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  1. I think we can easily rule out Slaves and in my opinion even Spyre Tyrants and Aqshy as they were already previewed in the Core book although it could be left to both interpretations. In all of this I believe Cities will actually be divided in one or more factions, maybe Aelves, Duardins and Humans. For the future they could add more random creatures, but I doubt a game can survive only with small additions. If they do a season thing like Warhammer Underworld they will add next year more warbands with more models. At least my opinion.
  2. It has been an extremely dry week for AoS, the wait for the Slaves release and what else is planned next year it’s almost excruciating... Almost I didn’t want to see the release schedule for the end of the year so we could speculate what’s coming next. Almost being the keyword here 😂
  3. I actually have my own theory on this and is similar to what Tom from warhammer weekly discussed in their Old World review. In few years time AoS could be only about the new shiny armies and the old legacy armies relegated once again in the Old World. This would mean that many armies that have been updated today for AoS 2.0 are placeholders until a potential drop of support in AoS 3.0 and Old World release in 2/4 years. If you think about it they are already doing it with Death by moving away from the old Vampire Counts with 2 brand new armies and one recycled from old parts. Another vampire army moving Neferata and Mannfred away and you basically can sunset everything else left out. Apart from that I strongly doubt there are 3 known chambers to be opened for Stormcast and we will not see any before AoS 3.0... All of this to say that some of the smaller and older armies may remain smaller and some of those kits may not be updated anytime soon. That’s just my opinion anyway
  4. There’s actually a logister chamber to be opened so could make sense. Or the ruination chamber maybe more appropriate for siege engines...
  5. Well Katakros against Archaeon is a weird one cause Katakros is called the Undefeated (in his last form) and him being defeated a month after getting his new name would look bad. On the other side can Archaeon or his general mentioned in the article be defeated in his own battletome? I mean they are Slaves to Darkness not Slaves to Defeat... I bet in a draw, maybe a bloody one 3-3 or 4-4 with last minute score of Archaeon saving a match otherwise controlled by Death.
  6. Yeah I think they had plans for Malignants but then dropped them. The Start Collecting is still branded Malignants, that is super funny cause it's an allegiance that never existed and is basically a Start Collecting for Legions but without any unit you would normally start building from to form a Legions army... The timing also of this announcement is weird because clashes with the battleforces. I know it's going to be over probably 2 years at least, but I can choose between few models now or both armies slowly across 2 years? I guess the answer is depends of what type of buyer you are... Personally I was undecided with Nighthaunt battleforce but since I already subscribed to Mortal Realms I'll just wait, not in a rush to paint ghost number 100...
  7. The 40K one did get expanded after a while, I believe Spain, France, Germany and Italy all came several months after?
  8. I just noticed that there is part of the Garden of Morr in the Mortal Realms subscription. What is that? 5th rebrand and repackaging for it? 😂
  9. We have rumours of KO, Tzeentch and Seraphon all completed before March. A new army in this period is unlikely but the Ossiarchs (new army) did come together with Ogors and a month before and after 3 other battletomes, so all it's possible when the release is just book and maybe endless spells.. Can anyone distinguish all kits from Mortal Realms? I can't see really well the scenery and the Stormcasts
  10. Why a Hysh giant army would be Order? Chaos didn’t have new armies in decades and Destruction would do with something new. Order this edition only after the consolidation still had Idoneth and Daughters, plus few more the previous edition and we know there’s potential for more between Kurnothi, Light and Dark Aelves... Not against it but from a player base perspective a similar army in a different allegiance considering there’s not much lore apart a battletome is not really enough to attract attention...
  11. Ready to bet the giant refers to the announcement and it will be a campaign moving to Hysh... An army of giants would be unpractical without some smaller troops but then you end up having Troggoths 2 or even worse Ogors 2 with no real reason. Behemoths would be a nice addition, maybe with Gotrex-like rules that can be used in any army of the same grand alliance.
  12. Magmadroth and Star dragons are descendent of godbeasts aren’t they? Vulcatrix and Dracothion respectively
  13. My AoS group is small, most players do 40k but now out of 6 players 3 are starting Ossiarch Bonereapers, fair enough we all got the starting box but we also paid hundreds more for the other bits. Not much significative but I think if you want something you are going for it deal or no deal... not all start collecting boxes are good value, this does not mean no one starts the armies without them or with poor start collecting...
  14. Yeah, not suggesting light giants but maybe some monster or giant construct in the realm of light. Aren’t the Sky Grots from Hysh for example? A giant ship would fit the bill no? Today they should announce the preorder of the battleforces right? Or I’m a week too early?
  15. They technically have it when they do the made to order. It could be a similar situation. Problem is these boxes have surely a much smaller margin and is not in their interest produce too many. But the idea to limit one for address mentioned above is interesting.
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