter if it is screened. Our skavenn option Spell portal hysterical frenzy, realm of shadow has an artifact that does mw on 6+ you roll a dice for every model in the unit one use only though. Our wheel endless spell is a good option with good range against there horde will do on average 5 mw to each unit it hits as there hordes have a save of 6. The problem with this is getting in position to use it without being killed. The exalted chariot helps as well. Though saying this you may only be able to get access to 1 maybe 2 hero's. Also depends on there list comp are they using skryre or/and plague as there support.
  9. there is the realm of metal has fly artifact and artifact that shuts off opponents artifact.
  10. The answer to this is have a a cloak as well then nothing happens. You can use daemon princes to jump the que on him just tag him once with locus. Possibly use the battallion calvacde for the 6 in pile in and activation. You may have to send a block of 30 daemonettes to their death as an option to force it off him. The reality the cloak is there only real option against locus but we can still counter it.
  11. First part you may need something to fly behind skaven lines to take out key support pieces. The model with Death frenzy is a key target. The warlock with more more warp power because you dont want a death frenzy unit or some of there shooting units with reroll hit and wounds. The main problem with skaven is that they have some powerful units and support units that at times feel under pointed. They can screen through bodies fairly easily. Even though they can run low bravery hordes they can ignor battle shock easily. Second Fec gristlegore Kos charge him get the locus off activate kos first to kill it may want to back it up with epitome horrible fascination on charge in case locus fails or fail to kill in 1 activation because if both trigger he attacks last. Similar situation when he charges you kos and epitome together can push him to attack last need both to trigger. Can use spell mirror for slothful stupor and pavane of slaanesh. If stupor fails cast pavane through mirror you can soften it up. Pavane has potential to bracket it once slowing it down. Unfortunatly terrorghiest bracketing does little to reduce damage.
  12. The game only moves to the end of combat once all units that can do stuff during the combat phase have done so. So yeah the comand ability would let you activate. Yes you pick a spell for wizards that are summoned.
  13. Its overwhelming to people mostly because of the new rules. Its beatable its going to be mission dependent and army dependent.
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