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  1. With my old lizard men army I used to paint the scales different colours to represent different spawnings / units.
  2. First time trying this so will keep it simple: finish all my existing shadespire warbands (Fyreslayers and reavers need basing, stormcast are on final highlight and orruks haven't been started yet) finish my deepkin allopex (sharks skin is already done so far)
  3. Just heard about this while catching up on the podcasts this morning, seems like a really good use for the box of random bretonnian bits I've got. I'm thinking that they'll be the remains of some kingdom that was overrun by nurgle who are now starting to fight back after Alarielle beat the Glotkin and closed the realm gate, which also leads me to create an opposing group lead by the nurgle chappie my wife bought me this week.
  4. Hi folks, I've been out the game for a few years, mostly due to the decline of miniature war games at my local club and me finally becoming a responsible adult by getting married, buying a house and spawning a mini-me. Recently caught the bug again and looked up a few of the poscasts I used to listen to and was pleased to see they are still going, one thing I wanted to do before I stopped playing was attend a tournament or several and listening to the last few Bad Dice episodes has got me fired up for it again. I'm planning on spending the next few months getting an army sorted and learning how to play in this brave new world and then get myself along to one, are there any 'newbie' friendly tournaments you guys can recommend? Or are they all pretty much ok? Finally, how do the Bretonnians stand up to all the new stuff? I know there are still rules for them, but I don't want to be tabled by the latest and greatest if they are no good anymore. Well that got quite long, so cheers for looking. John
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