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  1. Cool, thank you for the reply! Was just wondering if it was a viable option, couldn't find any lists using that approach. So thought I might have missed something
  2. Hi guys BoC will be my next aos army. So far I've ordered 2x SC box, 2 x bullgors, a doombull and an extra box of bestigors. I was thinking of trying out one of the chaos god specific batallions at some point. Do any of you guys have any experience with substituting Boc alligence with one of the chaos gods? Cheers!
  3. Thank you for the reply Broch, I've first seen it now. The game went pretty well, ended up with a draw in shifting objectives and think I would have gotten a V if rat boy hadn't gotten the doubble turn on turn 5. But a really fun game with total mayhem! He brought two verminlords, the ninja one and the tanky one you also mentioned, 2x3 storfiends, grey seer, master warlock(?) 2x20 rats, 40 rats and two of their new endless spells, wich were a real pain in the ass! I had cabbage boss, footboss, wierdnob, 2 chanters, 3 stone trolls, 10 brutes, 6 pigs, 10 ard boys and an ironfist.
  4. Got my first game against the new Skaven tonight, but I'm totally clueless what to bring and what to do. Any tips? Bonus info: I know he is bringing a LOT of rats and some endless spells.. That's it. THANKS!
  5. Do you have the list? Would really like to see what a competitive, double batallion NH list looks like
  6. As long as it's not legion specific endless spells, yes:)
  7. What's peoples take on the executioners horde? Seems like a pretty solid batallion and a way to make a pretty descent hero a pain in the ass for your opponents, if you make him general, with ruler of spirits and midnight tome?
  8. Thank you for the kind words, sir! Appreciate it!
  9. First unit done. This was only ment to be allies for my Ironjawz. But now I think I might to have an entire throgg army
  10. Just finished my first troll. Such a fun model to paint!
  11. Sounds a lot like the two lists I'm working towards 🙂
  12. Man, blisterskin court looks really good! I know most people are set on gristelgor, but this one has some amazing stuff
  13. I totally feel you on this one. When I first read we could get the big guy as battleline I almost cried of joy. But having to paint 3 more seems like a real uphill battle. I've yet to see a quick, easy (and good looking) way to paint them..
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