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  1. Is there a single other Warhammer dragon with ears? Or is this cute little totally not a bat the first. Do dragon ears turn into horns as they mature? Do they develop scales around the same stage? Are all bats really just baby dragons? Is there a cocoon involved?? So many questions!
  2. Those are some big, silly ears for a dragon. Surely it's a baby terrorgheist.
  3. They should rename the grand alliances. No more Chaos, Destruction, Death and Order. Those are confusing to new players as they don't accurately represent the factions contained within. I suggest Evil, Wacky, Goth, and Everyone Else.
  4. I get where you're coming from here. I don't expect my take to be popular. That said... Dissonance, AKA Chaos. Sounds like putting them all together would result in a pretty chaotic situation! Though Chaos in Warhammer isn't really chaos, it's Evil. If I didn't know better I'd say this guy is an aelf! Maybe he is under that helmet. Can we trade Lumineth for him? They like cows so maybe they can soup with BoC...
  5. There have been enough comments in this thread about disliking elves that I'll go ahead and state the opposite. I love elves, they are awesome, and they are not in any way overrepresented in the game. Elves are a classic part of fantasy and Warhammer elves have always been interesting takes on them. The three WHFB factions we're so important and distinct that I cannot imagine the game without any of them. AoS aelves are similar in that regard. We don't even have very many of them... Lumineth, daughters, IDK, and the old stuff in Cities. IDK and DoK are both tiny factions in need of a second release wave. Sylvaneth don't really count at this point, they're their own thing. Aelves are basically equally represented as greenskins between the 3 ork factions and Gitz. Yet every time a new elf is revealed some people lose their ****** complaining and it's tiresome. My opinion on chaos is exactly the opposite. There's way too much focus on chaos. Beastmen are interesting as their own thing, and I appreciate Skaven and Chaos Duarden (eventually) as their own factions. But each of the 4 gods having their own distinct armies is just too much bloat. We have 4 demon armies, slaves to darkness, the belakor faction, the first prince. Why does every chaos God need a dozen named characters? Why do we need more chaos models than death and destruction combined? It's cool that these things exist already and people can enjoy those armies. But I think GW can cool it on new Chaos god-specific stuff for a loooooong time. If they have an itch to make chaos things, do the highly demanded chaos dwarves or give BoC updated sculpts.
  6. It's not enough that Chaos steals the Gitz spider theme, they have to steal the bad moon from them too?
  7. Games Workshop should sell painted models. Not every model or most models, but some models. The most significant barriers to entry for this hobby are the high cost and the need to paint. Some people don't want to paint, don't like painting, or are intimidated by painting. While the core of GW's products line should remain unpainted, unassembled plastic my suggestion would be a limited range of 'battle ready' minis. Start with maybe 2 factions (say stormcast and orcs but whatever) where a small selection of the range are sold in a basic tabletop acceptable color scheme. There should be enough available that one could field a full army of battle ready figs if they want. They could then sell a little painting pack with everything needed to paint more figs in the same scheme, so people who start with the painted ones can gradually expand into painting. Edit: Not sure how I managed to turn half of my post red. Lol
  8. In a fantasy setting where humans represent maybe 10% of the population they seem to represent 99% of death models. I've never noticed any skaven skeletons or zombies and they're supposed to be the most populous race. Almost seems as if Death goes out of its way not to raise any skaven! Or dwarves, lizardmen, ogres... hmmm... Death MOST racist alliance, perhaps?
  9. He's probably chaos, sure. His proportions sure look aelflike to me, though, and his aesthetic doesn't look like anything in the current chaos line. He really reminds me of the old dark elves. Spiders would make sense as a realm of shadows thing and be a neat answer to Morathi's snakes. Mainly I just like him so I'm hoping he's a Malekith elf. Wishful thinking!
  10. Warcry spider guy is cool as heck. Huge missed opportunity that he's not one of Malerion's shadow aelves. Just as Morathi has her snekgals and wingladies this would be an amazing design for a shadow aelf hybrid. It doesn't look like a good fit for Chaos to me but I suppose that's what it is?
  11. It's easy to imagine Khorne having something very similar to Taurox's rampage and momentum mechanics.
  12. Like this post if you agree that posts with likes should receive bans.
  13. Definitely agree here. The new models themselves are fantastically detailed and high quality, but I find the design choices themselves to be largely terrible. All of the WHFB factions had a certain charm to them that is lost with many of the AoS factions. It's easy to mock Lumineth as perhaps the worst offenders but I find about half of the factions in the game to be very unappealing. It's a weird design choice. The factions are so out there and 'love it or hate it' that it's probably easy for most people to pick something they really like, but equally easy to find the opposing army goofy. I can appreciate a good paint job across the table and get that the other person loves their army but they often just don't look cool to me, which detracts from the experience. It's a big change from WHFB when I genuinely would have loved to own almost every single army.
  14. No one should ever play using grand strategies. Nice in concept but when SoB have access to beast master and Lumineth/Tzeench can pick prized sorcery the whole thing can be tossed in the bin. Prayers and magic should be the same thing with the same mechanics. When you pray to Khorne and he answers that's magic. He's a magical god and just doesn't like other people's magic. There's no need for two systems. The +1 cap to saves is an issue and should be removed. If a unit starts at 5+ and gets +3 somehow, and no rend is applied, it should save on 2+. The current system makes base 3+ save way too good and units aren't pointed appropriately for the difference between save values. Sub-faction allegiance abilities should go away and be replaced with a "battle force trait" or something that you pick for each battle. It sucks having rules tied to paint schemes, even if many people ignore that anyway. If I want my army to always be the same sub-faction but also experiment with different allegiance abilities that should be encouraged. Picking your sub-faction should be purely narrative/aesthetic with no impact to the tabletop.
  15. I think I agree, I just hope we're on the same page as to which half of the models are beautiful and which are crimes against aelvemanity. I adore the wardens, sentinels, dawnriders, bladelords.. basically things sticking with the high elf aesthetic. All of the earth and wind stuff keeps me from buying into the faction. Oh, and Teclis is hideous. And yes, Malerion is the rightful aelf overlord. I am eager to see his new faction eventually and want to start it as my next army, but am also fearful they'll Lumineth it up and I'll hate it.
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