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  1. Or to be specific, it’s sold together with the GHB as a separate booklet
  2. They said they split Adepticon roughly in 4 sessions and they gave us 3 previews, the last one being one week after when Warhammer Fest would have happened, so it’s safe to assume they had more to show us but it has all been delayed. About what, that is the key question. No offence on Lumineth or Sons but they are quite “old” now so would be good to see what’s after.
  3. I suspect it will be a dry summer for AoS fans... hopefully autumn will pick on a different tone. It has been more than 2 months now since they previewed anything AoS related and we still have the Warhammer Fest preview to be shown.
  4. Ah thanks, so does Soulbound specifically mention Katakros or just the Ossiarch?
  5. Part of me hopes is not that cause: Excelsis is a really interesting city with few novels around and would be sad losing it or, even worst, they leave it like Lethis damaged but not broken or like Glymmsforge in an unknown state.
  6. Yeah I agree the box is a good box if you like Lumineth in particular because it contains the less divisive units of the entire range. But the fact it’s still up for preorder means either Lumineth didn’t convince too much, stock was much higher than usual, although in NZ eventually sold out, or Lumineth suffered a lot from marketing fatigue not surviving the few months of marketing and the delay. The latter is an interesting fact if true cause I always have been a big promoter of knowing upfront the releases so I can plan, but if that causes less products sold by GW then the cons are way above the pros.
  7. The box is not sold out in UK and it has been more than 8 hours, so there’s that... good news that GW produced enough for everyone or just Lumineth are not that attractive? Yeah I feel it. I bought a box as well not sure why or whenever I’ll open it. Lockdown allowed to almost finish my 5.5k Gitz (including 120 grots). What I really wanted to paint is my Beasts of Chaos but they totally suck, at least the way I want to play them so they add to my list of more than 500 miniatures to paint...
  8. If you follow Kitetsu YouTube channel he posted the English translation too, in the comments
  9. AoS remainders is also a useful tool especially for remembering when to use certain rules. I agree, I wish certain armies would be expanded with a PA type of book, some can only be savaged with a new Battletome but many of the first AoS 2.0 or 1.9 or how you want to call them can be put in par with the others with small booklets. Even better if you get the digital edition for free with the future books.
  10. And a preview for 40k only next Saturday Interesting they use live shows now to preview stuff, that’s a change from the pre-recorded videos. So as someone said earlier, there’s lots of 40K stuff that needed to go out before 9th edition and they are rushing it out to avoid any change in release timeline for the 9th... But the aelves cannot be that far out considering the white dwarf is coming end of the month? Maybe they go in pre-order at the same time?
  11. I agree, I think that's what is going to happen, with the clause that certain dates may remain still (assuming they have enough stock everywhere for a global launch). We may see Warcry and WH Underworlds new seasons shift of a month or two. Speaking of which, and assuming Adepticon reveal show has been completed with 40k new edition, we still have to see what they would have teased in Warhammer Fest.
  12. Yep that’s surprising so on one side it seems their release order is unaltered and things just shifted two months. On the other we have to see if key release dates like GHB 20 (end of June) and similar will be respected. They already showed they don’t mind axing content by removing two white dwarves this year so it is possible some things may just shift away until they get back in track. But at least for now they cannot afford to pack too much in a single release. Would make sense if they hadn’t shipped them already but warehouse space is limited...
  13. Imagine Warhammer Quest in AoS with the same level of support as Blackstone... Silver Tower was amazing but too ripetitive, BF really improved with diversity of enemies too! I just hope the sprues will now be better arranged to allow resale of the miniatures long after the game is gone
  14. Depending on the initial focus and the maps shared until now Bretonnia risks to stay out for a long while as things concentrate in the east... I would not mind to see something new coming to the Old World. Speaking of which I think it’s time to learn a bit more about Gargant rules as would be interesting to know how they play.
  15. I think I expressed myself wrongly, I didn’t mean squat like the plastic models are gone but like no new tomes coming out but only point adjustments. It’s not unheard of to have some armies skip an edition, happened in WHFB and even in AoS 1.0 many armies did not have more than 2 pages in the GHB. Saying that, Of all soups cities is the most survivable as it would stay until they have replaced most of those units with separate armies, that should eventually happen. Like a free guild army and so on. If, and a big IF, the scale of with Old World is the same, they may think that FW can keep supporting some soup tomes and then they don’t need to bring new models or books for a while. We just need to wait and see. The earliest we could ever see a new AoS would be summer 2021. I don’t think they would wait much longer as there’s really not much new content to add right now without adding new rules that would make tomes obsolete. Regarding the Preorders this week was pretty much certain 40k only cause it just makes sense after yesterday’s news. Next week I would expect the Lumineth battle box and something else. Zoat will probably come with the last Underworld warband, DoK, and maybe there was something also for Aeronautica? There’s definitely lots also from Middle Earth and Blood Bowl to justify an entire week of specialist games after the main two games. I’m ready to bet Lumineth next week and specialist games within the following 2 weeks.
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