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  1. If you are facing a 1shot kill meta you should definitely put Aetherwing Stance into your deck. It works on all your fighters, so it's a good defensive boost no matter who your enemy decides to target. 3 defense Stormsire is very tanky, but inspired Rastus and Ammus on 2 dice are very hard to take down as well. Sometimes its the extra defense you need to make an aggressive charge with Stormsire to put yourself into position for a Chain Lightning, or to keep Rastus/Ammis alive after they push into enemy territory with Hidden Path. Cry of Thunder doesn't seem worthwhile. While it can really punish people for stacking up I find that casting on 2 channel is not reliable, and you need to fill your deck with Innate cards.
  2. At least we finally have a consistent ruling. Time Trap aggro decks are going to get a huge boost from this, but maybe it will be necessary given how much control seems to be coming from the new expansions?
  3. That is correct, but I think the "see cleave bring cleave" meta is going to fade away over the course of Nightvault for two reasons: 1. There are many Dodge warbands coming into the game. Tzeentch, Grots, Darkoath, Nighthaunt, probably Sylvaneth, and maybe Moonclan all look like they use dodge primarily. More dodge warbands in the meta means more matchups where Cleave is a dead card. 2. Gambit spells do damage that bypasses defense entirely, further reducing the need for Cleave cards That said, if they print a "spell attacks gain cleave" card then I will probably slot it into my Cursebreakers deck.
  4. Found this article, it should help people trying to jump into the game https://steelcityshadespire.com/2018/09/27/shadespire-one-last-look-at-the-meta-before-nightvault-takes-over/
  5. Yes, this seems to be the case: Action > Summon Blue Blue Dies > Prevent death > flip card to Brimstone > replace model with Brimstone Brimstone dies > Do not prevent death > flip card back to Blue > replace model with Blue Repeat The Blue Horror and the Brimstone Horror are the same fighter, but with two different states. Like a skeleton he can be resurrected, but he doesn't start on the board and switches forms after dying once. This seems to fly in the face of the "deal 4 cleave damage in one packet" meta that evolved in Shadespire, since you need to deal two separate packets of damage to finish off the Brimstone. It says he is "not driven back" so this also shuts down Trap. Cards like Lightning Whip seem to be the perfect counter.
  6. Seems like a very strong warband. Horrors can be spawned in enemy territory and requiring at least two activations to kill; that's really annoying! The Acolytes only have 2 health and the Tzaangor only has 3... It will be interesting to see how it will deal with aggressive rush decks like Skaven and Reavers, or against a durable ranged opponent like the Farstriders.
  7. First impressions Pros: + Spells and Stormsire's Spell Attack seem to be pretty reliable + Good durability after inspiring. Evocators effectively have permanent Guard token, even after Charge. + Some very easy objective cards like Harness the Storm, Magical Supremacy, and Measured Strike + Strong utility/defensive cards like Aetherwing Stance, Empathic Conduction, Gather the Storm, Safeguard Spirit + Decent choice of offensive cards like Lightning Assault, Stormstrike + AOE damage through Chain Lightning and Cry of Thunder + Full control over their inspire mechanic - can cast Empower, Stormsire use a 3 ranged attack, or inspire easily through Gambit spells Cons: - Magic is not very potent, often doing 1 or 2 damage - Limited options for Cleave (not a big deal since spells ignore defense) - Long setup time. Spending actions on Empower. (This will become less of an issue as more Gambit Spells are added to the game) - Other warbands can deal crippling blows before you have a chance to get your buffs up - Only 3 models makes it difficult to play objectives and also be aggressive - 2 damage per hit is not enough against 4 health What do you think of this warband so far?
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