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  1. Why calvacade over sybarites? The calvacade 6in pile in can make choosing combat easier. While sybarites floods you with more cp and lower drops. Just kinda wondering how calvacade was a better decision.
  2. We kinda need 4 heroes especially if you want to summon and use the locus to support your units. Another option for horde is chaos marauders marked slaanesh there pretty good 40 for 200 points.
  3. As a slaanesh player this is not right each hero gets to attempt locus of diversion 1 time. Also a unit cannot be targeted by it more then once. The epitome can hit all units withen 6inches with a similar ability called horrible facinations at the start of the combat phase on a 4+.
  4. The daemon prince gets to activate and attack what ever is in reach. It just activates if a unit withen 3 activated. No where does it say you have to attack the unit that activated. It get to jump the line and attack whatever it can like a normal activation.
  5. Fec and skaven with new books gave builds that can bend as high or close to DoK hagnar. I haven't seen anything yet in slaanesh list jumping to that level of bent. I can see some point increases because slaanesh does seem to be over performing for now. We havent seen fully how people will respond with army changes. If anything I would like to see more point drops or new battletomes for other armies. We are seeing more strike first and the ability for units to activate multiple times showing up. Armies that can play in the activation wars or weather the storm of those armies seem to be doing good. It could be possible that for shooting armies to stand shoot or activate twice in the shooting phase for some units could be possible in the future. The introduction of the activation war seems to be causing a lot of armies the headach becuase they dont have good counter play to it.
  6. With ghb 2019 coming i have been talking to people in my local area about points. Seems the point adjusments They want for slaanesh are kos over 400 and enrapturess over 160 and battallion cost increases. Some of that seems a bit much.
  7. Mythicos triumph aos gt slaanesh took 1,2,7,8 there were only 4 apparently. Still waiting for the full results to be posted.
  8. If you dont want to use outside hordes. I would suggest giving units fly to get to the back line units. They tend to have low body count screens. Though not perfect it does counter it to a degree.
  9. Is this taking in consideration he reroll hits and and wound rolls. Because damage seems low considering average 7 shots each.
  10. In this Battle report slaanesh player ran mauraders
  11. So in the realm of life the jade diadem on a 6+ save you heal a wound well the faq Page 79 – Artefacts of Power: Relics of Ghyran, Jade Diadem Change the rules text to: ‘If the unmodified save roll for an attack that targets the bearer is 6, heal 1 wound allocated to the bearer.’ Even if the rend -3 and your save is 4+ you still roll. Since modifiers are applied after you roll. Still get to heal some of the damage. Also cogs let you reroll failed saves. It is possible hordes with loads of attacks but no rend can make a model generate more dp then they were expecting it to. Probably still going do die but you get more milage on the dp. I may test it this weekend.
  12. In the video they posted from the tournament they showed his list. The furnace had the suspicious stone. Its posssible the list was poorly formated and caused confusion. It was not well formatted infact most list they showed had multiple differnt formats some clearer then others. This could have artifacts and traits in spots causing confusion as to who has what. They need to come with standard format that makes it clear who has what. So yeah could easily be a miss read of the list.
  13. I know it has a built in version thats not what im talking about. The Artifact he gave it is Suspicious Stone thats a master clan artifact the plague furnace can't have that artifact. This gave him 2 5+ roll instead of just the singular built in 1 5+ after save.
  14. did the plague furnace have an artifact if so what was it?
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