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  1. Been a bit slow on the painting recently, got some things on the go but went back and added a few tufts etc to the bases to break up the green a bit
  2. Back to working on the troops, finished off some Sequitors and Castigators with a head swap from the Castigator prime Posted these on Twitter Monday and made it onto Warhammer TV hobby roundup which I was really chuffed at!
  3. More reinforcements completed this weekend, some repainted Palladors
  4. So at, the start of this thread I mentioned my old Stormcast project that sort of got put aside, for the past few weeks I've been trying to decide whether to repaint them to match my Astral Templars. I was really happy with the Palladors mounts and didn't want to repaint those, but had doubts if the colours would look OK together. Last night I decided to go for it, I'm pleasantly surprised at how they look!
  5. Been a bit busy past few weeks, managed to get the Knight Azyros and Larissa Shadowstalker finished up. Treated myself to some reinforcements and got some more Mortal Realms models assembled
  6. Not as much progress as I would of liked but getting there with some new additions this weekend, also made a start on some base toppers to try and match the ETB moulded ones. So much gold on those paladins!
  7. So a finished pic or Berek, plus some reinforcements from the cupboard of shame! This was originally just for the Mortal Realms magazine, but as there's no Stormcast left I fug out some Protectors from my old project along with the Knight Azyros, but what better to go with sone protectors than a Larissa Shadowstalker!
  8. Just realised the picture of Berek is unfinished, need to change that ! I've also dug out the flock and gone a bit retro to try and match the home made bases in with the sculpted ones which have some sort of sculpted grass around the edges, you can see it in the first pic on the Knight Questor And yes that is a Gino Ginelli ice cream tub from around 1994 !
  9. When Mortal Realms launched I decided to subscribe, I have some Stormcast that I was working on of a custom design but sort of got pushed to the wayside (The Argent Lions), but since lockdown and working from home began, my painting has picked up, around the middle of March, a user by the name of @dave_the_chin on Twitter suggested a challenge with random Stormhosts, as id got a few issues of Mortal Realms by then I decided to join in, the Astral Templars were my given host, as of now writing this I've just completed all the Stormcast I've got from the magazine and have started on the Nighthaunt (maybe another log...), if youre interested in taking a look, have a look for the #Stormforged on Twitter and see who else has got involved. Thought putting them up here will keep my interest in too ! So as it stands here's what I've completed so far, all current Mortal Realms Stormcast, plus looks like Berek the Indomitable woke up in the wrong Stormhost ! As I've got all these completed, I'm thinking of going back to my old project and maybe repainting to match these guys.
  10. So a bit after I decided that he needed something else, plus there was a gap that was bugging me....
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