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  1. I think they look like good shooting unit now. Daemon hero can get an artifact for +1 to wound to friendly daemons wholly withen range so they can wound on 2+ and get rend 1 from coven. The exalted gives the +1 to hit to flamers. So 3 to hit 2 wound rend 1 d3 just for standing next to some other models. Let alone the bonuses for targeting hordes. Shooting seems viable with horrors as tar pits. Makes tzeentch more of a magic shooty army.
  2. Worth pointing out exalted flamer and exalted flamer on chariot have rend 1 for shooting attack. Rend 2 when in the conflagration.
  3. No you remove models when wounds are resolved against a model. There is wounding section in core rules. Wounds are applied one at a time until the model is slain. So in horrors case you apply 1 wound the model is slain and splits then apply the next wound. Edit the quote was edited the same time I posted this never mind .
  4. Well you can math it out then put the appropriate models on the table. This will take some practice vs putting 1 model on at a time removing it and going through all those motions which would kill time. The other thing is how you place them it could be possible to put models back on the table behind the original unit and start splitting away from what attacked you. Thus freeing the unit from combat depending on how much damage was done.
  5. "Every time a Pink Horror is slain, you add two Blue Horrors to the unit. Every time a Blue Horror is slain, you get a base of Brimstone Horrors." this sounds like pink, blues and brimstone will all be in the same unit rather then different units. Intresting mixed unit. If true.
  6. Magical flame is pinks, blues, and brimstone shooting attack. So yeah army wide rend 1 shooting.
  7. Well flamers warscroll wise unfortunatly I don't see them getting rend 1. Only getting to rend 1 in the conflagration host is an improvement. If both happened they would be rend 2 for shooting I really dont see that happening even though it would be cool if it did.
  8. The flamers, exalted flamer, and chariot got better in the conflagration at least access to rend 1 for shooting is great for them. It seems like flamers will be battline in that one. This is an improvement even if it is in this specific host. This makes it more likely to melt units with warpfire.
  9. How did the karkadrake perform? How useful were the reroll from sorcerer for out put? I imagine some of those synergies work better with mauraders. Where you able to use the chaos lords command ability and keep him in position? Who ended up as general?
  10. Chaos warriors are a little difficult. In order to run them your probably looking at 15 men units so 300 points. Probably run 10 as dual weapons and 5 with shields and halbreds. The dual weapons will get reroll to hit they are 10 plus so they naturally reroll saves. The shields give a 5+ mortal wound protection. They can go grab an objective. They are a hard to shift unit not so much a hard hitting unit.
  11. It did hit the worst offenders but the summoning hit may have been to hard. The army has zero staying power and can be shifted off objectices to easily. The armies defense came from summoning and the locus.
  12. There Still good for a unit of 10+ they get +1 to hit, 20+ they gain rend 1. With sorcerer they get reroll save, and possible reroll hit and wound. Chaos lord they get double activation. Warshrine gives 6+ after save. And prayer buffs. Then of course the khorne buffs that work on them. They can get pretty nasty.
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