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  1. good point, it is very weird. Also if lances are 2" we can strike on two lines if the first line is turned sideways wich looks rather silly but is still good. Maybe it is because they are both lance and sword combined in one profile
  2. Prince V: "you will get your blood chalice back when you learn to charge properly"
  3. lance is def the best option damage whise, try not to get stuck in combat for too long.
  4. i would not mind a DM with the pics if it is not too much of a hassle
  5. Do you people find rather annoying that there is no battalion with vengorian lords or is it just me?
  6. -does vargheists exploding 6 stack with volga's? -does riders of ruin allow to charge after using the normal move?
  7. alas black knights suck really hard as kinda of does the wight king. If i were to deathrattle i would just pick skellies as an anvil and grave guard as the hammer Love it. It is very similar to mine, difference being i swap vhordrai and 10 wolves for 6 vargheists and another vengorian but this looks amazing too. Prince V is gonna slap some pee-pees
  8. well they would have died anyway, like this there is a chance they can still fight and smash some face
  9. anyway if the vargeirsts get the double explosion very cool indeed, otherwhise it is still fine, i am more interested on seing it work on my kastelai bloodknights i think this is my list now KASTELAI DYNASTY vengorian lord (warlord: Rousing Commander, artifact: fragment of the keep) 280pts Vengorian lord 280pts Belladama Volga 200pts 5x Bloodknights 195pts 5x Bloodknights 195pts 5x Bloodknights 195pts 5x Bloodknights 195pts 10x Direwolves 135pts 6x Vargheists 310pts tot 1985pts ps. vengorian lord confirmed with 80mm base
  10. would you reckon that Belladama's exploding 6 spell stacks with the vargheists ability? Because i was considering putting out the coven throne (so exponsive, yikes) for her and some more vargheists
  11. on the soulblight facebook group but they have been translated already, we have quite a firm grip on what they do
  12. yeah, that is the SBGL book for you oh well, she is pretty cool anyway
  13. well, she is 3+ save now so it is a bit better. Also the CA says roughly "untill your next hero phase subtract 1 from rolls to hit from enemy melee weapons that have as a target soulblight gravelords units within 12" of this model". This plus her spell and how durable skellies are tell me that LoB is the defensive faction
  14. so skeletons do very little damage but are an absoulte donkey to kill entirely. Interesting, definetly objective holders more than anything but they can have a place. Neferata is fairly interesting. Hits rather hard, the dagger now murders on 5+ (ouch) and she gets d6 wound back by killing stuff, very nice. The spell was slightly nerfed but is still very good anyway. The real banger here is the CA, it is amazing. Every friendly unit within (not wholly unless i am failing at spanish) 12" gets -1 to be hit in general! This can make your army very tough when combined with other buffs so i woul
  15. true but as of faq you can ignore subtitles like "on a horse" in the warscrolls. It just happens that VLoZD has the "on zombie dragon" as a subtext and thus avaiable for the battalion
  16. that is just plain unfair, i was only 20 points over <.< gonna remove the palisade, not going to use it much with such a fast army anyway
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