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  1. So a bit after I decided that he needed something else, plus there was a gap that was bugging me....
  2. The Vanguardifying of non-Vanguard continues, following on from previous, here's my Paladin Prime for the unit of Protectors
  3. Only problem now is I only have 3 Vanguard capes left, so thinking of just putting those on the Primes now, almost like when they get reborn, they remember their Vanguard past by wearing a fur cape to try to fit in! Just need to decide what to build the Paladins as, I do like the glaives the Protectors have though! Also looking around I've seen conversions using a prosecutor prime for the Knight Azyros spare parts so going to keep my eyes open for one of those!
  4. Been a bit hard to paint in this heat, but have managed to work on some reinforcements! Picked up a bits sprue on ebay and managed to bash together some Vanguard style Judicators, plus a few more reinforcements....
  5. Some more done on my stormcast again, decided to paint something a bit different so it was the Knight Incantors turn today! Finally settled on a colour I like that stops them looking like Hallowed Knights wannabes 😂
  6. Been working on my stormcast again , getting some more built up, as I'm planning a Vanguard themed Stormhost decided to give the raptors some cloaks, bit fiddly and need some putty work but very happy with these
  7. That pallador primes been putting it out I see 😂 really like the birds, look almost translucent
  8. And some more! Really enjoying painting these up, glad I decided to sit down and make a start on them!
  9. Some Malifaux minus are like that, seems like the person doing the sprue layout got a bit too chop happy - feet seperate from legs, front and back heads, seperate faces 😱
  10. Some more work! So over the weekend I managed to assemble and prime a unit of pallador t go with the Lord Aquilor Learnt from assembling him though and did these in sub-assemblies, makes it easier to paint them this way Something I did discover though is that Stormhost Silver goes better over a grey undercoat as opposed to black, the Lord Aquilor only needed one coat of Stormhost Silver over grey, but the vanguard riders have needed at least 2 coats each over a black undercoat
  11. Wasnt sure if that was an actual paint or just another glaze, may need to take a look at that thanks! The avatar is a bit if a throwback to when I played dungeons and dragons online, found a pink robe for my wizard and it was his default outfit, a friend got the avatar made from the GitP forum for me!
  12. Further wip, loving how shiny Stormhost Silver is, put some thinned Drakenhof Nightshade on to bring the armour out a bit
  13. So I've had a decent amount of Stormcast sitting there for a while unpainted, have been undecided on a Stormhost for a while so decided to make my own up with the Argent Lions, a Vanguard Heavy Stormhost so far, although I am eyeing up the Sequitors.... So I decided to finally sit down and get started on them with my favourite model so far, the Lord Aquilor Decided on a peacock inspired Gryph Charger which I'm very happy with!
  14. I've seen them magnetized to just swap the arms but I'm not a magneticist!
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