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  1. I think they could have removed the whole loonshrine sub faction thing and allow it to rez any unit. It would have brought some nice flexibility to the army and yet it'd still be bottom tier.
  2. Wow, a nerf of all things... so you can't play Jaws and still bring back your grotz... it seems they actually increased the amount of bingo. I wonder if they even realised they were writing it differently than the way it was before...
  3. I've been thinking about this and I really hope we do get stuff for moonclans in BR:Kragnos. If the rumours are true and 3rd edition puts a cap of -1 on to hit modifiers it would completely remove the synergy of spiderfang shaman and madcap shaman with stabbas. Would be a big blow to all 3. And also to the gobbapalooza because of shroomancer... So hopefully they do have a plan for gitz... I guess we'll see on saturday.
  4. I think they mentioned spiderfang And gloomspite (as if they were 2 different things) so I think we can expect stuff for "both". Gobbapalooza would indeed be nice. I really hope they manage to lower the amount of bingo in the army.
  5. Hi people! Trying to bring some life to this sub. Are you excited about our BR:Kragnos? What would you like to see for the gitz? Simple changes that would greatly improve the faction. Would be nice if GW did with Skragrott what they did with lady Olynder (counting as a general even if she's not the general). On another note, Filip Nica went 4/0/1 at hammertime thunderdome earlier this month with a jaws of Mork list including Grots and troggoths. Pretty exciting!
  6. I thank you both @Boar and @Newtype_Zero for the replies! it has been most helpful and I understand the issues with loonsmasha much better. I've started collecting gitz last summer but I haven't played a game yet. I'm almost done painting 120 stabbas with swords which will be the foundation of the army. I'll then add 6 rockgut troggoths, some snufflers and a few casters to the list. I'm thinking of adding a webspinner shaman on Arachnarok, a fungoid cave shaman and we'll see where we go from there. Maybe Skragott and a few endless spells. I'll definetely come back soon with more
  7. I see it's been 10 days since the last reply on this thread. Surely as a member (a new one) of the gitz community I cannot let that happen. I want to run an army with 2 blobs of stabbas and I have a few questions. 1) Positioning of nets. Is there any resources online with regards to the optimal positioning of nets for blobs of stabbas? Some way to maximise coverage so that battle rounds don't become logistical nightmares? 2) Besides blobs of gitz (I'm not building a third 60 man blob) what would you deem the most cost efficient unit this army has to offer that can hold its own a
  8. Howdy fellow wargammers. I'm looking at getting into AoS as well and am strongly considering the Gitz. I see a lot of gloom over the upcoming GHB though. I have a couple of questions then : 1. Would you recommend getting into GSG given its current state? 2. Even if they are not an S-tier are they an army that stands a chance and can be played against other competitive armies? 3. For a 1000 points army, and a first step, what whould you think of the following : - Loonboss. - Fungoid Shaman. - Hand of Gork - Webspinner Shaman (on foot) - Sneaky Distr
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