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  1. Total Commitment is indeed the worst mission. It's not like Stormcast and Nighthaunt are running around the tournament scene smashing every opponent. Far from it. Of Total Commitment is a thing then there should be missions where summoning is banned, where you are not allowed to fight twice and where Death has not 6+ shrug. It's just stupid to have a mission that only penalises two armies. Other armies that can teleport, like Seraphon and Hand of Gork han still do their movement tricks, it's only Stormcast and Nighthaunt that get shafted.
  2. The thing is the rule for later publications only say "units", it doesn't mention "warscroll battalions". It's probably intended that the battalions are supposed to be legal but due to a rules technicality they aren't.
  3. I'm not saying to literally adopt 40k ITC missions into AoS, I think they are boring and flavourless, but if you remove the double turn mechanic you could balance it out by making some scoring happen at the end of the battleround.
  4. I bring 2, I even said so, but what always happens is that one disrupts turn 1 and the other gets destroyed by shooting or magic and then I get doubled and destroyed.
  5. Just had a crazy game where my Drakesworn Templar essentially single-handedly wiped out an entire FEC army. He killed a wounded Terrorgheist, the majority of a 6-man Flayer unit, an another entire 6-man Flayer unit (hit bit through their coherency, destroying 2 of them automatically at the end of the turn), 40 Ghouls and an Archregent. I ran him with Stormlance as Celestial Vindicators and used both the command trait and the Stormrage Blade. 1820 points wiped out by this single 460 point model. Hilarious! On another note, is it just me or are Aetherwings just not that good? I use 2 units in my list and so far they've only managed to block an enemy charge in turn 1 and then the opponent gets a double and wipes me out anyway. Or they get shot to bits before they can disrupt since they're made of paper. They've never really performed like these amazing screens like everyone are talking about.
  6. I loathe the double turn. When you play against armies with fast units it just means that your entire army is going to die. If the opponent gets a double from turn 2 to 3 with armies like Idoneth, Slaanesh, Gristlegore etc you are just going to die unless you are 30 Hearthguard Berzerkers. There is nothing apart from doublescreens (which is easier said than done, and if they are screening your own combat unit and the opponent DO NOT get the double you're also bummed since the screen is now blocking you) that can prevent this. The best way to change this is just to remove the double turn and then change the missions. Make it like the ITC format in 40k where you score several of the points at the end of each battleround. For the people who doesn't know how this works: There are 4 main ways to get points: Kill a unit, Hold a point, Kill more units than your opponent and hold more points than your opponent. The latter two are scored at the end of the battleround which gives an advantage to the player that goes second since that player gets to dictate the scoring. This would make for a lot less frustrating play experiences.
  7. No I don't think so, the Tauralon isn't tough enough. With a Tauralon you don't have enough wounds to withstand most opponents damage output and the extra cast isn't good enough. Its mobility would be useful, but I value the durability and killing power of the Sequitors. Besides, having 4 foot wizards walking behind their massivt bodyguard unit slinging spells looks really cool. I would consider the Tauralon if you ran a Convocation list with ballistas and Ordinator.
