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  1. Looks Ossiarch to me, at first glance. That symbol, is that a Chaos faction? Could be Chamon's symbol if it wasn't scribed normally.
  2. Emerald Host working out for you better than Reik's Condemned? I didn't have much success with it once they forced the command trait on us. But I'm interested in hearing how you work with it. How many games can you get in a month? I figure you'd do better sticking to your list doing minor tweaks if you can only get a few games in, but if you can get in a bunch then throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Here's hoping for a good event!
  3. I'll be having a strictly "for fun" game in the near future. I'll put Big Drogg in it and see how it goes. I don't have the model, but my opponent won't care if I can match the base size and generally indicate the height. No idea how I'd build around him, though. That's going to need some thought.
  4. Ah, my winning streak finally broke! 5-1! In my escalation league, we finally played 1.5K points. My list was as follows: One of the first things you might notice is that my list is 5 points over the limit. That was because both my opponents fell exactly 5 points over as well, and since it allowed me to slot in the Terminexus instead of the Reaper Scythe, I had no issue with it. I won't get into a ton of details, as I have done so with every game so far and it's the same two armies each time so I'd bet it's getting pretty boring until 2K. This was a one-game day (to remind; we dice off and the top two go first, and then the winner takes on the third. I rolled lowest this day). The battleplan was Tooth and Nail, and I will state plainly that I think that is the main reason I lost. No reserves? Against an army that doesn't put anything into reserve? It's a tall order to get around. The second reason I think I lost was I had too many points tied into hero support at this level and not enough units with which to do trickery with. I rushed Olynder instead of maybe going for the Black Coach or swapping some units around. Since I am ultimately building toward Sotek's Death Star build and using these games as practice, I didn't have enough to break off and hold multiple locations without troop support. I lost, but by a thin margin. I killed whatever I came into contact with, the Terminexus kept my heroes all alive despite being targeted, and rolled across the board like a tidal wave. But, I couldn't detach the Harridans against behemoths and have them hold their own, Olynder was too slow to support with mortal output, and consistently losing the die roll for priority and getting one of my objectives destroyed from under me all combined into a losing strategy. With the next 250 points I have decided to drop both Dreadscythe Harridan units, add some Bladegheist Revenants and Spirit Hosts, and the Black Coach. The KC will swap the Midnight Tome for a Pendant of the Fell Winds for some speed I don't think my opponent will be expecting. The Spirit Drain--which has been extremely useful against behemoths and monsters--will go to the GoS since he doesn't always have to cast Spectral Lure. And, being 30 points under, I'll probably have a Triumph. Let's see how it goes!
  5. Had a chance to listen to the podcast. They don't get a ton into the circumstances that Nighthaunt are facing in 3.0 that are unique to us other than the often need to kill something big fast if and when that thing shows up. For some background, the ally used was Big Drogg Fort-Kicka - Gatebreaker Mercenary. The data below is from Battlescribe, so if any of it is wrong, blame that. Points: 525pts, 35 wounds, 7 Bravery, 4+ Save, Move 12" at the start. It basically has all the tools that are useful in 3.0 rules that we lack, including being a monster, basically flying, does extra damage against garrisons, extra damage against monsters, breaks terrain in addition to standard monster terrain breaking, stacks another -1 to Bravery with our own, and just a ton of damage output with a lot of it at -3 rend. As an ally, this seems like a great pick, but as the Nighthaunt player says in the podcast it didn't necessarily win him his games. It answered otherwise unanswerable challenges we can't beat, like taking less than 2 turns to kill a big big thing, but suffers from being the big-thing-on-the-table syndrome itself and can get caught up. You still need to play to the strengths of the army, and your opponent and the battleplan will be heavy variables still needing planned around. He didn't contrast and compare his list with a gargant with ones without. And, did I catch that right, he had two Black Coaches? He also never really got into the meat about what he expected this list to do. Your interpretation of his outcomes will be your own. I think it's worth a shot to play with.
  6. I assume this is it: https://cubicshenanigans.net/back-in-the-saddle-at-nashcon-2021-episode-80/ I'll be giving it a listen later.
  7. I'm not sure if everyone really is all that fond of the Horrorghast, but if we are it's more because of +D3 models that run when the unit falls battleshock. That stacks with Lady Olynder if she's near by, resulting in 2-4 models running on top of what runs with the check with no hope of a command point to stop it. For Geminids to work the damage has to be allocated first, and there's a chance that won't happen. Between the die roll and possible ward save, it's likely it will work but there's a chance it won't. Nothing wrong with either choice. Choose the one that best fits your style and opponent.
  8. Some more updates to my guide Added a Know your limits section to General Tactica (Underworlds/Spectral Summons into a charge isn't the best of ideas, guys) Added more information to Chainrasp Horde about their base size and what that means. Expanded Lady Olynder and Kurdoss Valentian into full-fledged write-ups thanks to their rebirthed usefulness in the new era. Added text to the end of Battery-Powered Curse Hearse to give more weight to the Reaper's Scythe option. Fixed the Shyish Reaper ability description. Does more damage than I had stated. A Thanks and Credit section at the very end Small edits in many other sections
  9. Don't know what Nighthaunt units you have access to, but the list looks fun. Enough NH models to get a taste.
  10. So long Amulet of Destiny, hardly knew ya.
  11. Just realized I've been neglecting this comment section. 😶 Guide has been updated to AoS 3.0, including all FAQs as of this post. As always, please comment any questions, corrections, or observations you like. Enjoy!
