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  1. His name is Sigmar, he clearly had a beef with Gorkamorka...
  2. That’s when he decided I should not play Gloomspite...
  3. I noticed the cat in the background 😂 Mine one day decided to get in the miniature cupboard scaring me to hell but no damage luckily.
  4. Nope, UK as well. Been trying to get rid of mine to buy a normal one but there’s no one buying either...
  5. Yeah I’m with you. As a hand seems to be too towards the hook than holding the handle...
  6. And slightly off topic why can’t we have undead alves? 😂 The Glaivewraith being remade as horses was an epic fail instead of being skaven ghosts...
  7. You mean Warcry release the 3rd of October? Seems too close to have 2 sparse weeks of AoS in a month predicted to be 40k rich. Considering the one model/one book of Gargants I reckon Warcry could share the same week (10th of October). Unless for some reason they do some repacking considering only Nighthaunt box is left on UK store, that I believe unlikely. In that case would be more towards the end of October.
  8. According to hints from black library (site and amazon) Blood Bowl new box should be pre-order last week of November for release first week of December. Warcry Catacombs should be next month instead. As far as I remember they never released a book/audio linked to a new product without the product itself. 10th of October Sons is a safe bet in my opinion.
  9. https://boardgametoday.com/the-quest-is-calling-heroquest-returns/ It’s from Avalon Hill but linked with Hasbro although no mention of GW anywhere... 22nd of September, so not long left to wait...
  10. Well kind of. All compendium arms are now not legal in tournaments, while I believe Bretonnia was still playable in 8th edition tournaments. Or not?
  11. I had a quick look, obviously I was not there since the beginning of WHFB, but excluding FW and WD (Kislev was only published there) then only Dogs of War was discontinued. While Bretonnia never received an army book since 6th, was still a “playable” army in 8th... Some armies however got remodelling through the years. I think it’s safe to say that we have two types of discontinuation: - the disband of entire armies like passing from WHFB to AoS, unlikely to happen again safe disasters, and extremely rare outside of those events - the not in depth update of certain legacy armies, extremely possible but only once we move to a new edition. This does not make them unplayable, only really unbalanced All in all seems an healthy place to me so far. I’m still convinced Legions will be eventually replaced by something else, I’m just curious to understand what that will be...
  12. In WHFB was any army lost before the 8th edition lost? Not considering Kislev or Araby that never had real rules for the main game.
  13. Do we know the third “secret” army available?
  14. Black Library gives us good hints as already said: - Sons of Behemat pre-order the 10th of October - Morathi in November (we already knew that) - Warcry Catacombs in October (that's earlier than expected) - Blood Bowl could come in November maybe last week on pre-order? (on Amazon is 10th of Dec, they are usually 3-4 days late). - Novella series this time is only 5 books and hard-back instead of soft-back (not a big fan of HB) Interesting Inferno Volume 5 is still advertised as October but I have it since few months and already read a couple of novels... For who is interested Lady Sorrow in SB is coming April 2021 and Lumineth June 2021. Regarding the choice of models, one of the things really affects usability of a bloated range is warscroll battalions. Who has decent ones is already cornered in a limited range of units to try the "one-drop" army. Who does not have battalions or like me likes variety and not painting the same dude over and over (crypt ghouls and grots I'm talking to you) is going to play a sub-par army and should accept it. In the end each army has its owner, you go for the style of the miniature first and then for the rules (at least most of us). I'm personally more for different elite units so I don't need to have multiple units of the same type, but then I also need to remember multiple warscrolls...
  15. The problem on popularity of side games is that it’s possible that the warband in itself is likeable but the side game rules are terrible and no one uses it... even more considering Kurnothi are actually part of the starter set, stats would be really biased. WU and a bit Warcry are mostly fodder for conversion projects or for alternative sculpts. The beastclaw warband has the best frost sabre available without conversion and even the Chaos Warcry warbands could easily become much better looking Chaos Marauders... I hope they continue exploring new concepts in these side games rather than inflating AoS with new smaller armies
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