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  1. this could be the case but i find that one of the main problems of the actual build of bloodknights is that they loose a lot of oompf once the charge is done so a full brawl unit could bring something very interesting on the field
  2. i take it all back, that atwork is AMAZING. Also bloodknights can apparently swap weapons wich if translated in game rule could be quite the game changer indeed. Love it
  3. i meant that it is quite likely that this week is going to be very BR Kragnos focussed wich would translate into a no vampire updates
  4. welp, guess we aint getting any vampires related things this week.
  5. that would be pretty cool as well, i sure would not mind a nechrarch warlocks unit
  6. unless we get vampire or grave guards archers. Those would pack quite some punch
  7. I am not mad. Just extremely pissed off and very disappointed. I am also very damn mad.
  8. how about DUAL KIT GRAVE GUARDS/GRAVE ARCHERS how crazy would that be?
  9. WE BAC LIKE DADDY VLAD also we almost there, unholy nagash JUMP ON THE HYPE TRAIN BLOODSUCKERZ
  10. that would sure be nice but i still have hope for abhorash
  11. let us thake the FEC rumor with a good grain of salt, i seriously doubt they are going out like this, i believe they will remain their own faction. Speaking about some speculation, i wish to talk about two things: 1- what three endless spells are we getting? I would say a bat swarm that give us some kind of bonus against shooting, some blood fountain (this could also be a scenic though) that grants us some regeneration (and hopefully blood knights resurrection) and a generic mortal wound spell, probably something bat-shaped like a big blood bat that cuts people with its wings. 2- if th
  12. if they give us a new blender lord (say Abhorash, i would not mind) i hope he is either on foot or on a horse, i am quite sick of giant monsters
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