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  1. Thanks for the responses. I will proudly tell my gaming group.
  2. This is my first post, so I am sorry if it was hard to understand. We all agree on that the model survives the current attack. Our differences are, My view. The model heals all wounds, both those from the current attack, but also wounds already inflicted on the model, from a attack from earlier on. meaning after the activation of the artifact the model will always be fully healed. OR their view. that the model only heals wounds inflicted from that instans/attack. which in my scenario above would save the model from the 300 wounds. But not heal the already 6 wounds which it had before the attack. My friends base this on the wording of the "allocating wounds" in Core rules. Which states that you allocate 1 wound at the time, until a model is slain. So my friends reads the wording of the artifact, saying that "all wounds allocated to them are healed", meaning the 6 wounds out of the 300 that are allocated to the model from that one instant/attack in order to kill it, are healed. "and any wounds that currently remain to be allocated to them are negated." negates the rest of the 294 MW. Where my understanding is that "all wounds allocated to them are healed" Means it heals not only the wounds it took to kill it, in that instant/attack, but also wounds already received in earlier attacks. I hope that clarifies the question And thank you for taking the time to answer it.
  3. Ollah all :) So I am a seraphon player, who plays regulary with some friends. With the new book, the artifact: Incandcent Rectrices was changed. The wording "The first time the bearer is slain, before removing them from the battlefield, roll a dice. On a 1-3, the bearer is slain. On a 4-6, the bearer is not slain, all wounds allocated to them are healed, and any wounds that currently remain to be allocated to them are negated." Now I read this as, I give my Oracle on trog, this artifact, given he has the skink keyword. My oracle has taken 6 wounds somewhere, now he faces a unit of Hearthguard berserkers. And takes 300 MW. The artifact then activates, I roll a 5, and My oracle is healed from all, the 6 wounds he allready had, the 6 wounds it took to kill him in this attack (12 wounds). And the last 294 wounds are then negated. My friends read it as, in the same scenario. He takes the 300 MW, but my oracle only heals the 6 hits from the 300 MW In that instant/attack which it took to kill the model. And the rest is negated. Meaning my oracle still has 6 wounds from before. Which is the right way to understand it?
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