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  1. @Overread here are the AoS short stories from Invocations and Anathemas: Invocations: He Feasts Forever The Healer Growing Seasons Supplication A Sending from the Grave Flesh and Blood And Anathemas: Suffer the Vision These hnds, These wings A Deep and Steady Tread The Shadow Crown Voices in the Glass
  2. They also already have one Endless Spell so they are in better position than others. I would rather have squishy cheap chaff like spiders that you can walk over but then get damaged and a better play on the venom side. Like every hit that damages a unit gives a venom token to the unit. Each turn you roll a dice for each venom token and on a 6+ the unit gets 1 mortal wound. Something new and funny.
  3. Im totally with you on this. Would love that, although while waiting I would not mind in a small expansion to spider fangs. They already have artillery, wizard, hero, monster and cavalry. Need just decent rules, another couple of line “infantry” and maybe a named hero and they are good. Perfect for a psychic awakening expansion. Would be instant-buy.
  4. If you are counting the grudges then, excluding the disproportionate number of factions you can add a Demi-god (Morathi) and the avatar of a defunct god (Mathlann). Against one single dwarf, really strong but usable also in... aelves armies! Add also the number of named Aelf characters against named Duardin characters and you need a new book of grudges. Got it @GeneralZero, understandable. I’m still of the opinion that showing some design concepts will keep the atmosphere and mood high in these difficult times but I understand that would be a change of policy.
  5. I personally think since the last two FW releases for AoS were the big Khorne dragon and the Stormcast heads we are not going to see anything else. It’s a small studio and I guess between the games they already handle and the design of Old World they have enough. Half of the Monster Arcanum is now not available any more and even Tamurkhan legion is reduced to Plague Toads... On the topic of PA-like inserts, if you remove the warscrolls that are freely available online or can be sold as an expansion, the AoS rules in a Battletome are few pages and could entirely be rewritten with or without updates in an expansion. You keep lore and painting guides to the Battletome and update only the rules. Ossiarch rules are in 12 pages with a lot of fluff text that could be removed and refer to the Battletome to reduce pages, Gloomspite is 9 pages... don’t seem that much and should be relatively easy to summarise in even less pages if required... that way you have to carry only one book and the gaming book expansion with all artifacts etc if you really need to. Also Azyr has all warscrolls for free if you don’t want to print and it’s easier to search on a phone than on a book... I would personally love an expansion like that because let’s be realistic we are not going to see a push to have so many battletomes out in future. The run to have all tomes AoS 2.0 ready in 18 months was amazing and unprecedented and most likely unique. Certain factions need some love and these expansions are the only thing that could keep them alive. It’s the usual conversation GW does not invest in armies that don’t sell but bad rules make armies less sold and played, so it’s a tricky balance. Some AoS 2.0 armies really need some oomph like Beast of Chaos and Sylvaneth.
  6. With the new Aelves divided in 4 nations I’m really hoping this release will focus only on one or two elements leaving the others for a later release. To combine new releases with updated models they could use this as a template, where future releases in between battletomes concentrate on one aspect of the army with only few models requiring only a small booklet for the new sub-faction. For example a new elemental nation for the Lumineth, Spiferfang for the Gloomspite, a clan for Skaven, a new chamber made of few models instead of a new range for Stormcast and so on... obviously not all factions would fit this type of treatment but AoS is so much a mixture of different things that can still work this way. Anyway not long to Saturday now, we are already half way through! I would just wish the preview was a bit quicker as last one had a lot of downtime.
  7. While not personally interested in this army would be nice they would concentrate only on two sub-nations and increase a bit the size of each like with heavy cavalry aurochs for the mountain and so on. Something that would allow you to field in time 4 different armies with only few common elements like Skaven behave now
  8. They did say they were working how to allow people to get limited edition miniatures since all events of all types have been cancelled, so one way or another... By the way it’s not clear if the preview will be available on Twitch or other channel? Or we just need to refresh the blog for an hour like crazy people?? 😂😂😂
  9. That would be ideal but I’m not sure you would be able to play 100% factions in both games. It would not make any sense from the lore perspective (at least in the Old World) and economically (they want to sell you minies twice).
  10. If you like Warhammer weekly with Vince Venturella go and have a look their show where they responded to the announcement of the Old World. Pretty compelling reasons why a new game would need to have new models as that would be only viable business model. Books just don’t justify the expense of a new game. On the other side, assuming they keep the same model scale, would be interesting to see if there’s any crossover with existing AoS lines. To have a successful launch they would need a decent amount of armies playable from the beginning but FW usually have limited production, being more a niche line of models and games. Mixing with AoS would allow for a minor number of brand new armies, still I would say for a decent start at least 4. We know Kislev is coming and therefore at least Chaos in some form, maybe Warriors of Chaos? Daemons revisited? All bets are up but with so many AoS daemons already available and pretty darn good I think there’s already a good core. If I have to dream since I doubt AoS will ever have time to produce them, would be good to get all other Chaos Gods gors like the pestigor, etc. Obviously usable in both systems
  11. Just saying one does not exclude the other 😜
  12. In this period of total closure would be amazing if the Warhammer community would be sharing preview of what designs they are working on from home. I mean that part will not stop and I doubt they are ever going to share it but one can just express a desire. Old world is 3 years away, so why not sharing what they are working on for AoS?
  13. Without considering most preview videos may have already been filmed and edited and are ready to be run...
  14. Total war III is coming before the Old world right? Let’s hope they inspire each other as the videogame is a master piece. I just wish someone would do a Witcher kind of game in AoS... The bases article today was lacklustre to be nice, usually I don’t mind but this was a bit underwhelming. If it was mixed with a better description of geography ok, but thrown this way it was really meh... Anyway it’s 4 days and 18 hours to the first preview! I really hope for the new campaign direction, be Gordrakk doing his stuff or whatever comes next but more importantly how they plan to release new models before AoS 3.0. New small updates with few models and a mini codex Psychic awakening style? Or new Battletomes for AoS 1.9 factions? Or just new armies from here to the infinite and beyond? 😂
  15. While I agree I don’t think they will get rid of them before finding a solution as 2 of these units are currently a battle line for LoN and there’s not many others for now... unless they retire deadwalkers and LoN at the same time, but then this would also mean the death of the normal skeletons. There’s just so many miniatures right now linked to this uneasy balance...
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