  8. Read my post on the previous page.
  9. I've been playing around some more with a Grand Convocation list: LeadersLord-Arcanum (160)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Ignax's Scales - Spell: Celestial BladesLord-Exorcist (120)- Spell: Lighntning BlastKnight-Incantor (140)- Scrolls of Power (Artefact): Storm Scroll- Spell: Chain LightningKnight-Incantor (140)- Spell: StormcallerLord-Castellant (120)Battleline20 x Sequitors (440)- Tempest Blades and Soulshields- 9x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x Grandhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x GrandhammersUnits2 x Concussors (240)BattalionsGrand Convocation (130)Endless Spells / TerrainAethervoid Pendulum (50)Celestian Vortex (40)Everblaze Comet (100)Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60)Purple Sun of Shyish (50)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 97 Here are some thoughts. I've played against Idoneth, Skaven and Flesh-Eater Courts and won them all except against FEC (which was extremely close, I only lost because he won last initiative roll and thus got 1 more point than me on Focal Points, his army was basically dead). The mainstay of the army is the 2+ save block of Sequitors who can tank and destroy almost anything that charges them. Unless you have a ton of mortal wounds or a ton of rend -2 attacks you're not going to kill this unit, and they are going to kill you. The exception is of course if several Terrorgheists charge them at the same time, then they're dead. I have Ignax's Scales on the Arcanum to make sure the Staunch Defender is not sniped. I've played around with the Storm Scroll as my second artifact, there are almost always 6 enemy units which would be good to hit with it; support heroes, monsters that can be degraded, small screens that could be softened up to get to the juicy stuff behind the screen. I've never been disappointed in the Storm Scroll, it always hits something useful. Having 2 Dispel Scrolls is godlike and wins games. The wizards are actually really good in combat. The Comet combined with Geminids is great for sniping characters and weakening the opponents army, making their charge into the Sequitors basically suicide. The Purple Sun has continually disappointed me, it has so far managed to kill 5 Ghouls, make a Stormfiend flee and killed 3 of my own Sequitors. When you have to move up and charge the opponents it just gets in the way and will probably kill you as much as it will kill the enemy. It should in theory be really good against Fyreslayers though, so it should be good to keep around. The Celesitan Vortex's range has not impressed me. It's mostly there to serve as a tool against shooting armies, but the 1" range on damage dealing is so bad, it's only a 21" threat range so it's not usuable in round 1. If you face a shooting army it just removes a spell from an opposing wizard as they will just dispel it before their shooting phase so the -1 to hit doesn't do anything. Maybe I should just run Quicksilver Swords to snipe Chaos heroes? The 2-man unit of Concussors are really good. They move up the flank and take lightly defended points. The enemy has to commit heavy damage to kill them as 10 wounds with 3+ save re-rolling 1s aren't going to be killed by some 4+ 4+ no rend attacks. The army lacks in mobility and objective playing, it deals heavy damage in the hero phase and combat phase and tanks charges like no one else, but without any teleports or fast units you just can't win the late game objective game against a faster enemy. I've been considering exchanging the Concussors and a spell for 3 3-man units of Prosecutors, but then you move up to 8 drops which is a major disadvantage compared to only having 6. How would you go about improving the mobility of the army without compromising the theme or the tanky Sequitor block?
  10. Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals - Mortal Realm: Aqshy LEADERS Lord-Arcanum (160) - General - Command Trait : Staunch Defender - Artefact : Ignax's Scales - Spell : Azyrite Halo Knight-Incantor (140) - Celestial Staves (Artefact) : Staff of Focus - Spell : Chain Lightning Knight-Incantor (140) - Spell : Stormcaller Lord-Exorcist (120) - Spell : Lighntning Blast Lord-Castellant (120) UNITS 20 x Sequitors (440) - Tempest Blades and Soulshields - 9 x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Liberators (100) - Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers 5 x Liberators (100) - Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers 2 x Concussors (240) BATTALIONS Grand Convocation (130) ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN Aethervoid Pendulum (50) Everblaze Comet (100) Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60) Purple Sun of Shyish (50) Balewind Vortex (40) TOTAL: 1990/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 97 LEADERS: 5/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 0/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 2/2 ALLIES: 0/400 I came up with this list while trying to make a magic-based SCE army for variety's sake. I love my cavalry armies but sometimes you gotta do something else. Grand Convocation gives +1 to cast to all the wizards for the endless spell fiesta. Basically the Lord-Arcanum's CA allows you to move an endless spell an additional d6 inches, very useful for giving the Purple Sun or Geminids a little boost. The Incantor will cast the Balewind Vortex and then pop the Staff and cast Spirit Storm, dealing 2 MW to every enemy unit within 24", alternatively casting Chain Lightning on some hero 30" away and giving them d3+1 MW and 2 MW to everyone around them on a 4+. With the Comet and the Geminids on the same turn you can realiably kill a lot of heroes over 2 turns. The Sequitors will have 2 + save with all the armour buffs and Azyrite Halo, making them tough as nails against everything but Skarbrand and the Gristlegore clowns. Liberators hold points and Concussors charge into some small-medium tough units and hopefully take some objective or something. Overall a lot of mortal wounds and not half-bad tanking and melee capability. What do you think?
