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  1. Quick question that I can't find in the FAQ. Does Morathis bonus range to spells adds to endless spells also?
  2. Hi there Would you be interested in splitting up? I'd be interested in: Stormfiends Thanquol & boneripper both Dice boxes Book Gnawholes Endless spells Clan rats Both wind globadiers and warpfirethrowers Cheers!
  3. Soooo. Thricefold befoulement, is it still a nice option, and if yes. How do people run it? Haven't played aos in 6-7 months, trying to get back to the game, with a new project
  4. Blood stalkers suck, period. I have 2*5 of them in my army - only because I play all snakes and need them as a tax to get the snake batallion. If you want snake allies, go with 10 blood sisters and a hag Queen 🙂
  5. How about this list with the changes. Alligence: soulbligt Bloodline: necromantic VlZd, general, mistform, ethereal amulet, orb spell Vl, vile Transference Vl, Vile Transference 10 blood knights 5 bloodknights 2*3 vargheist 30 grave gaurd (Allies) Quicksilver swords. Should come to 2000 point exactly with the changes
  6. Exactly. My list got 40 points more expensive..
  7. This is really nice! That's an adjustment you can actually feel and use, instead of the usual 10-20 points
  8. Has anyone managed to find a descent standin for a vampire lord on foot and the different bats? I really don't wanna paint gws finecrap. 😅 Was thinking about using Konrad curze from 30k, https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-DK/Konrad-Curze-Primarch-of-the-Night-Lords give him a shield and sword and he could work?
  9. Usually they dont make warscroll updates. Only one I think there's ever been was the nerf bat beating of KO thunderers in the first ghb. I really like my 2*5 heartrenders. Great for road blocking, objective grapping, harrasing lonely heroes or monsters and just keeping the opponent a little paranoid about the "deepstrike"
  10. Fine by me, but let's see what happens 🙂
  11. Yeah, if this is true. My army is gonna stay in the cabbin until a new tome comes...
  12. Hi guys. Just got Morathi (wooohu!) Now the question is how to use her? The 1500 point list I usually run is: Temple: Khailebron Medusa general, beauty, stone, mindrazor. 2 hagg queens, one with circlet and CoM the other sacrement of blood 10 blood sisters 2*5 blood sisters 2*5 blood stalkers 2*5 heartrenders Temple nest. So with morathi I will hit the 2k mark, or close to at least. What would be the beat way to use morathi. Transforming her turn 1 and sending her away with khailebron trait and hope for a 9" rerollable charge seems fun. But would it be more efficient to use her magic power a round or two before going ape ****** with her? Cheers!
  13. Uuuuuh, I like! That's actually a really cool theme, and properbly more effective than pure trolls. Maybe I'd drop one fungoid and a squig unit for 6 more rockguts and an extra CP.. but yours is properbly more effective.
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