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  1. Wouldnt the boat guy just give him a mortal wound
  2. Quite a bit 😂 about double the size of a normal dread
  3. Welp.. just won a local 18 people (1750pts) tournament with a Dread saurian: He works really well as a deterrent while carnosaur does some damage and the summoning engine gets rolling. Im surprised old blood on carno costs the same despite doing soooo much more damage! One thing i tried doing was actually to put a wall of skinks around the Dread while it sat on point and only moved at turn 3. So a defensive Dread Saurian --- Slann (revive) Starpriest Engine of the gods Astrolith Old blood on carnosaur --- 3x10 Skinks Dread Saurian -- Cogs Balewind vortex.
  4. These bones are similar to the chain here Could.it belong to this army? Actually looks like the catapults tail
  5. Well some of those look like rumour engines. From the handle on the halberds to the crystal the wizardy guy is holding
  6. Theres a new timestamp for nova reveals https://www.warhammer-community.com/
  7. New rumour engine. Reminds me of cypher lords
  8. This +2 cast is it slann and astrolith?
  9. but why go for the boring answer 🤪
  10. Just realized the warcry warband with the asian aesthetic has similar lines on their helmets! Could be some sort of light elves architecture :v sun god shrine!
  11. New rumour https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/06/the-rumour-engine-august-6th-2019/
  12. So.. kurnothi... Would that make them followers of kurnoth?
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