  11. Dracolines really don't need CV, they hit like a train just with Pride Leader, the Arcanum's CA and Empower. I prefer Staunch with Dracolines to increase their staying power. The 8 Desolators however do not need Staunch, and the extra CP is used on the CV CA to make sure they kill what they touch. As they are 8 they will rarely all get to attack the same target, and thus you want each Desolator to hit hard enough. Having 8 of them also makes it a lot more difficults to remove their 2 bonus attacks, if you run 6 you just need to kill one and those attacks are gone. I really like the idea of a Templar though, that +1 to hit from the bow is really useful, and makes a -1 to hit debuff a lot less worse. Maybe I should add a Templar, remove some other stuff for anti-screen shooting. Maybe it's not the best, but I want to make an 8 man Desolator unit work.
  12. I think a Desolator deathstar could be really legit now. I'm thinking this: Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger (general) Lord-Castellant Knight-Heraldor Knight-Venator 5 Judicators 5 Judicators 5 Sequitors 5 Sequitors 8 Desolators 1940p, 1 Extra CP I picked the Venator because he's fun, but maybe the Azyros is better. You could also take an Incantor instead, but then you lose the extra CP. I would probably run this as Celestial Vindicators to buff the Desolators even further and give them a re-roll 1's to hit without having to take the Azyros. The Desolators in this set-up would be ridiculously tough (2+ save re-roll 1s with Cycle and potential healing) and hit ridiculously hard (averaging something along the lines of 47,5 damage vs 3+ save with re-roll 1s, Vindicators CA and Celestial Blades).
  13. Time for another tournament report, this time I came at 8th place out of 48. I ran this list: Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsMortal Realm: AqshyLord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (240)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Ignax's Scales - Spell: Azyrite Halo- Mount Trait: Pride LeaderLord-Castellant (100)Lord-Ordinator (140)20 x Sequitors (400)- Tempest Blades and Soulshields- 9x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x Grandhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x Grandhammers6 x Evocators on Dracolines (600)- 3x Grandstaves- Lore of Invigoration: Speed of LightningCelestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 129 Game 1 vs. Grand Host of Nagash, Focal Points. He ran Arkhan, an Etheral Zombie Dragon Lord, Prince Vhordrai, 80 Skeletons, a Necromancer and 5 Dire Wolves. I got to go first, siezed the centre with my buffed up Sequitors and moved the Dracolines ready to pounce. He charged 40 Skeletons and the Dragon into the Seqs and killed like 2. Then I won priority. I charged the other Skeleton unit with the Dracolines and rolled very poorly, only killing 25 Skeletons. The other Skeleton unit was almost wiped. The Ballistae come down and blow up Arkhan. Vhordrai charges into the Dracolines and kill a lot. His Dragon rolls double 6 on his mouth's d6 damage (that hurt). The attrition war turns against me, but one of my 5 Libs manage to sneak to one of his objectives, giving me a solid lead on points. In the last turn he manages to get some points back and eventually I win 12-8 (max 20). Game 2 vs. Idoneth Deepkin, Total Commitment. He ran Volturnos, 2 Wizards (one of which an Archmage), 6 Ishlaenn, 6 Morrsarr, 2 Allopex, 10 Thralls and a Leviadon. He turn one charges his Ishlaenn into my Dracolines and doesn't kill any. Dracolines hit back and kill 3, the other 3 flee on a 6 on his battleshock test. In my turn the Dracolines kill the Morrsarr and then the Leviadon rolls like a god and kill 4 Dracolines. On the other side of the battlefield one Ballista kills his 10 Thralls over a couple of turns and eventually takes his objective there. Then the Sequitors make combat and mop up the rest of his army. I win 18-12. Game 3 vs. Khorne, Three Places of Power. He ran Gore Pilgrims and Murderhost? A Bloodthirster that lets you pile-in 6", 3x 10 Bloodletters, Skarbrand, Skulltaker, 2 Priests, a Bloodsecrator, 10 Reavers and 5 Warriors. He takes first turn and spreads the screen so that the Ballistae can't rapid fire into Skarbrand or the Bloodthirster, but he takes no points. On my turn I move up and take the center point with my Dracolines and Arcanum, the Sequitors a bit behind. The Ballistae and Ordinator deep strike onto the point furthest away from the big daemons and they combined with a Dracoline charge kills the Reavers and both his Priests. He gets initiative and two Bloodletter units pile their way into my Dracolines and kills 4. Skarbrand deletes 5 Libs and the Sequitors, but