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  1. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Amen.. I'd rather paint and play the new stuff and lose 90% of my games than paint/Play that many ard boys.
  2. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    So I had my first three games with the Jawz last saturday. It was a small 8 man club casual tournament 1500 points. The list I had was Cabbage boss (general, Ironclad and gildenbane) Footboss Wierdnob Chanter 2x3 Gruntas 10 brutes with hackas Ironskullz boys 1 st. game vs. Mixed skaven Mission: Duality of death Mixed skaven list, with a deciever, 2 big clan rat units, stormfiends, grey seer, arch warlock and some other stuff. Recap: He took first turn, didn't really do anything. I moved cabbage boss up on one of the objectives, flanked by ironskull and his boys as well as a grunta unit (they stayed here al through the battle) the rest of my army and most of his turned for the second objective and ended up in a huge battle, where I ended of slaying his hero on the objective, while claiming the other for 5 turns in a row. Result: Major victory 2 nd. Game Sylvaneth Misson: Focal points He brought, Durthu, drytcha, some hunters, big block of dryads and some other things. It was a really close battle. The high light was when he turn two soummened a forrest close to my left flank, teleported durthu and drychta on it and durthu got the charged of on a grunta unit clubbing them to death (did 36 damage). Then my turn I got rampaging destroyer of on my cabbage boss, moved him a total of 24 ", got the charge of on durthu and absolutely blasted him of the table. Meanwhile his dryads, a unit of hunter (and drychta later) grinded with my brutes, ironskulls boys and support characters in the middle The game came down with him needing to make two 3+ battleshock test, to hold on to his objectives. He made them both. Result: Minor loss 3 rd game Ogors A mixed destruction list with gut busters as the bulk of the army and a frostlord on thundertusk as general Not much to write about here, two armies that wanted to get up close and personel and boy did they do just that! By the end of turn three I had killed every model in his army... Result major victory Thougths and conclusion: Cabbage boss - Absolutely amazing, without a doubt the MVP of the list. The amount of punishment he could dish out was insane. In game 2 he ended up killing durthu, 6 hunters and 15+ dryads, taking 4 wounds in return. Really like the combo of ironclad and gildenbane (****** you and your dobbeltganger cloak HA!) Footboss - he was a good buffer for the brutes giving them reroll 1's and saving one or two critical bravery checks, but other than he didn't do that much Wierdnob - totally useless.. Got like one or two spells of with him and unbinded one on the entire day. Chanter - great, that +1 to hit on brutes, that's close to a boss is just awesome and for 80 points he's a steel. 10 brutes insane damage output again, in the skaven game they managed to kill three stormfiends (thay had +1 form chanter, reroll 1's from boss and maybe +1 attack from the waaagh, can't remember) gore gruntas - really like theese guys, they are fast hit descently and can actually tarpit quite well or just speed bum stuff for a turn. I think I need more! Ironskulls boys - gonna change these guys for a second chanter. Overall I like the list and the army, but I would like some more speed, command point, an item on the footboss and some more screening, maybe also mortal wounds. So I think my list for 2000 point will be something like this: Cabbage boss (general, Ironclad and gildenbane) Footboss (boss skewer/golden toof/ something from chamon realm?) Wierdnob Chanter Chanter 2x3 Gruntas 6 gruntas 10 brutes with hackas quicksilwer swords Gorefist batallion This wil deffinetly give me speed, since i can now have 12 gruntas deep inside enemy terretory turn one, and tho they may not be super killy, they're still something that need to be dealt with. especially if they come chrushing down one flank.. I get an extra command point and item (not sure what I should go for) The swords are mostly for fun and to see if I can get a few lucky mortal wounds in, might just leave it and hope for a tirumph. Anyways, that was my first experience and thoughts with this awesome army! Cheers!
  3. Awesome! Thank you so much. That sounds really easy. 😂 Cheers man! +++MOD EDIT++ @Thenord Please ensure your comments are family friendly
  4. Amazing work! Could you give some hints in what colors you used for the fur on the gruntas, that's the exact colors I would like mine to have 😊 Cheers!
  5. Thenord

    Winter Orruk army

    I could Imagine it took a long time to make that armor. It's really nice. Think I'll try adding some incubi darkness to the abadon black I use for my armor.
  6. Thenord

    Winter Orruk army

    Wow! That's amazing work. Could you please tell me how you made the armor and the big skull in the megaboss, it looks awesome!
  7. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Thanks you. And item from Chamon, Rune blade or argent armor ?
  8. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    As someone who actually plays strickly Extremis chamber(as much as I legally can) this would make me sooooo happy ! But back to my Ironjawz. I got a 1500 point 3 game local tournament comming up in November. This will be my first tournament and properbly some of the first battles I'll have with Ironjawz. So my big question now is; Mawkrusha or formation? or neither? Seems like at lot of points out of a 1500 point army..
  9. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    So, I finally finished painting my last tempestos model and my (All most) pure 2k Extremis chamber list is now ready for an upcomming 6 game league in my club. But I can't decide om wich stormhost to use and what my second artefact should be. And would like to hear what you guys think. The Lost will be like this Drakesworn templar Relictor 2x5 liberators 5 judicators 2x2 tempestos 2x2 fullminators Lightning echelon 1970. The units and formation is fixed, they are the ones I want to play with. Only question is which stormhost and what extra item would you go for? Cheers!
  10. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Thanks @Malakree I guess I could take swords with the last 20 points. For the most part, 20 points is not enough to get the Triumph in the club I play. Usually guys hit around ≤1950 to get the extra command point.
  11. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Thanks @broche that makes sence. I thought geminids were useless after the FAQ but I guess you can still hit two different units with one of each? What do you think of this then: Cabbage boss Foot Boss Chanter Wierdnob 10 ard boys 10 ard boys 10 brutes 6 gruntas 2 rock lobbas Geminids 1980 points and 151 wounds.
  12. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    @Malakree Oh my bad.. Been working with so many lists I mix them up some time. You're right in that its 1960 points and not 1950. Regarding the savage orruks, I would like to keep my army pure ironjawz, only thing I might ally in would be 2 rock lobbas, which I think are really underrated with the new rules of LOS in the shooting phase ☺️ I could skip the cogs and ironskulls boys to bump the ard boys to 30 and then hit the magical 1950 for an extra command point (and 12 more wounds..) that might be Better?
  13. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Gonna try out this list when I get the last models I'm missing. Megaboss on cabbage (generel, ironclad and daubing of gork) Footboss Wierdnob 2x chanter 20 ard boys 10 brutes with Gore hakas and klaw on boss 2x3 gruntas Ironskulls boys Cogs 1950 points. Chain of ard boys in front with brutes right behind with their 2" reach. Characters behind and gruntas on flanka, ironskulls boys ledt behind for objektiv / denying DS. Hopefullyhen 2 times waaaaaaaaargh! whatch a thinki g?
  14. Thenord

    Kronos' Monstrous Chaos Log

    Absolutely amazing work. From now on I'll save every single spare bitz I get and donate to you, for more glorious work! Keep up the good work sir!
  15. Thenord

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    This! This would actually help a lot and could be done via a FAQ. Hopefully gw will make it right, at some point...