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  1. Thanks for the in-depth reply! Both Battleline Infantry options being viable has a myriad of positives and one negative, which is budget, so I'm trying to determine what to get, haha. Currently, I can more or less only afford one big block if I want to get anything else, e.g. a Vengorian Lord. I've been toying around with this, as I'd only have to get the Vengorian Lord, one pack of Blood Knights and the Skeletons, the rest I have: Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords - Lineage: Kastelai Dynasty Leaders Prince Vhordrai (455) Vengorian Lord (280) Necromancer (125) Battleline 5 x Blood
  2. 2 Statements regarding our Battleline Infantry: 30 Skeletons make for a better Infantry Block than 40 Zombies in a Kastelai list centered around Prince V, a VLoZD/Vengorian Lord and Blood Knights. 40 Zombies make for a better Infantry Block than 30 Skeletons in a Vyrkos list centered around Belladamma, Radukar the Beast, a bunch of Wolves and Blood Knights. Would y'all deem that correct?
  3. I feel like these are two totally different types of theme; so different that I'd need every unit that overlaps twice because of how differently I'd model them. A Kastelai VLoZD (which I have, heavily bloodied with Greenstuff, bits and glue) would look totally different in Vyrkos where I'd go all-out dark fairytale while Kastelai wants the martial blood theme. What I want to say is: I'd love to play both, but I'd have to invest twice which I maybe will, but since I already have half a Kastelai army (heavy kitbashed Blood Knights, too, half the model is blood), I'll go Kastelai first.
  4. Prince V & VLoZD I'd probably build like this (I'm in the same boat as you currently): Prince V VLoZD Necromancer 30 Skeletons 3x5 Blood Knights Fell Bats Prismatic Palisade Or instead of the Bats and Palisade 10 Wolves. 40 Zombies instead of the Skeletons offer enough room for two units of Fell Bats. Prince V + Vengorian Lord instead of the VLoZD is also an option that gives more board control with Wolves + Bats or Vargheists. I currently have 1 VLoZD, 10 Blood Knights, 10 Wolves. Not sure if I should get another VLoZD or the Vengorian Lord and
  5. Can the Vengorian Lord Command Ability raise 1-2 Blood Knights, or is this limited to 1W (or Summonable, or...) Units? Or does it only heal e.g. a damaged Blood Knight and the rest of the healing is lost?
  6. The only change is that you can field Radukar the Wolf without the rest of the court, the other units are all the same.
  7. Yeah, Palisade is hard to fit in, but kinda necessary, I think. When running double dragon, it looks like this: Prince V VLoZD Necromancer 30 Skeletons 3x5 Blood Knights 1x3 Fell Bats Palisade For 1970 pts; which is low on models. 60 Zombies instead of the Skeletons and Bats is an option, but that's low on units, then. With a Vengorian Lord, I'd probably do: Prince V Vengorian Lord Necromancer 40 Zombies 1x10 Wolves 3x5 Blood Knights 2x3 Fell Bats Palisade That's 2k flat. Could do 60 Zo
  8. Cogs are now 45 pts for the +1" to Charges. Might be worth it with the reduced point costs. Prismatic Palisade is now 40 pts and still blocks shooting, so that's nice, too. Ideas on how to colorize Prismatic Palisade to fit us? I have Cogs modified to be made of wood with the blueish things made bloody instead, but no idea on the Palisade. e: Hmm, what about coloring as stones that come out from the ground and putting some corpses onto it as if they were pushed out from their graves when the stones rose?
  9. I dreamed that I was a Tyranid Warrior when I was 14. I had one of those Bio-weapons and ran over the fields behind my parents' house. Half a lifetime ago, but I still remember that vividly, haha. Back to topic: 40 Zombies + Baby VL for the +1 Atk and doubling the ones that get up or 30 Skeletons + Necromancer for Objectives in Kastelai? 👀
  10. Yeah, I also feel like Double Dragon lists are gonna be one of the stronger options of Kastelai. We'll now always have enough CP to not think twice about triggering Prince V's CA. There's still room for a block of 30 Skeletons, 3x 5 Blood Knights and one unit of Wolves and Bats each. Not sure if I want a Necromancer instead of the Bats to have better chances of being near the Skeletons for Deathly Invocation and simultaneously pumping up Invigorating Aura by another +1. The Unit Champions provide really good defensive Buffs even without the Necromancer, though.
  11. Now that the Coven Throne is meh, Mannfred's CA got a lot better, no? It's not as if the bubble was super-small. My narrative mind has a hard time making Mannfred or Radukar a permanent member of a Kastelai List, so I'll probably play either Double Dragon or Prince V + Vengorian Lord. Mannfred just as an observation, Radukar y'all already did.
  12. I just deleted all my previous lists on Azyr and started from scratch now that we know the Coven Throne won't make it into our lists. Have you thought about a unit of 20 Wolves? The Unit Champion now can do Rally + All Out Defense and a unit of 20 isn't expensive for 40 Wounds on a 5+. Unwieldy, though. I also tried VLoZD + Vengorian Lord + 20 BKs, but I'd just fill that with Skeletons + Wolves + Bats. My experience is limited, is why I want bodies (and since its backed by the lore in the book, I'm okay with that).
  13. How are you gonna build Kastelai now? Double Dragon? I think that the Ghost Mist-Spell gives us a really usable anti-shooting-tech (not that it's reliable, but at least it's there and doesn't cost points). The fact that we can apparently use one of those without a batallion makes us less reliant on Warlord, which I still think is tax-heavy in Kastelai. I thought I'll either - Prince V - VLoZD - 30 Skeletons - 10 Wolves - 10 Wolves - 5 Blood Knights - 5 Blood Knights - 5 Blood Knights or The same, but 60 Zombies + Baby VL instead o
  14. Aren't Skeletons pretty self-reliant with the Unit Champion apparently being able to give them All Out Defense and Rally? Even if we put one Necromancer, we still miss a second Sub Commander for the Warlord Batallion - which we should probably ignore when playing Kastelai. As somebody pointed out, a Vanguard Batallion with a Necromancer (or a VL, since the +1 Attack probably does more) and a block of 60 Zombies could be worth it in Kastelai, too. E: Yeah, filling with Kritza is definitely an option. Ignoring the Vanguard Batallion and instead making that Warlord is tempting, although I'm
  15. I think it's way easier to field Core Batallions with Vyrkos than with e.g. Kastelai. Warlord in Vyrkos is VLoZD, Belladamma, Necromancer/VL which all provide good utility in such a list. Kastelai doesn't want any Hero under 10 Wounds (apart from maybe Belladamma, but feels a tad out of place). So Kastelai pays Sub Commander Tax, while Vyrkos does not.
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