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  1. Undead riding dead chocobos and Rhinos? I’m all in, who wants a used kidney? On sale together with a lung and spleen It’s since TK left that I’m dreaming a skull catapult...
  2. I reckon one day GW will add the Aeronautica for AoS, we already have the KO, we have mentions in the lore of Skaven and even Ironjawz stealing KO ships and using them and then the Grottbag Scuttlers or however they are called... that would be awesome. Regarding CoS I don’t think they need faction terrain but probably nice rules to use the existing terrain, like being able to garrison other terrains like woods and so on or I don’t know something more creative. The spells could be linked to the few remaining wizards rather than trying to fit the cities (7 cities, only 3 spells...). But again they can most likely use any spell from all order faction so soon or later once all order factions will get their spells so will the cities. What they need are solid rules, an opening to replace/expand the existing miniatures and some reboxing for getting anything remaining in round bases.
  3. That would be bad news because it means any AoS preorder wave this week will be a small one if it’s AoS at all. Furthermore if the 21st is specialist games (pre-order) that leaves us another 2 weeks only in September for AoS
  4. Was not 21st of September? At least the book is so makes sense it’s the same date
  5. Yep screams Warcry, but could be a spectral weapon of a death construct! Ok maybe stretching a bit there...
  6. That looks a really busy agenda, I forgot the lizard men team, but in my mind was together with Beastgrave. What about the rumours of the Exodites? I don’t follow 40k but if they are not Seraphon rumours is it possible 40k is getting a new army after sisters and in that case could that steal some more space from AoS this year?
  7. Looking at the release roadmap the 31st of August looks like to be all clear for AoS right? Assuming the 21st is Beastgrave, there are another 2 weekends before that in September. Do we have anything previewed recently still waiting his own release aside AoS? I reckon all specialist games got what they were waiting this weekend, Blood Bowl too has everything being released, right? So now we have 3 weeks for some AoS stuff and some more 40k, and in theory we would have a glimpse of the future this weekend from Nova. Sounds right?
  8. I strongly doubt that a duel box would deserve at least 2 animated trailers. Must be something more than a rebranding of the Deathrattle faction, most likely including some new kits for elite as they really need some (even if they merge the Morghasts) and would be cool if they add some shooting models as Death is lacking them direly... I think it’s going to be huge, I’m just surprised it would start with a duel box with an already existing faction, that would be a first for AoS
  9. I do not see any possible way Seraphon as a faction would be phased out. It may, and repeat may, be possible that after a 2.0 battle tome they stop updating it for many years. It may even be possible they do not update it for 2.0, although unlikely they would miss a so low-hanging fruit! Just new rules, endless spells and a faction terrain and Seraphon are good for quite a bit. But phasing then out? Unrealistic, would have been easier phase out all aelves instead of a portion of them.
  10. Cockatrice is already in the Beast of Chaos book, so I don’t think it’s at risk for now
  11. Ah yeah I agree but it’s also a trap: I started a small Nighthaunt army few years back and now I have more than 7000 points of Death army...
  12. The Gargant is already in the Gloomspite not that would stop them to put it elsewhere since he is already a multi-faction Chaos model...
  13. Beastgrave is most likely coming out together with the related book the 21st of September, I hope we will have at least one battletome before then. @amysrevenge your logic makes sense and should be true this time. We do know at some point some miniatures will be out of production battletome or not, the question is if they will replace the model with a newer or just let it go... To better clarify we have few examples: the Legion Black Coach is not sold anymore and has a newer model much better, despite so it’s still in the GHB19... Harpies were part of Monsters of Chaos, they were not sold anymore since some time and eventually disappeared by the GHB19 but not all Monsters of Chaos that were not included in Beasts of Chaos did... And now we have new Furies that belong to Slaves to Darkness with old Furies belonging to Daemons of Chaos... So definitely we can’t predict based on previous behaviour
  14. Not arguing this, LoN is also my favourite army. However I think when they will get a well deserved update they will use the keywords like Legion of Grief and most likely Cities of Sigmar. So the future looks good with potentially any other death release pumping up LoN. Of course this is just speculation and Legion of Grief is not technically a Legion according to the FAQ...
  15. To be honest if they take deathrattle and add few more heroes, migrate the Morghasts in it, add one or two dual kits introducing whatever was mentioned before (chariots, archers and constructs), they don’t really need much more. DoK had already a good selection of heroes, while deathrattle has a good starting base with skeletons, grave guard, black knights and Wight king. Of course the more the merrier but potentially there could be space for a Slaanesh type release
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