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  1. Great idea for a topic! I’m in the process of 3D printing a board of my own design and some terrain from printablescenery. Will update here when it’s assembled and painted.
  2. Anybody have suggestions for good looking 3D printable terrain suitable for Warcry? Preferably with different heights, platforms and other variables that will make use of all the rules. I've found these so far: https://www.rmprintableterrain.com/collections/stormguard-a-city-in-ruins https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3384494
  3. No, Shadow Piercer is the leader.
  4. So I had my first games yesterday. Two out of two wins for the crow gang. We played on my friends special made terrain combining two starter boxes. There was a lot of terrain on the board, probably too much so we will scale it back a bit in he future. First game against Unmade. Mission was kill the leader. It ended in turn two after my opponent had charged his leader into a Cabalist I had placed in front of my Shadow Piercer. In my activation after that I used Death From Above to get a free move and an extra attack, no extra strength as we were on the same level. Three hits later and his leader was down. Second game was against Splintered Fang. Mission was kill half the opponents warband. I think i positioned my warband a bit better using my tough "heroes" in the frontline and keeping most of my smaller guys back. He on the other hand sent in his leader together with smaller guys first. He even one of his snakes just to tie me up giving me basically a free killpoint. I ganged up on his leader using inspiring presence and later using Grisly Trophy+Onslaught on a Spire Stalker which gave me the final kill I needed. It's hard to draw any conclusions though as it was the first game of Warcry for both my opponents and both of them made tactical mistakes forgetting about the mission objectives. My general feeling is that we have a very well rounded warband with great speed, good combination of hard hitting heroes, expendable chaff and some great abilities. My list was as follows. Shield Shadow Piercer Spire Stalker Spire Stalker Cabalist with spear Hammer Shrike Talon Cabalist with spear Cabalist with spear Dagger Cabalist with familiar Cabalist
  5. I will have my first game with them tomorrow. Probably against splintered fang and maybe also against unmade if my friend have glued them together. I’ll give a recap after the battle.
  6. Yes, but with a minor conversion. I cut off one of the cabalists hand and fitted it with the spear from the kneeling cabalist. That makes 3 cabalists with spears, 1 regular and 1 with familiar. With the rest of the models in the box it adds up to exactly 1000 points.
  7. The sylvaneth book seems to be a little bit off in internal balance, I'm especially thinking about Tree/Spite Revenants and Branchwraiths cost too much for what they do and Kurnoth Hunters might cost too little. I would like to see a discount for taking larger battle line units. Having a base cost that goes down when the unit gets larger. Example, Tree revenants cost 100p for 5 today, make the unit size 5/10/15/20 and cost 100/180/250/310
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