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  1. I started LoB half a year ago, got some FEC from the SC boxes I needed for the dragons; thinking about investing into FEC as I'm super-scared that Vamps are squatted or at least ongoing souped like CoS (or Old World only, in the years to come), while FEC are a "real" AoS army with the new lore and models from this year.
  2. If you scroll down a bit, you find a thread (don't know how to do links, I'm afraid) that's called "Court of Nulahmia List Help", it's two sites all about fielding a LoB-List competitively. I'm new, but the guy posting has given amazing tips and insight.
  3. If some of the units can be included in Legions is part of the FAQ to be released, no? When did the NH units become available to Legions? I wasn't around at that time.
  4. I think they're going down a really confusing path with .) NH in Legions (2018) .) Legion of Grief (2019) .) Bonereapers which include Nagash and Arkhan (2019). I totally cannot foresee what happens to that in the end; will Legions be a thing of the past with Bonereapers being the new Grand Host, Night Haunt going to include LoG-Rules and Vamps becoming their own thing/being scrapped; or will Bonereapers also become a Legion of Bone somewhere down the road, or.. A lil' bit salty if I can't include a catapult in my LoB, but thinking about jumping the train full-force come Christmas.
  5. Stalkers are expensive imo, while the Battleline is cheap at 130/440.
  6. "At the start of your hero phase, if this model is on the battlefield you can pick up to 4 different friendly Summonable units or friendly Ossiarch Bonereapers units, in any combination, that are wholly within 24" of this model." From Arkhans Warscroll. In case this is not only meant for playing GA Death, it confirms that using either Summonable Units as (at least) Allies with Bonereapers or using Bonereapers as (at least) Allies with Legions is possible.
  7. Stalkers have the option to move as if flying x)
  8. Terrain, 2/3 Spells and 2/6 Subfactions are next level, oh my.
  9. I'd love to do the Crematorians with a Witch-Fire colored inside, since the various candles shown also glow in that fiery scheme; and this being coherence in Death.
  10. Love the painting scheme of the Null Myriad; and the blade. Still hope for them to be available to Legions in some way, though.
  11. As Nagash and Arkhan join in with Bonereapers, what do we suspect to happen to old school Death? Vampires, Skeletons and Zombies - I could see them being phased out, but I guess the Reaper's Battletome will shed a bit of light in terms of Ally Rules, mentions in the lore and such.
  12. I love the painting scheme. So much character in that army, coupled with the information of yesterday's preview.
  13. The lore - collecting the bones without slaughter - is great. Them coming back hundreds of years later, too. Gives me shivers. I love this, I thought them much more mindless killing.
  14. The female, the weapons and the bats are perfect ❤️
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