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  1. nope, waiting for FAQ after ghb realese
  2. talking from legions perspective.not an ossiarh player Firstly.it is shooting meta. Big daddy doesnt like it.he might be beefy but not beefy enough to survive massive volley fire, even one turn,not talking about double turn :) increased point cost due ossiarh bonreapers release,which didnt bring him any upgrades. (multi arcane bolts are garbage as for me) some problems comes from the 1st edition tome-he doesnt know all spells but he should be. cant heal himself with evocation (in OB he can) bad batallions.so 6+choices few instruments to keep him alive not a great fighter,not a great mw dealer, not even 20 wounds for his points. legion's magick is more about debuffs, but he cant cast spells known by death mages on the table so his extra spells will be pew pew arcane bolts must be a general and must be taken with the average grand host legion did i mentioned he is costly? he takes half of your army and sometimes armies like savage orks can just outrun and outnumber you
  3. Hello every body. Decided to start my first post here as I am a former lizardmen player back to old days in fb. Playing around 2 years with legions of nagash but recently digged out some of my survived models of serafon( not too many unfortunatly) and since a lot of tournaments around 1250 start to appear in our local meta and since I have Gotrek to fill this naughty gap of 520pts loss I ve come to this roster for small games: -gotrek(ppl here were good about him in serafon and i totally agree) -slaan general as a great remember with anti-crowd spell from ghb -god engine with artifact to heal 1 wound within 6 from ghyran - skink starpriest -10 skinks -5 wardens Have another 10 skinks and pterodactiles for summon. After long playing as a death master i ve found suprisingly a lot of fun playing serafon. 2 teleports around the map allows some extremly sneaky plays like immidiate point retakes, sniping heroes with god engine and slaan provides endless screens with skinks while gotrek just strolls down the street and chops nearly everything on the way. The hardest of all games was agaings slaanesh with 2 keepers and sill eske, it was a game of tactica rather brutal power as i was jumping aceoss the map and koses trying to catch me avoiding gotrek.unfortunatly i lost both roll off and even without any heavy losses i lost points control and lost. A lot of other games from different events against LoN, khorne, ossiarh bonerippers, clan moulder and Ko with its own gotrek were more sucsessfull.another hard los was against only bonesplitters with ravaging charge of flying boar cavalery across whole map. Well it was a litle messy but i hope i will provide a better post of my expierence with this army soon
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