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  1. I don't know much about Cities units, but you might want to take this over to the 3rd edition thread to get better visibility.
  2. I was answering you about Protectors. The Maces also gain more from Unleash Thy Hatred since it's a doubling rather than +20% to attacks, effectively.
  3. I believe the Maces are always worth it unless you are against something with no saves at all.
  4. Anyone found a use for Bundo Whalebiter in SCE at all? Few real synergies but I at least like Kraken-Eaters best for their objective punting.
  5. When 3.0 released it was updated by Monday. So once the books are officially out it shouldn't take long.
  6. Exactly this. I just keep rolling with Stormcast releases and there's always some list that's at least decent. I love Vanguard but it has had very brief days in the sun.
  7. Wow so it would seem. It lists Stardrake, Draconith, Dracoth, Dracoline, and Gryph-Charger. Hopefully that's something to be errata'd.
  8. I dig it. Might give it a try sometime as I have everything I'd need for it. Never got to use the Tauralon much so that's a nice bonus.
  9. This looks fun and not bad. I'd make the Relictor your General and give him High Priest if you don't need anything else specific. You have enough Vindictors to not need the Vigilors to be battleline.
  10. It's a keyword on their warscroll. EDIT: As Requizen corrected below, it's not on the scroll -- it's in the list with points and unit rolls.
  11. You have too many reinforced units, I think. You can only reinforce 4 times in 2k points and you seem to have done 5.
  12. I can't imagine why not. Magnificent just reads, "...you can pick 1 extra enhancement." Section 27.3 mentions army-specific ("unique") enhancements and doesn't suggest they should be treated differently at all.
  13. Personally I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's a nice bonus if it comes up but Paladins will already blend a lot of hordes so building around getting +1/+1 when outnumbered isn't a concern for me, it's taking down the proliferating big monsters/skyships/etc. The big unit gets the full benefit of Unleash Hatred, All Out Attack, or any other buff available at the time, where the small unit is less buff and Translocate efficient.
  14. I don't know if you have Gargants in your local meta but I benchmark against killing a buffed / unbuffed mega (4+ vs 3+/5++). Your toolset looks good my only concern would be that you have to hit them piecemeal a little bit which means they get to activate more in between before you can kill one. For that reason I keep my Paladins in a unit of 10. In an Unleash round they can almost take a 4+ save mega down in one attack sequence, so if it has taken a little damage already you are golden. I definitely wouldn't take Castigators over Annihilators myself on almost any occasion, but YMMV.
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