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  1. 15 minutes ago, novakai said:

    Hard to say if it anything else but Eldar with that Eldar background they are using

    Its probably a hint that Eldar are soon but I'd guess its simply the theme of the advent engine, the previous ones have been themed around chaos engines, mechanicus etc..so I'd expect other things beyond eldar, but perhaps a good chunk of eldar stuff. There is a rumour monger who claims to be posting rumours about an upcoming eldar release in a similar manner to the rumour engine, which is beginning to feel a little more than coincidence...

    No idea what to expect/hope for in terms of AoS but still hoping for some Squat stuff. 

  2. 41 minutes ago, HorticulusTGA said:

    Long time no see, TGA :D 

    I SWEAR I read a rumor* a few days ago (here ?) saying the next dual boxed set for AOS would be Idoneth vs Fyreslayxers (that much we already heard), with one new Hero each side : an Idoneth Lady with the two swords in the back like the recent RE, and a new Fyrelsayers Hero with some kind of magmapike.

    ... That would fit today's RE ...

    P.-S. ; I'm sad we don't have more Chorf rumors, but at least the Warcry Red Harvest set indeed had new Chaos scenery made by those Hashut-worshipping duardin ;)

    *EDIT : yep, a rumor passed on by @Indecisive on page 3113. It indeed seems plausible... 

    Where have you been? Did you get lost in Nurgles Garden? Good to see you back.

    1 hour ago, KingBrodd said:



    1 hour ago, Iksdee said:

    I would like some more Spiderfang rumours, might add some Skaven or Beasts of Chaos in the mix for a box set. More about the new Nighthaunt monster would be awesome and some kind of confirmation about Kurnothi to change things up. Thanks in advance GW!

    (could add a new phoenix lord for 40k, wont mind that one)

    I'd love some Grungni Dwarf hints but I reckon they are still a away off. Interested to see what is coming, Kurnothi could be interesting if they appear. 

    For 40k really, really crossing my fingers for some Squat rumours. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Neverchosen said:

    I think it is obvious that if this continues we will invariably get some AOS/40K reveals but due to shipping delays and other outstanding issues that we shouldn't hold our breath as it will likely be some time. We also tend to get most of our reveals in big events so that makes it even less likely to have much revealed in these Monday reveals but I still think we will see AOS and 40k models pop up time to time. 

    I was a bit disappointed but they are probably saving the AoS/ 40k reveals for the preview over the holidays. Plus tomorrow has another Rumour engine and then is allowed by the advent rumour engines so hopefully lots of hints as to what might be coming next year!

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  4. 11 minutes ago, DinoJon said:

    Were the rumors disproved already? I thought we got a pseudo confirmation from Whitefang or did I misinterpret it? 

    I took Whitefangs reaction to say it was a mix of guesswork and correct information, notably it contains his rumour of the Fyreslayer vs Deepkin box. I do expect Chaos Dwarfs to come, how soon is anyones guess. Not sure about the Silent People appearing this edition. 

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  5. I'm kind of glad those rumours are off - didn't feel right to me- more like guessing around a few established rumours. Still hoping for new dwarfs of the non chaos type next year. Although If Squats arrive next year I'll probably be plenty happy [KO kit bashing!]

    Hopefully will start to get some hints in the advent rumour engines soon! [and a few reveals over Christmas/new year].

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  6. Just catching up with this, interesting rumours ! I'm wondering how much will be old kits and how much new- I guess some kits hold up better than others. The other thing that popped into my head was- will they bring back/use the Regiments of Renown [I'm thinking form my point of view Bugmans Dwarf Rangers for example]. Really excited about what they can do with the new plastic tech and sculpting applied to the classic armies. 

    On 11/15/2021 at 7:54 AM, AaronWilson said:




    Last night I went through my collection of High Elves! I still have 30 Shadow Warriors, 20 Pheonix guard, 10 sisters of the watch & 5 dragon princes new in box! 

    I'd like add a few more regular chariots but bar that I'm happy with it all. Very excited for The Old World!

    Nice High Elves ! I still have a third edition HE force- Jes Goodwin sculpted silver helms, the plastic spearmen and archers, 3 bolt throwers and 2 tiranoc chariots.. haven't touched them in ages, might need to send the to a new home sometime.. 

