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  1. Cavalry and a Kurnoth Hunter character have been on my wishlist for a long while!
  2. You only need three units for the Outcasts battalion, four for Dreadwood! Related to this, anyone tried Outcasts at 1000 points? Got a game coming up and thought it might be cool to have Outcasts + Drycha, even if it's not the most competitive.
  3. So you've been run 12 bow hunters? That does seem a little overkill! Maybe swap a couple out for sword Hunters too if you're worried about hordes?
  4. Great thread man! Reading through has really given me back some impetus to continue building my BCR. Your minis look awesome too, love the snow effects. Been struggling myself with how to apply the snow paint so will be borrowing your method. All of the photos of the armies look great too. Would be cool to hear some bat reps including Yetis at some point!
  5. Looking to sell as one lot mate? Would be keen on some bits
  6. Love Drycha, and also just listened to the Mortally Wounded podcast Sylvaneth ep where the dude mentions using a Branchwych with Silverwood Circlet, The Reaping and a Balewind to similar effect! Anyone done this, and if so is it worth taking both Drycha and the Branchwych or one or the other?
  7. Currently on a deepdive into the Destruction allegiance to see what allies I can find for a Beasthammer, has anyone used plain old Orruks + a warboss (to further buff the pigs), or have any experience with Scraplaunchers? Butcher + 40 Grots seems like one of the better / more common options for us, just seems boring to me!
  8. One of the reasons for starting up my Beastclaw was to ally in Spiderfang stuff, obviously that's not possible, but it's something I might explore later on!
  9. Yep, don't be drawn in to throwing away your 6 scythes (or equivalent) using the redeploy needlessly, focus on what would be best in the scenario, could be redeployed 30 dryads onto an objective or using the anti-shooting strategem for example.
  10. Think it'd struggle in Duality but I admire your out of the box thinking! Here's me building up my 2k Dreadwood since Tyler's podcast on it aaaages ago, now I've finally finished it, it's becoming more popular
  11. Min Beasthammer + Skal x 2 Hunters is one of the options I'm building towards at the moment too! Considering allying in 400 pts of Gutbusters in the form of; 40 grots, butcher and a gorger, 9 bulls and a butcher, or something taking bits from all three ideas!
  12. Hey Chris, I know it's not exactly relevant to this episode, but would love to hear your thoughts on the rest of Destruction in GHB17, particularly Beastclaw / Ogors in general! Look forward to listening to this one too, the last one with Kieran on was a great listen! I'm on the fence about starting Ironjaws in the future, currently building a Beasthammer BCR list...
  13. I can't think of much, but will be cool to hear how it goes with such a list! Would be interested to see how a similar list minus Alarielle would fare, to include Drycha, more Hunters and bump up to 30 Dryads maybe.
  14. Free spirits-based Hunter / Durthu build is my first thought! @Nick Dicehammer
  15. Building towards a Beasthammer list myself at the moment, if you extend past fielding the minimum units there seems to be very little points left to work with! Considering a couple of builds, all minimum units in the Beasthammer; Hunter (general), 2 x 2 Frost Sabres, Frostlord on Thundertusk Butcher 9 Ogors Frostlord on Thundertusk (general) 3 Icefall Yhettees What are other people's Beasthammers consisting of? I imagine Grots may be important for the bodies, but I just can't face those models / painting 40 - 60 of the things!
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