he still takes no points. On my turn I kill the rest of his characters except the big daemons. On his turn Skarbrand fails his charge and the Thirster fails to kill my Arcanum, the thirster then promply dies. In the end he only has Skarbrand left, and I have like 20 points to his 3 (from a summoned Herald holding a point for 2 turns). I only win 15-5 because of tournament-specific secondaries that we tied. Game 4 vs. Gristlegore, Total Conquest. He ran 2 Terrorgheist heroes and 3 Terrorgheist Battleline, and Cogs. The game was a complete joke, he rolled really well on his turn 1 charges and killed all the Sequitors with 2 Terrogheists and 4 Dracolines with 1 Terrorgheist, none of which was the general. I can't win after this, we just talk the secondaries out and I lose 4-16. Games like this demoralise me, it took 20 minutes and I didn't even get to actually play the game. Game 5 vs. Sylvaneth, Scorched Earth. He ran two Battalions, Household and Gnarlroot. It's basically 60 Dryads, Alarielle, a Tree Lord, two Branch-characters and 5 Tree Revenants. He takes first turn and teleports Alarielle to one end of the Battlefield and teleport-conga 30 Dryads into my deployment zone. In my turn I charge the Dryads with my Dracolines and wipe them all. I then get double turn and charge into the second Dryad unit, killing 17-20 of them (I couldn't get all the Dracolines into combat). The Sequitors have moved up and managed to charge his Alarielle-summoned Dryad unit and kill them, taking and burning their objective. The Ballistae roll like ****** and fail to kill Alarielle with two turns of shooting. On his turn he moves some dudes around, Alarielle rolls a 1 and can't do anything. The Dryads die on combat to the remaining Dracolines (who are taking a pounding from awakening forests). He then gets double turn and manage to take and burn 2 of my objectives, Alarielle kills the last Dracolines. Alarielle dies from Sequitor and Arcanum melee. I manage to take his last two points and burn them. In the last turn he fails to take my last point and I win 12-8. So it went pretty well, I'm still very impressed by the sheer killing power of the Dracolines. The Sequitors always deliver (except vs Skarbrand and FEC). The Ballistae were a massive disappointment again. Their damage output is so swingy and unreliable, I don't like it. I won't run them anymore, I miss my 6-man unit of Palladors. The tournament made me hate the current meta though. There are Gristlegore players everywhere and I think their Terrorghesists are insanely OP. The mouth attack is faaaaar too strong to be on a model that can attack twice and only costs 300 points. The game vs FEC made me wonder why I play Age of Sigmar. I used to praise it's balance over 40k, but after FEC and Skaven it's a complete farce compared to 40k. This will probably be my last AoS tournament for a while, back to 40k it is.
  14. Tournament report time! I played in a 30 man tournament this weekend. I finished at 6th place. I played this list: Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsMortal Realm: AqshyLord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (240)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Ignax's Scales - Spell: Thundershock- Mount Trait: Pride LeaderLord-Castellant (100)Knight-Heraldor (100)Knight-Incantor (140)- Spell: Azyrite Halo20 x Sequitors (400)- Tempest Blades and Soulshields- 9x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows- 1x Shockbolt Bows5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows- 1x Shockbolt Bows6 x Evocators on Dracolines (600)- 3x Grandstaves- Lore of Invigoration: Celestial BladesEverblaze Comet (100) Game 1 vs. Gloomspite Gitz: He played something like 40 Stabbas, 20 Stabbas, Skragrott, 10 Fanatics, 15 Bounderz, a Manglerboss and some Shamans and chaff squigs. Mission was Total Conquest. He moved 20 Stabbas onto an objective and Hand of Gorked 40 Stabbas 9" from my Dracolines and then deployed his Fanatics. They failed the 6" charge and then they all the Fanatics and Stabbas died from Dracoline and Sequitor melee. His Manglerboss killed 2 Evocators and then got killed by them next turn. The Sequitors tanked on the objective. Then it just ground on with me winning the objective, at the end he only had Skragrott left with like 2 wounds. Win 14-6 (max win is 20 points, max loss is 0). Game 2 vs. Skaven: He had a Warpseer with 4+ reroll save and 2x 5+ FNP, a Deciever, 60 Clanrats, 2 Cannons, a Bombardier, 40 Plaguemonks and a Hellpit Abomination. Mission was Three Places of Power. I took first turn and deepstruck my Heraldor onto the second objective and dropped the comet. This combined killed the Bombardier and wounded his cannons a lot. He