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  7. Yeah that "rumour" leak doesn't add up as much as I'd like it to. New KO and more dwarfs-yes please [although I'd like them out of cities]. It all doesn't quite sit right- like two much info. The big 40k leak was the exception, generally big leaks are bobbins..

    Looking forward to the Advent rumour engines and the Christmas/new year reveals! 

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  8. Those boxes look pretty cool, they don't appeal to me, although the vamp one is a bit tempting.. 

    Vanguard boxes.. look like a good set but not wild on that price point, but I guess it will depend on the contents of each box.

    For now keeping my pennies for new dwarfs/squats ..[I live in hope!😇]

  9. I was thinking the other day- January should bring a new battletome with a decent model release due to the pattern of 40k releases. My thinking is the next 3 40k codex are all books + single model [thats up to Tau in January]. Three 40k books in a row is unlikely to be followed by another Codex straight away so AoS likely to get a release? 40k Chaos is likely early 2022 but I don't see it coming in January. Christmas/New Year reveals should be interesting! {no clue what is likely next}. 

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Iksdee said:

    I think this is something for 40k. It looks like a big scenic base. Maybe a new model for the 1 year subscription?

    Scenic base- maybe a commemorative model or something for a new boxed game? The fingers look ork/urruk or maybe ghoul.  

    Edit: Maybe the Skaven Eshin underworlds war band ? [thats rumoured right?]

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  11. 13 minutes ago, Clan's Cynic said:

    I've noticed New Model Money now seems to largely be the purview of Specialist/boxed games. I wouldn't get too excited about seeing 40k/AoS stuff too often.

    Probably because all the new big releases for both systems are being saved for the New Year and the festive Rumour Engines..

  12. 2 hours ago, Indecisive said:

    Normally those 4chan rumours are a bust, but this one might have been on to something.

    That was one day before the Slaughterguy reveal, not the most unbelievable of guesses but right off the bat not blatantly wrong like most "leaks" from that site.

    Cheers! Interesting! For those who don't want to go there the quote is [edited for language]


    The red harvest is about spider [removed] versus ordinary darkoath tribes
    After that there will be warcry 2.0
    Nighthaunt will not be that soon and they will be pitted against Lumineth.
    Expect major release for sylvaneth but no kurnothi. Lady of vines will have a model

    No Kurnothi would be a shame but at the same time I think they could do a lot more with Sylvaneth. 

    Still hoping for something dwarf-y in 2022, squats or new Grungni Dwarfs. 

    I wonder if they intend to add more war bands to War Cry and are they going to stick to just chaos- it has more of a Necromunda type feel of gangs rather than Killteam at the moment. 

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  13. 14 hours ago, dnusha said:

    I mean if someone would ask me who this guy is: 


    id say he's a dwarf.

    Yeah I was briefly exciting thinking there might more than one pirate.. but alas no. 

    The Ogre Pirate is the pick of the bunch for me, I do like the GS Cult model as well. 

    Everything else is fine but not really my thing, pleased for others who got stuff they are thrilled by. Nice to see more Darkoath- love the old witch model. 

    I was thinking the Christmas model might be a gobbo and it is a bit of a relief as well as I was worried the dwarf/squat rumour engines might have just been a Christmas model so its nice to think 2022 might bring some proper dwarf goodness. 

  14. 5 hours ago, CarkFish said:

    Yeah, but it's halfling pirates ... And it's an underworlds warband

    That would be epic and I would so buy that!! Especially if they were done by the same sculptor that did the BB team. 

    I think I may now need Halfling pirates... GW get on it!!

    {actually Halflings are absent from AoS - that would be a nice return.. }

    28 minutes ago, Clan's Cynic said:

    I'm happy with the 40k leaks. Now I know I won't be sending a single penny on it until the Squats are out.

    Yep me too! Would like to get a sense of when and what they will look like though.. Similarly I'm hoping for hints of new Dwarfs for AoS at some point [although I can't see them getting anything until next year at the earliest and I doubt they will appear tomorrow].

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  15. 3 minutes ago, Noserenda said:

    Well if it is accurate he just cost his "buddy" his job, thats waaaaay too much identifying info to be sharing. 

    Given the "tone" just sounds like someone trying to add some clout to their whine, but i suspect we shall see on Saturday.

    Yep generally good rumours come from anonymous sources - this doesn't sound right to me but we will see very soon I'm sure. 

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