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  1. I still hope skeletons can be used somehow in this army as chaff as this would give the best transition from LoN to a new army. However this could be easily solved by putting some of them in LoN. they do look good although!
  2. Never did? I actually never checked but it’s confirmed it is highly unlikely to give a hint?
  3. I personally don’t think it’s a bow but could be related to something to hoist or to hold, maybe combined with the ship rumour we had some time ago. Regarding the rules of Bonereapers a comment from @Overread made me think, and what if they can summon back their leaders? In theory they are constructs but today only demons can do that and only if certain points are obtained. A mechanic that allows re-assembly of leaders other than units would be pretty neat.
  4. With mortal realms magazine starting in UK this year seems a lot of Stormcast and Nighthaunt pushes at the same time for something is already mostly cheap still and more than 1.5 years old... Not that this ever stopped them, but would be a weird decision. If those are the battleforces of this year I will be relieved as last years couldn’t buy all I wanted, this year I would pass. @Barbossal Jabberslythe is resin and awful at most, needed to use green stuff all over just to keep it in place. I don’t think they would include Bullgors or Dragon Ogors either. A battleforce for Beasts of Chaos would most likely have a Beastlord to complement the start collecting, Bestigors, Gors, Ungors in some combination and maybe Chaos Warhounds. At best a Chaos Spawn pack. Adding again the Ghorgon/Cygor would be redundant and I doubt in a Gargant. Not much exciting and I guess that’s the reason why we never saw a BoC battleforce...
  5. Have to be honest Hexwraith for some reason scare the bejesus out of people. For their cost I don’t mind people focus on them when my other girls do their job. I always have at least a unit.
  6. We know for sure he has the memory of a goldfish in particular when considering Skaven ruining his plans or building pyramids not bringing him good luck. Im now more interested in the rules because I liked the Nighthaunt but they are too squishy for me and no real interesting army ability. I hope they feel that gap in the death army outside of delusional ghouls.
  7. Anyone knows anything about a new anthology called Oaths and Conquests?
  8. Indeed, I watched again the latest trailer and it does say “pre-order” in October, so that’s literally the only thing we will get in october is a teaser for a packed November. Is there any new leaked pictures around or was just a topic of discussion?
  9. I agree with the feeling. Instead of new named character with almost no background, if they need to make new SCE models at least some from the novels. There’s so many cool characters and they don’t need to have special rules. There’s White Dwarf for it. Having only Neave and Vandus is quite a shame. So tomorrow’s announcement for pre-order would fit with the last possible day for a release in October (26). Will we see Bonereapers? Or would they pre-order the week after and release technically in November?
  10. @Thamalys I 100% agree with what you said. And in LoG for that price you can field 15 wolves that may not have the same save and bonus, but move 12" and have 30 wounds instead of 12... Personally I use them in smaller units to grab that far away objective coming out of a graveyard or to harass the back line. For 240 points you can have 15 Harridans that I like much more. Another comparison that I personally like but no one uses are the Glaivewraith Stalkers. The problem is that for some reason they don't have rend... And the Bladegheist have much more use with that +1 attack on charge and 3+/3+ with -1 rend. Nighthaunt are so easy to wipe out I don't understand why Bonesplitterz would have an ability specifically designed to give us only malus...
  11. To me it’s axtually the opposite, he demonstrates visually what I’m missing to complete an army or whatever. Sometimes certain secrets are better left uncovered...
  12. Hey a bit late but here is my battle report. After following the various conversations I'm not convinced but it seems logical battalions cannot be used outside of the allegiance. Although the wording is not clear and different books made different statements. I hope they are going to rephrase it in a doubt-free way. Anyway I used the Nighthaunt Shriekhost battalion that makes the opponent re-roll the 1s in the battleshock phase and can't use inspiring presence. We had a friendly match so it was not a real competitive test. I had the battalion with 1 Banshee, 2 units of 5 Harridans, 2 units of 4 Myrmourn. Dreadblade as general, a Wight King and a unit of grave guard, a Guardian of Souls, Reikenor, a Necromancer, a unit of 20 Chainrasp, 2 units of Dire Wolves, a unit of 10 Grimghast and the Mercenary FEC with a unit of 3 Flayers. And a horrorghast I never used. My opponent had a Lord of Change, an Ogroid Thaumarurge, an Exalted Screamer, 3 units of Screamers, 2 units of 10 Acolytes and 20 Tzaangors. The battleplan was Total Conquest. Obviously I started first and kept 2 units of Dire Wolves in the underworld ready to pop up at a later stage and stayed back to avoid being too close to his shooting. He double turned me and his shooting was pretty much deadly with the Myrmourn gone immediately (4 wounds total are just not enough). the Chainrasp following after (refused to inspire them), the Grimghast and one unit of Harridans. But the third turn I double turned and things changed drastically. By relying on shooting he did not even get close to my objectives. The bravery missile attacks are deadly, against the demons (bravery 10) not much but against the Acolytes and the Tzaangors brought at bravery 2 was deadly (6 acolites gone in one attack). Add the battleshock that wiped entire damaged units and he was left with only the screamers and the lord of change. He used inspiring on his Tzaangors until he had the hero to cover them but the Grave Guard (the banner gives another -1 bravery) with +1 attack from the Wight King, do a lot of damage with 31 attacks 3+/3+ rend -1 and double damage on a wound of 6... By the end of third turn I had my chainrasps back from the graveyard surrounding the objective on the opponent left flank and the Dogs and another resurrected unit pur the numbers on the right flank to take all 4 objectives. A not so lucky magic round meant he did not have enough points to summon demons to get back some objectives and he conceded considering he had his Lord of Change entirely surrounded. Some take-aways even removing the battalion: the Flayers are a good option with decent attacks and the bravery missile. Not sure you can afford to give up a command point, but I guess I could leave home the Horrorghast instead and buy a CP. The Harridans are useful with their -1 to hit if you can bring their bravery to 5 or less. The Grave Guards are another big winner with an extra -1 bravery and decent attacks, useful to keep in defence to turtle an objective. Some losers: Myrmourn in units of 4 are useless, the Wight King gives only +1 attack to the Grave Guard so it's use really depends on if you have to bring back destroyed units or not... and too many drops but that cannot be avoided without battalions.
  13. I did send an email to them and I hope they are going to clarify soon. Basically you cannot enter a battalion as an allied because only units can be taken as allied, correct? However I’m not sure about the definition of faction, can someone clarify or point to me where this is defined? Not trying to stretch but if Nighthaunt are a faction inside Legion of Grief by keyword, then the battalion should be too, no? I guess here the key is that since battalions don’t have keywords then they can be used only in their allegiance or grand allegiance, but is this because faction = allegiance? Genuine question, I always assumed the 2 things are different and not all factions had allegiances (for example deadwalkers) but factions could belong to multiple allegiances (like Nighthaunt in Legion of Grief and Nighthaunt).
  14. I wrote to them with a mention to Cities of Sigmar so maybe we can get an answer in the next CoS FAQ. Although now that I'm looking at that book it seems different, indeed the battalions are not available in Azyr for them, but they are for Lethisian. The fact that they don't use keywords but all units are specifically named puts them in a different position. However, by the same account, you could take for example a Stormcast battalion and pay only that cost in ally points as long as all units in the battalion respect the other rules (1 in 4 Stormcast don't count as allies). Let's see what they say. Tomorrow I'll write my battle rep. Suffice to say Tzeentch did not approve so much change this time around...
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