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  1. i say sir, this list is even more bonkers than mine, absolute kudos and a toast to Aborash' glory
  2. vargheists would be cool but they are very squishy for their cost
  3. good point, ill split the bloodknights in two, hope i dont suck too much
  4. Something like this is pretty much what was talked about. Not gonna lie, it looks rather thight even though i am mildly annoyed by not bringing vhordrai. It also gives me a fair shot at a triumph wich is nice SOULBLIGHT GRAVELORDS, KASTELAI LINEAGE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEADERS Vengorian Lord 280pts (x) Lore of the Vampires: Amaranthine Orb General Command Trait: Inspiring Commander Artifact of Power: Fragment of the Keep Radukar the Beast 315pts Belladama Volga 200pts (x) Lore of the Vampires: Spirit Gale UNITS 5x Bloodknights 195pts (x) 5x Bloodknights 195pts (x) 5x Bloodknights 195pts (x) 5x Bloodknights 195pts (x) 5x Bloodknights 195pts (x) 10x Direwolves 135pts (x) ENDLESS SPELLS Umbral Spellportal 70pts BATTALION Battle Regiment (x) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOT 1975pts
  5. sir, are you suggesting that i bring 25 bloodknights to battle? Because i sure will
  6. I am having a bit of an hard time with lumineth and steampunk dorfs and for a bit i mean that they absolutely table me. For Vlad's sake, i lost vhordrai in a single turn of damn elf archers. I dont know how much i can do to pull out somethin in this meta between the stupid ass shooting, blasting magic and invincible gods without gettin on their level (WHICH I SHALL NEVER DO). In case you ask, i was going kastelai with vhordrai, Vengo lord, the beast, 4x5 bloodknights and 10 direwolves (plus 10 from the beast). I would put in belladama to tarpit people with wolves but i feel like she is going to get shot immediatly. Any suggestions?
  7. not to mention that giving them 1 extra attack (thank you radukar) can spike their damage A LOT. Like 5 bloodknights with radukar, extra damage on and all out assault (2 CP and a trait, not to unrealistic) are pumping out 27 or so damage against 4+ save wich is fairly brutal
  8. maybe telling us what your list consists in would help
  9. i feel like you people are missing the point. Thou art loosing? Easy fix, just bring more bloodknights Thou art winning? Very well, bring more bloodknights
  10. well, except for black knights and for the most part wight kings
  11. very nice stuff indeed. I will have to rethink my strats for the future for sure
  12. i guess that adding 10 grave guards and radukar the beast could be interesting. Putting them in graves to nab objectives without getting mulched too much by shooting sounds nice and radukar fits really well with kastelai style, it would also leave me with 90 points left for endless spells and a triumph. I suppose that shields should be the best option to hold something, also i always wanted foot blood knights. Suggestions on the models to use? I reckon DE executioners would fit nicely
  13. Looks like I am at an impasse then. I have the prince, a Vengorian lord, 15 bloodknights and 10 wolves ready to go and 445 point i do not know how to spend. I suppose that a big blob of zombies or skeletons is the savy choice but on the other hand I HATE BOTH ORDES AND PAESANTS. Quite a conundrum indeed. I can hear voices saying something on the line of "put in more bloodkniiiighs"
  14. it would be a bit sad though to use all vrykos named characters in a kastelai army. I think ill stick with the prince
  15. what would you pick instead of him or the zombie dragon then?
  16. would you people say that having some grave guards in a tipical Kastelai army (prince, vengorian, lots of bloodknights) could be beneficial? If so how many would you take? I guess a necromancer would then be in order
  17. What was that? Sorry, I cant hear you over my 25 bloodknights But yeah, jokes aside i think 15 are the sweet spot for kastelai. You should consider a batalion
  18. yes, you pretty much need the horrorghast if you want to try that. On the other hand after a GG round of hitting there could be not many enemies left to run away
  19. oh yeah, they are very ****** good, expecially for how hard they are to kill (they can also hit very hard but it requires investment in both list building and CPs) but also yes, there are ways around. Mortal wounds do them dirty for example
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