  12. And now, Death Star explained! It's in the Writs of the Mortarch section. At 35 pages, over 20,000 words, it would be really nice to be able to incorporate pages, headers, content links, or something...
  13. Updated my guide with the FAQ updates. Not much changed so I'll list them here. No more question on if KC's enhanced Deathless Spirits also applies to mortal wounds (it does). No more question on if Lady Olynder gets a free use of her CA in Emerald Host (she does not as she cannot take a Command Trait). No more question on if the Warscroll Battalions Chainguard and The Condemned stack with the Procession: Reikenor's Condemned (the possibility doesn't exist in matched play, do what you want in casual). Mourngul now debuffs all units within 6". I'll add a more detailed look into the Deathstar or Castle tactic soon.
  14. To quote an Englishman: "This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move." There's already talk that this was likely a misprint--reading like two questions got rolled into one and only answered the second one--and TOs might not allow it. Many tournament players have also said they won't be taking advantage of it. A few have called it bad sportsmanship if anyone does. And though I can't cite it and it therefore might be conjecture or a straight lie, I read that Sam Pearson said this was going to be submitted for a rush fix. Give the Cities thread a look and you can see how runaway this can get if you play someone who decides to use stacking. For an army like us, though, it can protect a key hero from range sniping a bit, but only one and not that much if they are being hard-targeted. I think we kind of missed the train on this one.
  15. Makes list building a lot easier, too. I got my Halloween present with this FAQ.
  16. Didn't realize it was in the Legends section. I blame my bleary eyes at the time. Ah well. They also didn't touch on our Processions from Be'lakor.
  17. Balewind Vortex got an update, too. But I didn't see any points for it in my quick look this morning. If we can use it the changes to it are pretty nice, except that Reikenor (or any other unique) can't use it..
  18. No pointers or real feedback. Just that I've found my best success completely abandoning our old 2.0 ways and trying completely new setups.
  19. Updated my guide with Sotek's list in the sample list section and our podcast with him in the section just after.
  20. The "buddy" method makes the whole thing easier. Our parents were always right, hold hands when crossing the street! And thanks for the sentiment, but it isn't just me. Capn' and Sotek got it all started, and it's all of us who play and love this faction that are championing it. Me? I just don't shut up around here
  21. Hey Coach, long time listener, first time caller! Welcome to our thread! Glad to see you talking Nighthaunt, and Sotek was a great choice this time around. Just finished talking with him myself and he was a delight to have. We're not professional (my first time recording anything like this at all), and I mumbled, fumbled, and stuttered, so I can only imagine what it's like juggling rules, warscrolls, topic points, and keeping the conversation going all for a faction you might not be super familiar with. Hats off to you, sir. Your video is very relevant, and it was pretty much the subtopic of our talk. We pretty much just expanded on what he started in your video. Hope you give it a listen.
  22. Same. Which is why I reduced them to 1 unit in my escalation league list for now.
  23. I've been assigning 3 out of my 10 to be "cohesion buddies." All they do is make sure all hands are being held properly. I'm not too put off by it since my opponent has to do the same. We both view it as, yes 7 out of 10 will attack at a given time, but once you lose 5 suddenly 3 more enter the fray. Kind of like a second wind as the unit dies down. This gives the distances some play. So if my line needs to wrap around an enemy unit or a large base, I can shift a few millimeters and still have coherency. And, as I take models away, the "buddies" in the back can use their 3" pile in to fill gaps to keep the lines overlapping. Since coherency matters only at the end of a turn as long as the unit exists you will always have that 3" of play, so long as anything you move ends up as close or closer to the enemy unit. This doesn't apply to Reapers, of course. They stay in two ranks, even while wrapping around a target.
  24. Escalation League: 1250 points 3 games down, 3 wins. Okay, now I'm getting suspicious... To refresh the rules of the league, each game is an increment of 250 points. So for three games it's 750, 1000, and 1250 so far. Next game will be 1500. We have an odd number of players, so the winner of the first game becomes the champion to defeat in the next game. After each game we get to add our new point limit to our lists and make minor changes, but we have to keep the core of our lists the same, so no more than two units can be removed at a time, but there's nothing holding you back on additions. My 1250 point list: Compared to the last round, I dropped a unit of Reapers and picked up a reinforced unit of Chainraps and a unit of Chainghasts, and two Endless Spells. I also changed artifact holders and spells, made necessary by adding the Procession: Reikenor's Condemned. Lastly the Grand Strategy was updated to Prized Sorcery. My opponent was either going to be a classic (before Dominion) Stormcast list or a Living Cities list, so I wanted to start building for inevitable monsters and elites on the field, while also being prepared for horde units. I thought I would be able to hit hordes extra hard with Gravetide, but that didn't work out so well. I ended up pitted against the Living City staring down the barrel of a Spirit of Durthu, a Treelord Ancient, and a bunch of swords and boards and a couple units of ranged. Takeaways from this game: Looking forward: At 1500 points things change. Hero limit goes up to 4. Reinforcement limit is now 3. The board is now 44x60. Everything gets just a bit bigger. I might use the extra hero slot for a second ST to pal around with the Harridans and drop the Chainghasts, Captured Soul Energy just too stronk. Chainrasps get reinforced again for sure. If I drop the Terminexus I can bring the Black Coach. Or, if I keep the Terminexus I could also bring the Vault of Souls and keep the Chainghasts or slot in Myrmourn Banshees, instead. Or, I could drop both Endless Spells and add a Spirit Torment and a Spirit Host unit reinforced once. If I did that I'd switch the General over to him to back up those 3-wound bases with RotSH. What do you guys think?
  25. I'm down. I love the idea.
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