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  1. Just to add to the lot that my preordered book was damaged before reaching my trusted third party reseller and unfortunately that means they need to be sent back for destruction and no more copies of the book are forecast for the foreseeable future. Now, this release was going to be incredibly popular as it is crimson court, but this complete lack of copies worldwide for a product that makes no sense to be limited must be because of Covid and who knows maybe even evergreen. I mean why having a limited edition of the core board game? That would mean any expansion would be limited to a subset of the original production, unless they have created the most successful Warhammer quest of all times just to not have any expansion and not milk us in any other way...
  2. My last painting job was 50 crypt ghouls and 1 ghoul king at the same time. I still think I don’t have much chance...
  3. That makes complete sense, but then we are talking about GW, isn’t it? 😂😂😂 I hope they go that way although
  4. The book I think it transpires a 40k symbol, not sure which but that was mentioned here earlier. The hand looks death to me. Personally I think order of Azyr could be a “city” in cities of Sigmar for now. With special rules for hunting stuff like vampire and able to use those heroes on top of existing cities armies. Those same heroes would be usable on any cities army but not get the synergies from that city. That’s my 2 cents.
  5. In no particular order: Deadly alliance (with Zoatl) Escalation (With explorers and cultists) No respite (with plague marines) The dreaded ambull (with the ambull) Traitor command (2 models) Ascension (drones) and then several card expansions, some also in white dwarf. Those sold as separate objects: abominable intellect, endless peril, advanced arsenal. But cards wise and white dwarf articles I don’t know the full list. So we can expect much more coming from cursed city after the first release that unsurprisingly was initially scheduled for Halloween 2020. Am I the only one not understanding why cursed city models cannot be used in AoS for what they are thanks to the point rules they published but only as proxies? I mean what’s the purpose of printing the rules at all? Publish an article in Warhammer community for people who wants to try them out but don’t waste poor trees for those warscrolls...
  6. And some more than one 😂😂😂 Jokes aside the cursed city rumour makes sense because they already started painting guides and literally shown us everything, only missing things is to show an example of a boss behaviour and we have it all. Usually they keep something at least for the pre-order week to keep the hype high. The AoS 3.0 rumour didn’t convince me earlier but now that the BR books seems rushed even at the cost of 40k content (lets be honest Q1/Q2 so far is heavily AoS oriented) seems to corroborate the rumours of a summer release.
  7. We also know the amber under the mountain trapped monsters for long time that are now free, they never materialised in WU game itself but we also don’t know anyone who escaped the mountain... so far... his people could be some of those monsters. He says his people is gone, so I’m not sure anymore about Kurnothi
  8. He says that he was in a mountain trapped under the rocks, that seems a clear reference to beast grave and direchasm
  9. I don’t see any mark of chaos either, not that BoC have many but a new hero or god would probably have at least the eight pointed star isn’t it?
  10. Just saying wholeheartedly thanks @Garxia. Amazing work!
  11. What if they are Nurgle daemons? Spoiler on the last story from GW
  12. I hope that at one point this year we will be just as enthusiastic about new rules as we are about these new sculpts
  13. The OBR warband is the next one in line to be announced, they said they were going to show a new one every month then plans got disrupted and here we are, but OBR are the second to last warband to be announced so that is what that archer is. Idoneth should be teased this month and shown in April. Regarding an expansion on OBR archers is what would make them jump back at the top of the meta with some counters and would be the only death army with decent shooting that makes sense lore wise (except maybe gun wielding vampirates). Now, as a Nighthaunt player I displease shooting but being denied any basic Magic is also quite intolerable, so I don’t want to deny other armies some counters, I just want to have my own counters. Why ethereal heroes can’t have -1 to hit and wound on shooting? Ever tried to shoot a ghost miles away? Anyway axe wielding guys and archers would complete an OBR roster quite decent so far so here hoping in a bright future. Not all WU things showed new things for nothing. Direchasm showed both new Swordmasters and new Sybarites, we don’t know how long before but usually the starter set comes end of September so maybe they would have arrived more or less with the same distance as now. Darkoath never came about but Warcry did and I reckon STD visually won greatly from it. Tree revenants with bows don’t exist yet but Sylvaneth didn’t get any update either so there’s still hope. Kurnothi got a new model in cursed city so they are definitely more present than other half baked ideas like the Silent Ones. Maybe one day they’ll release them like orruk warclans, who knows. I reckon by now GW has at least 9 months delay with miniatures production, if this means just delays or dropping ideas they had I don’t know, but I would expect a bit of both...
  14. What if Malerion is actually indeed dead or banished somewhere and Be’lakor has been acting in his place? That could be the tail of the first shadow daemons but not for order rather as an expansion of chaos
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