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  1. Yeah the rivets are intimidating... but painting them the same color as the hull is easily justified as an arkanaut would probably paint over them as well! And Oh my, that sounds like a big project, be sure to post pictures when you finish your guys! My list is basically everything I photographed in my previous post: 1 admiral, 1 frigate, 1 gunhauler, 6 endrinriggers (3 of which are WIP) and 2x 10 arkanauts Which makes 1000 points. After that I think I am taking a small break from painting more little aether addicts 😂
  2. Lovely work on the skyboat! The frigate was the biggest model I ever painted, it was definitely a lot of work... but the good kind 😛 what list are you running? Love the purple + silver combo! That's exactly how I started KO (and the hobby again after several years) please post some pictures once you painted some skyfarers!
  3. Hey all! I love seeing all your armies, so i thought I would post mine! Currently building 3 more endrinriggers to round off my 1000 pts list for a local escalation league. In the 3 games I played in my life I won 2 (at 500 points) and lost 1 (750 pts). I think KO do quite well at lower point games!
  4. Absolutely LOVE that miniature and its aesthetic. I personally hope Darkoath will be a possibility to play evil humans without mouths or eyes in weird places
  5. I think he is armed with a skypike like regular skywardens, if you look closely you can see the tip of the pike appearing to the left of the thunderer (I think)
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