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  2. Chaos Battletome: Mojgorox' Brayherd

    I thought I would share the direct download for you all to the Brayherd battle tome I have created. I printed a Hardback copy for myself as well as one spare for a prize giveaway at #RAW17. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed building it. Cheers.



  3. Coalescence 2017 Player Pack

    Welcome Narrative Player!
    You are a participant in something grand, with over 60 events taking place over the world, we look forward to hearing your stories.
    In this pack we detail the 3 Battleplans of the event and the scoring mechanics. The Narrative Event Organiser (NEO) running the event has the freedom to embellish it even further, or even make it simpler. Contact your NEO for further details. 
    This is an introductory narrative event that should be simple enough for new event organizers to feel comfortable running, while providing some fun new narrative ideas for the veteran storytellers. Think of it as a mini campaign that gets completed in a day, and provides enough substance for you to walk away with great stories of triumph and ruin.
    Story Driven - Your actions change how the story develops.
    Linked Games - Results of one game affect another.
    Asymmetrical Battleplans - armies may have different or opposing objectives rather than mirrored ones.
    Team scoring - Scoring encourages team cooperation rather than just individual success.
    Game Variety - Varied game sizes and a mix of 1v1 and multiplayer games.
    Narrative Awards - Awards that recognize achievements that relate to the story. 
    Where: When:
    1 day
    3 Games,
    Global Narrative Event Warhammer Age of Sigmar
    NEO’s choice
    Saturday, June 10th, 2017
    Players should bring 1500 points that can also be broken down into 1000 and 500 point lists. Your NEO will let you know if you should include pitched battle Vanguard limitations for construction, Rules of 1, and Reinforcement Rules per the GHB. The one ‘MUST HAVE’ is a model with the Hero keyword that will be their general through every game.
    Players will be playing in teams representing the Grand Alliances. The NEO organising your event may have all of them represented or only 2 represented. The players join whichever Grand Alliance Team that they prefer, whether it matches their army they brought or not. If a Grand Alliance is only represented by one player, they can be their own team and play as the UNDERDOG, or join another team. Teams don’t need to be even either, the scoring system looks favorably on the UNDERDOGS.
    In the story, each general is attempting to win favor with the Keystone Shard by performing awesome feats on the battlefield. While the battleplans have objectives that advance the story, winning a Battleplan Victory in the scenario is just one of 7 feats that players can accomplish to attune the Keystone Shard to their alignment. But only one team member needs to accomplish any given objective to score it for the team. The Grand Alliance that performs the most feats in a Game Round is favored by the Keystone Shard and becomes Ascendant for the next round. 



  4. Border Wars Online Campaign

    Welcome to Border Wars! The newest online map campaign for Age of Sigmar. Please download the document if you would like to get involved in this worldwide online AoS campaign, paint, play and write. Gain your territory and expand your empire. 
    Please visit http://www.theriseofempires.com for more information. 



  5. Rise of Empires Campaign Pack

    Games Workshop finally announce a new narrative way of gaming in Age of Sigmar. Download this campaign pack to start your warbands journey in the Mortal Realms.

    Firstly, this pack is completely free to download, use and distribute. It is intended for wargaming clubs to use to entice new players in. The starting of the campaign is literally on 1 General and 3 additional war scrolls.

    It doesn't just stop at wargaming clubs though, you can use it with yourself and a mate or even at a tournament with a few adjustments.

    To me, AoS is all about the Hobby and the Narrative, a hobby driven battle makes more sense with this rule set, AoS is meant to played with scenarios and stories, so why not grow your own Warband and see your General rise from an aspiring Champion to a Leader of a vast army or entire faction.

    Games initially should only last about 30 minutes and so using the campaign as a demo to new people is very easy. I have added a few extra rules and restrictions to the main AoS rules, mainly just for clarification and to try and stop people from being.. 'That Guy' but the rest is very loose to inspire people to embrace the fact they can choose any model they like from their chosen Alliance and put them with any other model they like from same Alliance.

    Please note: Destruction Warscrolls now updated!

    So there it is, have fun and let me know how you get on with it and of course, if you spot any mistakes then please leave comment or email me.




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