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  1. I will paint the last 20 Mortek Guard and finish sculpting/building my Orion!
  2. So... I just finished my Liege-Kavalos and with him my pledge for April... I might just happen to finish the entire army at this rate if I continue to be stuck at home.
  3. Looks great! Will you be playing them as an already existing faction?
  4. My Boneshaper and the last of my first 20 block Mortek Guard are done! (Minus a few tufts because they ran out)
  5. Hi! Welcome to the hobby! If I recall correctly you should find everything you need on underworldsdb.com
  6. My pledge for April is to finish my first unit of 20 Mortek Guard , my Boneshaper and my Liege Kavalos!
  7. Instagram should be @mooseterious , I got my usernames confused 😅
  8. Hello TGA community! My name is Robin and I come to you from Norsca (aka Sweden). You can find me on instagram @mooseteriousone I have been hobbying for about 10 years now and got the tip from a friend to join you to find some drive to paint more! My current projects are: 2000 points of kitbashed Bonereapers 1250 points of Flesh Eaters Starting a 40k Army of some kind
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