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  1. Guess just like new seraphon models for aos we aint seeing new kroxigors in bloodbowl u_u . Goddamed skaven took over GW
  2. Will.we be seeing a new dread warscroll/points or was it dropped? 😢
  3. Do we know if dread saurian was scrapped?
  4. So whats the current advantage of starborne, coalesced have all the good stuff. With the skink's golden ability gone , summoning nerfed and teleport after movement what else is there for starborne?
  5. So chances of seraphon dice are 0? 😢
  6. What are you talking about old blood was already 7 wounds it didnt increase. Also not being daemons might mean no more summoning 🤔
  7. Looks like our bravery got nerfed
  8. Hmmm looking at the old blood warscroll their solution for our low damage seems to be more attacks rather than rend. Also 8 BRAVERY???
  9. Oh my old gods https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/01/sunday-preview-star-lizards-and-start-collecting-boxes/
  10. The level of lack of rumours aos is at :'c we're discussing abreviations?!
  11. Im starting a new ogor kingdoms army and i wanted to do some piraty conversions. I found some good orruk pirate arms and legs online and was wondering if they would be a good match. Can anyone with ogor and orruk armies help me? Maybe post a pic with size comparisons for the arms? Thank you very much!!! 🙇
  12. I think the problem was that being one of the oldest books and being left for.last gave seraphon players (me included) an expectation of a large release, maybe with updated models that we desperately need (plastic slann?). Now given the lack of more news it seems it may be just the terrain piece, making us a bit disappointed, so.we just want the book.. The old book didnt hold up at all, our lore is almost inexistent so we are never mentioned in stories, our warscrolls have suffered a lot from power creep and the meta changing to mortal wounds. What saved us mechanically was the summoning introduced in the GHB + teleporting with skinks. Meanwhile all the saurus units (3 battlelines) gather dust due to being unusable. We just want the book to inject new lizard goodness into aos, and make half of our units viable again.
  13. So.. skinks and saurus have the same strength??? Whaaat
  14. Do they usually show new independent games at the toyfair? Or could there be new reveals :p? Maybe cool seraphon spells
  15. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/10/the-lumineth-lowdown-part-2-spear-phalanxes-and-runic-symbolismgw-homepage-post-2/ Did they remove the glyph alphabet they had in the article 😵
  16. Hmm the shadow elf rune looks like one of the rumour engines. Shadow elves confirmed?
  17. But what if card packs have new models 😱
  18. Oh tell me about your 2.0 battletome again - Seraphon Player Plus you can one man Gotrek now! Thats almost like a Fyreslayers Warcry team!
  19. What about seraphon spells? Any rumours? Would be kinda sad if the masters of magic didnt get any...
  20. Arent gargant siege tactics just high jumping or pole(tree) vaulting?
  21. That and being last to be updated...
  22. Its totally part of a Giant model, only there to emphasize the GIANTNESS!
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