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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Ollah all :) So I am a seraphon player, who plays regulary with some friends. With the new book, the artifact: Incandcent Rectrices was changed. The wording "The first time the bearer is slain, before removing them from the battlefield, roll a dice. On a 1-3, the bearer is slain. On a 4-6, the bearer is not slain, all wounds allocated to them are healed, and any wounds that currently remain to be allocated to them are negated." Now I read this as, I give my Oracle on trog, this artifact, given he has the skink keyword. My oracle has taken 6 wounds somewhere, now he faces a unit of Hearthguard berserkers. And takes 300 MW. The artifact then activates, I roll a 5, and My oracle is healed from all, the 6 wounds he allready had, the 6 wounds it took to kill him in this attack (12 wounds). And the last 294 wounds are then negated. My friends read it as, in the same scenario. He takes the 300 MW, but my oracle only heals the 6 hits from the 300 MW In that instant/attack which it took to kill the model. And the rest is negated. Meaning my oracle still has 6 wounds from before. Which is the right way to understand it?
  2. Lore-wise my fictional band of warriors hails from the realm of shadow and lucky for me there are a number of interesting choices in the artifact list from Ulgu. One in particular has me a little confused: Talisman of the Watcher. Two main considerations 1. The flavor text reads "Shadowy figures intercept blows aimed at the wearer." Now I know flavor text is in no way rule text but I do think it is written usually to be descriptive of whatever is being written about thematic reasoning beyond the mechanic. So it's not law but it might give us a clue. 2. The rule text reads "If the bearer of this artifact is not within 3" of an enemy unit at the start of the combat phase, select a friendly unit within 9" and re-roll save rolls of 1 for that unit. At first reading I took this to mean that I can project a mystic shield on a single friendly unit, the bearer being a valid target as well based on the flavor text as well as the rule text . Curiously though when carefully looking at the wording it seems like I can project a mystic shield only on another unit as long as I am not in combat myself and only during the combat phase. This seems inconsistent with the flavor text and some elements are vague. For example I am not restricted explicitly from using the ability in any phase, just that it can be invalidated in the combat phase depending on the bearers position. I feel like some words/ clarification is missing here. How should I interpret the rules for this item?
  3. Hey all! Quick question about the Bellowing Blade Destruction artifact. The item's wording states that the model can re-roll 1 wound roll for every enemy hero that is within 12". Because it reads "the model", does this mean that monster mounts get the ability too? Regardless, this is a great weapon, especially with all of the heroes on the table nowadays.
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