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  1. Sky grots sky grots sky grots sky grots Sky grots sky grots sky grots sky grots Sky grots sky grots sky grots sky grots Sky grots sky grots sky grots sky grots SKY GROTS
  2. Ryppers with shadow strike and the toad can be really efficient. We dont have a lot of great spells so 2 slanns is unnecessary unless you want to keep one in the front casting realm spells like aqshys +1 to damage or +1 to wounds and charges. A slann + kroak is fun due to kroaks native spells, but more expensive. Keep the other slann back accumulating summon points maybe with cogs and a balewind.
  3. Yeah the first time i really needed it cause i couldnt shadow strike with my birds... So that double.move really helped... The second time.i was stunned with fear of.never getting lucky again, and i did reroll 4 1s into 4 1s so... My luck went bad 😔
  4. Welp won the store tournament again: 1750 points Slann - revive, anti horde spell Star priest - anti horde spell Astrolith Bearer Engine of the Gods - 3x 10 Skinks - bolts and shields 6 rypperdactyls Stegadon - flamethrowers - Shadowstrike - Cogs Balewind -- First game: Fireslayers, total commitment 3*6 on Engine prayer o.o Kept them at bay and defensive slowly whittling them down far from my objectives and luring them away from theirs until i couls steal some points with skinks Second game: ironjaws, total conquest Really tough he was with maw crusher within 5 " of my slann turn 1 and killed my engine before anything... Teleported away to opposite corner, used birds to kill units there. Used skinks to outnumber some orc units, keep maw crusher away and keep boars in combat on the other side of a tall wall they couldnt pile in and had to go around through a narrow choke point. Actually charged with slann to save a 10 skink unit last turn. Tried to have redundancy of skinks in key areas. Last turn teleported astrolith summoned 4*10 skinks and charged as many points as possible. Third game: slanesh, scorched earth Magic 3*6 on engine prayer turn one again o.o. Used birds and stegadon to kill 2*20 daemonette battlelines and small hero. Skinks to crowd control as many keeper of secrets as possible (they are impossible to deal with...) while slowly conquering points.
  5. Damn elves, i want my seraphon book!
  6. Wouldnt the boat guy just give him a mortal wound
  7. Quite a bit 😂 about double the size of a normal dread
  8. Welp.. just won a local 18 people (1750pts) tournament with a Dread saurian: He works really well as a deterrent while carnosaur does some damage and the summoning engine gets rolling. Im surprised old blood on carno costs the same despite doing soooo much more damage! One thing i tried doing was actually to put a wall of skinks around the Dread while it sat on point and only moved at turn 3. So a defensive Dread Saurian --- Slann (revive) Starpriest Engine of the gods Astrolith Old blood on carnosaur --- 3x10 Skinks Dread Saurian -- Cogs Balewind vortex.
  9. These bones are similar to the chain here Could.it belong to this army? Actually looks like the catapults tail
  10. Well some of those look like rumour engines. From the handle on the halberds to the crystal the wizardy guy is holding
  11. Theres a new timestamp for nova reveals https://www.warhammer-community.com/
  12. New rumour engine. Reminds me of cypher lords
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