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  1. punkisdead

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Re-rolls happen before modifiers.
  2. punkisdead

    First try at a Nighthaunt list

    Itching to get out and play, so I made a list that I'm going to try out tonight. It consists of only released models that I actually have, so no Bladegheists, Harrows, Black Coach, etc. LEADERS Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief - General - Lore of the Underworlds : Spectral Tether Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern - Lore of the Underworlds : Shademist - Infernal Lantern (Artefact) : Beacon of Nagashizzar Cairn Wraith Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed - Artefact : Slitter Spirit Torment UNITS 20 x Chainrasp Horde 20 x Chainrasp Horde 20 x Grimghast Reapers 20 x Grimghast Reapers 2 x Chainghasts 8 x Myrmourn Banshees BATTALIONS Chainguard ENDLESS SPELLS Shyish Reaper Soulsnare Shackles
  3. punkisdead

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Why do people keep posting lists in this main thread instead of creating a thread of their own for critiques about a list?
  4. punkisdead

    Shut up and take my money

    Been away from the hobby for a while. I was a 40K player back in 5th Edition, and a Warmahordes player as well. Then this past fall someone talked me into purchasing the AoS starter box, and I'm instantly hooked. I've managed to amass quite the Chaos collection (Khorne mortals and daemons, as well as Nurgle) over a short period of time. This time around I'm also bringing my son along for the ride as he's just about to turn 11. Got him hooked on Blood Bowl already, so it's only a matter of time before he's playing AoS with me at game nights.
  5. punkisdead

    The Rage Quit Amnesty

    I never played WHFB, I was always interested, but a the time found it very complicated and almost nobody in my area played it. There was however a large 40K group that regularly played and I got into that when 5th Edition came out. Played that for a while and rage quit that because there was too much cheese and power creep going on locally and it was not fun getting tabled in turn 1 or 2 because I refused to play that game and instead always collected and played armies that appealed to me rather than what was competitive. Played Warmahordes for a while after that, MK2 had just been released and that was good. Then life got busy and had to abandon the hobby for a few years. AoS actually brought me back into the hobby. The simple rules and really awesome looking models are what sold me. Who knew that one day I'd be looking at 40K as being the more complicated ruleset.
  6. punkisdead

    Stormfiends Question

    Yeah, unfortunately in order to run 3 of a single weapon, you need 3 boxes. With one box you only get to build: Doomflayer Gauntlets OR Shock Gauntlets Warp Fire Projector OR Wind Launcher Ratling Cannons OR Grinderfist What I was thinking would be a good option is with 2 boxes you could do one unit with 2x Warpfire and a Doomflayer Gauntlet and one unit with 2x Ratling Cannons and a Doomflayer Gauntlet.
  7. punkisdead

    Stormfiends Question

    I'm finally getting around to assembling some Stormfiends and I'm wondering what weapons people like to model them with. It seems like warp fire projectors is the preferred weapon load out vs wind launchers, but what about the others? Given that if I ran them in a Clan Skryre list, there's really no reason to model the one with grinderfists as the warp grinder team already does that job better, and ratling cannons puts out a crap ton of potential shots at decent range. As far as doomflayer gauntlets vs shock gauntlets, I'm not sure though. It seems like the potential D6 wounds from the shock guantlets would be nice, but how does it stack up against the potential extra attacks, potential extra damage and 2+ to hit on the charge?
  8. punkisdead

    First 2000 point tournament

    The Glottkin makes the plague bearers awesome, adding one more attack and can make one unit have 2 wounds each with his spell. I've been contemplating removing the Stormfiends and putting in a couple of units of plague drones since the Glottkin would add 3 more attacks per model for them. If I take Khorne, I'm definitely going to reduce the Bloodreaver units to 10 man units to free up enough points for another Bloodsecrator, and I don't want to have to move 100 models on the board.
  9. punkisdead

    First 2000 point tournament

    Yeah, proper movement is the key. Play tested it last night against a swarm of 120 plague monks who wrecked my reavers because I put them too close and got charged. It was fun, but that's a lot of models to be moving every phase. I'm thinking of changing my strategy a bit and going for less models, more mortal wounds. Leaders Herald Of Nurgle (100) The Glottkin (480) Sayl The Faithless (160) Battleline 10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100) 10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100) 10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100) 3 x Stormfiends (300) - Warpfire Projectors - Skryre Battleline 3 x Stormfiends (300) - Warpfire Projectors - Skryre Battleline War Machines Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Total: 2000/2000
  10. punkisdead

    First 2000 point tournament

    So I'm getting ready to head to my first Sigmar tournament. Trying to figure out what to bring without having to spend too much money. Here's what I have in mind: Leaders Bloodstoker (80) Slaughterpriest (100) - Hackblade and Wrath Hammer Bloodsecrator (120) - General - Trait: Great Destroyer - Artefact: Favour of the Gods Skarbrand (400) - Artefact: Chaos Talisman Battleline 20 x Bloodreavers (120) - Reaver Blades 20 x Bloodreavers (120) - Reaver Blades 20 x Bloodreavers (120) - Reaver Blades 30 x Bloodletters (300) Units 5 x Wrathmongers (180) 1 x Skull Cannons (180) 1 x Skull Cannons (180) Battalions Dark Feast (100) Total: 2000/2000 Running this list would only require me to pick up another 10 bloodletters. I would love to bring more nurgle, but I feel like with the Bloodsecrator being added to help buff the Dark Feast, it's silly to not bring some Bloodletters along for the battle.
  11. punkisdead

    I am joining Chaos!

    Welcome to the party...we have cookies. I'm actually going through the same process myself right now. I used to play 40K back in 5th edition, and loved my Daemons. So I've started with a couple of copies of the starter box, a start collecting box for Khorne Bloodbound, one for Khorne Daemons, and one for Nurgle Daemons. This way I can easily jump back into 40K should I decide to.
  12. punkisdead

    Let's Chat: Khorne Daemonkin

    This is what I did with mine. Used one of the bits from the throne that I didn't use when making the skull cannon for the herald to stand on.
  13. I'm kind of the same way. I'm a software developer by trade, so being able to buy most programming books as digital is awesome. Especially since I can have my entire library on my iPad. However, I still love to have paper books.
  14. If you buy them from BlackLibrary you get an ePub3 version which can be read anywhere.
  15. Yeah, first time posting on this forum. I also see there's no way to go back and edit the original post?