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  1. Thanks for the news, I would actually have loved to see the same changes on Warscroll Builder inside Azyr... I guess it will come with the next update
  2. They just need to introduce an Apocalypse type of game for AoS lol That way we can buy all miniatures we want
  3. On the news front I’m actually pretty excited by FW models being officially supported back in a GW publication. This may mean some more love coming soon from FW or some big monsters finally coming to factions instead of being relegated to nice decorations on the shelves...
  4. In the deleted video I’m sure they mentioned the digital version of the points booklet will be updated periodically. Now if this means only after every battletome or can have a different frequency, it was not specified. On the previous topic about Beasts of Chaos they already mentioned new Furies playable as monsters, so maybe the new pets will be fieldable as BoC? Here is hoping... The death chicken may be a valid replacement to Chaos hounds
  5. Well I’m not sure @sorokyl maybe some colours do not reflect the actual usage... I never used bestifor flesh on a bestigor... And skeleton horde I saw it used mostly on white capes and clothes... Inventory was available also in the previous version and it’s essential to keep track of what you have, exactly for the same reasons described in the community article. Anyway need to find some paints and then I’ll give it a try following the new app. What concerns me is that there’s not many new miniatures and many of the old have not been converted and the filters do not work well
  6. The new painting app is out, couple of bugs aside it is looking really good! And it’s telling me I need basically every contrast paint existing to finish my projects lol
  7. On a different topic, how cool would be the recruiting of monsters hidden in the stormvaults available to every faction in the follow-up of forbidden power??
  8. I would agree with you by logic but the text says heal D3 wounds for each model, not for each unit and not for each wounded model. I believe in the end will be for unit but looks a super weird wording...
  9. No ok imagine this: I have 3 spirit hosts, 3 wounds each within 6”, 1 is wounded and has only a wound left. I pick it for the roll and I do 1 on a D3. That means he still has 1 wound left. I pick another model of the same unit and get another 1, that means a wound healed to the unit as you don’t heal models... basically you roll D3 for each model of the unit, not for each wounded model...
  10. Is it me or the healing light is super weird? D3 for model so if you have a unit with more models in range you can heal the wounded guy more than once as long as the injured guy has of course enough wounds available?
  11. It is possible in that case the chaos tome forecast for this year would be most likely Tzeentch AOS 2.0...
  12. They named them so not sure if ALL are included but since they mentioned for sure Gloomspite in order they were released: Gloomspite, Skaven, FEC, Khorne, Slaanesh and Fyreslayers
  13. And to add to Qrow, in the last video now disappeared they mentioned all battletomes from Gloomspite onwards did not receive any point changes... we will need to wait the digital version to see if there’s any update on those
  14. That’s what was said in the video that then disappeared, as it was mentioned also by other users in this forum it’s not me misunderstanding... However the recording may be old or outdated and one of the reasons it has been removed.
  15. In looncurse Skagrott subjugated some green skins, so maybe Ironjawz or whatever form they assume may become their allies. I’m actually looking forward to see if after the “let’s get a 2.0 battletome” phase, GW will start revisiting some of the sub-factions adding a bit more lore and strategies in specialized armies, a bit like DoK would be in a reunited Dark Elves soup tome or Deathrattle (and to a certain extent Nighthaunt) would be after LoN...
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