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  1. They dont get to do mortal wounds if Morathi uses her CA. Isn't mindrazor only on melee?
  2. Looks awesome man! May I ask how you did the black part of the 'droth?
  3. Really curious ti hear how the 20 sisters work for you,. Been thinking about trying it myself, but I always feel like 10 gets the job done? But it's a really nice discount!
  4. Hahahaha don't get sensitive now. My comment was a swing at gw's crappy rule writing and people who still complain about DOK being op when I play a Medusa list against them..
  5. Agreed, but non of them are dependent on your opponent.
  6. Last game I played I got called out that DOK was so op and no wonder they were at the top win %. My list was Khailebron 2 medusa, 1 hag, 2*10 blood sisters, 2*5 stalkers, 5 heartrenders, two endless spells and Temple nest batallion.... I guess people will complain no matter what🤣🤣
  7. The withering, mirror dance, shroud of despair ?
  8. This is one of the reasons why I've changed my lists to have 2 medusas, one with the extra spell to cast item, shroud of despair, the other with mindrazor and I also have gravetide. Have been working great so far.
  9. Thanks mate! So when I have 30, I should maybe go for 20 with picks n' shield for objective/tanking and 10 with double axes for screen/throw at something? How about heartguard berzerkers. I see a lot of guys using broadaxes, are they really better than the potential 2 MW of the poleaxes? Cheers
  10. Well, that would be awesome IF it happened!
  11. True, but I still think we're far away from getting a new tome. Also, neither ij or CoS got got those, so maybe we won't either.
  12. Maybe a note about ous in their lore, but doubt it'll be any changes game wise. But ofc I hope i'm wrong 🤣
  13. How do you guys run Vulkite Berzerkers? 10, 20? Picks n' Shields or doubble axes? I see pros and cons for each?
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