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  1. I'll paint them skeleton faces on top of their heads, because somewhere down the road, Nagash thought: "These just don't look scary enough." Goes well enough with his personality and gives great options
  2. I strongly suspect them to keep some "Bloodsuckers of the Mortal Realms"-theme, but I guess they'll scrap Vlad and the sorts, kinda like they did with the background of FEC. I'm a Legion of Blood player (will join the OBR-train, though), so I'd love to get a full-on Vampire book, but if we'll get one, I think the background will be heavily modified.
  3. They should be rather easy to do The Nightmare Before Christmas-y, which doubles the mockery. Like, I'm pretty sure Nagash could feel like giving them paintjobs? I'll go with a grim autumnal gothic feel with ruined bodies and armor, spiderwebs and leaves for mine, but maybe I'll enhance some of the grins to Jack Skellington's grimace.
  4. If one can use them in a Legions army, I'm gonna put them in with my Legion of Blood Vampires; to fit there, I'll also have to do some heavy modifications as my vampires have an old-school-grave-look to them. I guess I'll make my Bonereapers look as if they've fought one too many battles, with scarred bones, missing chips, broken armor and so on.
  5. Love the big Construct, love the Walking Chair, love the mounted Hero. I'm so ready for this release, gosh. This is gonna be Christmas 2019.
  6. I've read on various sites that some of Neferata's maidens in The-World-That-Was could turn into cats (not just the one always accompanying her) - and that she tasked those with infiltrating houses of Empire cities. I haven't found a real source for these, could anyone enlighten me in which novel/army book/other publication there's info on these cats? I'd like to base my Legion of Blood background partially on those cats and a mirror image in Glymmsforge.
  7. Oh, that's awesome. Thank you! I'll check those out.
  8. Same, but I think that AoS won't be as subtle as WHFB was, in that regard - sadly. I'm studying the Black Library releases regarding Shyish at the moment, to get a feeling for what it's like to have mortals and undead sharing the realms openly, as for example Nulahmia is so full of Vampires every citizen knows about that the whole "Is the count in the castle human?" thing does absolutely not work, which is why I'm toying around with a secret Witch Coven in the outskirts of Grymmsforge, as to have at least a bit of hiding in the shadows. But I'll also get me some Ossiarchs, because I think that, if one wants to play true to the lore, they'll be hanging around everywhere; just have to fit them into the background I'm working out at the moment (and if you make them look as if they've fought a thousand battles - since they don't heal if they lose a chunk of armor or their facial structure, I suppose - they'll fit with the rest of the range).
  9. Ah, I didn't take representation as an indicator regarding their stay. I think my time with GW is too short to make an educated guess, here. Thank you for the reassuring words! I'd be over the moon with Soulblight getting an update and becoming "realm'd". Fingers crossed for an AoS take on Blood Knights, in the years to come.
  10. I've started LoN a few months ago, going down the route of Legion of Blood with Neferata, a VLoZD and some Blood Knights with mostly NH mixed in. Seeing the release of Ossiarch Bonereapers, I'm thinking about investing into them, as that's probably the path that GA Death is going to take in the coming years. Looking at the more recent AoS factions, which are mostly rather original in terms of lore, it's hard to imagine that they keep "regular" Vampires forever - which is a pity, as they're the Faction I've wanted to play the game for years with. Sure, I can be mistaken and they update Soulblight with new, more fitting forces (which I'd love), but I've got the feeling that the surplus of Mortarchs will lead to the downfall of the original three.
  11. On another note, the model in the attached picture has that Nighthaunt aesthetic - between the old three Mortarch's mounts, the Ossiarch Bonereapers and Nighthaunt, it's really easy to field an aesthetically coherent army consisting of the various forces of Death; I adore that a lot.
  12. It's also really easy to just put a bit of modeling material onto the mouth and shape it into a grim variant, if one doesn't want to give up the actual aesthetic of the heads, I'll probably do that on at least some of those as I'd also rather have the Horrorghast head on Nagash instead of the original, but I don't want to substitute it with something entirely different, just give the intended look a tad of a twist.
  13. Do you hear that? That scratching and the sound of tiny feet? Is it a bug, a mouse, a bat? I wonder what we'll meet. It's in the floorboards atop our heads, it's in the wood beneath our sheets. That raspy noise, that rattling, that mettling, it's the night battling the light of day. There's a shadow down there, settling across our hay. Do you hear it, that whistling? Do you see it, that glistening green? And do you hear that skreech? And have you seen? It broke down the castle walls. Why don't you say anything? And, my love - - instead of eyes, why are there holes?
  14. Copying myself from the Rumour-Thread: I'm a Legions player - I like the Sarcophagus model a damn lot; more than on the artworks, actually. The catapult is awesome, too - this crawling thing with its many tiny legs is a near-perfect necromantic construct. I never liked the Morghasts, as they are too bulky for me - same goes for the new infantry models to an extent, even though I think that the proportions are way better on those. Since it's Nagash's take on creating an army, I think he did a really good job on making them resemble him; even the smirks (I usually dislike humour in movies, music and games and prefer the darker aesthetic - but I think that going like: 'Ha, I took 4 souls and crammed it into that Soldier! What does that petty One-Soul-Soldier even want?' is so over-the-top that I think it captures Nagash's personality quite right). If they're available for Legions to field, I can totally see myself have a hero being sent to Neferata's court to have an eye on her, with some guards accompanying him; and them scheming each other a bit while marching to war together. All in all, I think they've done a good job of making Death a tad more Nagash (even though I'd prefer independent Vampires, but I guess that's not how it goes in AoS) while harking back to Nagash's Khemri roots.
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