tentatively moved and killed my Heraldor with the cannons. I won initiative and killed the cannons and took the center and a side objective. He cast Warp Lightning Vortex on the side objective. The Dracolines charged and killed 40 Clanrats. In his turn his Hellpit killed half the Sequitors and then promply died on the return attacks. The explosion killed my character holding the center though, sadly. I won initiative again and the Dracolines killed his Warpseer who was attempting to steal my side objective. I won initiative and the Dracolines charged off and killed his Plaguemonks. I think he won initiative then and killed my side hero with his Deciever, then he got killed by the Dracolines. After this extremely bloody battle it all ended in a draw of 10-10. Very good game! Game 3 vs. Flesh-Eater Courts: Gristlegore, great. 3 Terrorgheists (of which 2 were heroes), 20 Ghouls, 3 foot heroes and the Royal Court battalion with Ethereal Amulet on the general. Battle for the Pass. I megabuffed my Sequitors to a 2+ save and then sat on my home objective trying to bait him in. I messed up and moved my Dracolines too far up. On his turn he buffed up and moved up. He cast Cogs with turned out to benefit me A LOT in later turns. I then won initiative and gave him the double turn. He charged in, killed the Dracolines and killed half the Sequitors. Then the Seqs hit back and killed the non-general Terrorgheist. Then I got a double turn and retreat-charged off with the surviving sequitors onto one of the side objectives. The remaining heroes on my objective killed another Terrorgheist. At the same time I kept putting random wounds onto the general. I then won initiative again. I killed his general with some shooting and took his point with the remaining Sequitors. I now control all points in round 3. Then he starts hitting back and takes some points for himself. He takes a lot of secondary points and eventually win 8-12. But I'm very happy with such a small loss against the cheese that is Gristlegore. Game 4 vs. Legions of Nagash: He played Nagash, Neferata, 40 Chainrasps, 10 Dire Wolves, a Vampire and 4 extra command points. Mission was Escalation so Nagash and Neferata had to deploy 24" away from the middle line. I got first turn. I pushed up the Sequitors and the Judicators took the side objectives. In his turn the Chainrasps charged the Sequitors who also got -2 to hit from Overwhelming Dread through the spellportal, so nothing much happened in that combat. I won initiative and charged the Dracolines into Neferata and demolished her. Then the Seqs started killing the Chainrasps. The dogs took one of the side points off the Judicators. Nagash then charged the Dracolines and I rolled awful saves and half of them died. Then I messed up and charged Nagash with the Seqs and rolled abysmally. Then we just duked it out in the middle, but I had racked up a lot of points by then and won 12-8. But I could have won by more if I had played better. Game 5 vs. Skaven: He had 2 Cannons, a Bombardier, 60 Clanrats, 40 Stormvermin, a Warbringer, a Screaming Bell and a Clawleader or something like that. Mission was Starstrike. I deployed out of threat range of the cannons and gave him first turn. He threw out the Warp Lightning Vortex which didn't do a lot. I then dropped the comet and some Judicators which once again turn 1 deleted the Bombardier. I moved up all my stuff. I got double turn and the Dracolines killed 40 Clanrats. In his turn he killed 1 Dracolines with the cannons. He got double turn and a cannon died from the comet pulse. The other cannon killed another Dracoline, and the Warbringer charged into them. The Stormvermin charged the Seqs who had 2+ save and Azyrite Halo. The Stormvermin had Death Frenzy. They attacked and killed 3 Sequitors, who hit back and killed 18 who attacked back. Then we remembered Azyrite Halo and the Stormvermin took a total of 14 MWs (I rolled a lot of 6s to save). Those 14 then hit back and recieve 5 MWs back. They attack and recieve 3 MWs back. And they all die. They basically killed themselved with the Death Frenzy. The Dracolines killed his Warbringer and the Screaming Bell. We call it and I win 20-0. Overall impressions: Very happy with the Dracolines, they're a hidden gem in my opinion. 2+ save Sequitor tanks are extremely strong. The comet is bad in a lot of matchups. Judicator Stormbolt Bows roll a lot of 1s to hit. Gristlegore is disgusting vs Stormcast with few screens and little shooting.
  15. No, not if you have only one +1 save buff on them. If you have the lantern and staunch and get wounded by a rend -1 attack you would heal on 6s again. Against rend -2 no heals.
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