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  1. Tournament report time! I played in a 30 man tournament this weekend. I finished at 6th place. I played this list: Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsMortal Realm: AqshyLord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (240)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Ignax's Scales - Spell: Thundershock- Mount Trait: Pride LeaderLord-Castellant (100)Knight-Heraldor (100)Knight-Incantor (140)- Spell: Azyrite Halo20 x Sequitors (400)- Tempest Blades and Soulshields- 9x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows- 1x Shockbolt Bows5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows- 1x Shockbolt Bows6 x Evocators on Dracolines (600)- 3x Grandstaves- Lore of Invigoration: Celestial BladesEverblaze Comet (100) Game 1 vs. Gloomspite Gitz: He played something like 40 Stabbas, 20 Stabbas, Skragrott, 10 Fanatics, 15 Bounderz, a Manglerboss and some Shamans and chaff squigs. Mission was Total Conquest. He moved 20 Stabbas onto an objective and Hand of Gorked 40 Stabbas 9" from my Dracolines and then deployed his Fanatics. They failed the 6" charge and then they all the Fanatics and Stabbas died from Dracoline and Sequitor melee. His Manglerboss killed 2 Evocators and then got killed by them next turn. The Sequitors tanked on the objective. Then it just ground on with me winning the objective, at the end he only had Skragrott left with like 2 wounds. Win 14-6 (max win is 20 points, max loss is 0). Game 2 vs. Skaven: He had a Warpseer with 4+ reroll save and 2x 5+ FNP, a Deciever, 60 Clanrats, 2 Cannons, a Bombardier, 40 Plaguemonks and a Hellpit Abomination. Mission was Three Places of Power. I took first turn and deepstruck my Heraldor onto the second objective and dropped the comet. This combined killed the Bombardier and wounded his cannons a lot. He tentatively moved and killed my Heraldor with the cannons. I won initiative and killed the cannons and took the center and a side objective. He cast Warp Lightning Vortex on the side objective. The Dracolines charged and killed 40 Clanrats. In his turn his Hellpit killed half the Sequitors and then promply died on the return attacks. The explosion killed my character holding the center though, sadly. I won initiative again and the Dracolines killed his Warpseer who was attempting to steal my side objective. I won initiative and the Dracolines charged off and killed his Plaguemonks. I think he won initiative then and killed my side hero with his Deciever, then he got killed by the Dracolines. After this extremely bloody battle it all ended in a draw of 10-10. Very good game! Game 3 vs. Flesh-Eater Courts: Gristlegore, great. 3 Terrorgheists (of which 2 were heroes), 20 Ghouls, 3 foot heroes and the Royal Court battalion with Ethereal Amulet on the general. Battle for the Pass. I megabuffed my Sequitors to a 2+ save and then sat on my home objective trying to bait him in. I messed up and moved my Dracolines too far up. On his turn he buffed up and moved up. He cast Cogs with turned out to benefit me A LOT in later turns. I then won initiative and gave him the double turn. He charged in, killed the Dracolines and killed half the Sequitors. Then the Seqs hit back and killed the non-general Terrorgheist. Then I got a double turn and retreat-charged off with the surviving sequitors onto one of the side objectives. The remaining heroes on my objective killed another Terrorgheist. At the same time I kept putting random wounds onto the general. I then won initiative again. I killed his general with some shooting and took his point with the remaining Sequitors. I now control all points in round 3. Then he starts hitting back and takes some points for himself. He takes a lot of secondary points and eventually win 8-12. But I'm very happy with such a small loss against the cheese that is Gristlegore. Game 4 vs. Legions of Nagash: He played Nagash, Neferata, 40 Chainrasps, 10 Dire Wolves, a Vampire and 4 extra command points. Mission was Escalation so Nagash and Neferata had to deploy 24" away from the middle line. I got first turn. I pushed up the Sequitors and the Judicators took the side objectives. In his turn the Chainrasps charged the Sequitors who also got -2 to hit from Overwhelming Dread through the spellportal, so nothing much happened in that combat. I won initiative and charged the Dracolines into Neferata and demolished her. Then the Seqs started killing the Chainrasps. The dogs took one of the side points off the Judicators. Nagash then charged the Dracolines and I rolled awful saves and half of them died. Then I messed up and charged Nagash with the Seqs and rolled abysmally. Then we just duked it out in the middle, but I had racked up a lot of points by then and won 12-8. But I could have won by more if I had played better. Game 5 vs. Skaven: He had 2 Cannons, a Bombardier, 60 Clanrats, 40 Stormvermin, a Warbringer, a Screaming Bell and a Clawleader or something like that. Mission was Starstrike. I deployed out of threat range of the cannons and gave him first turn. He threw out the Warp Lightning Vortex which didn't do a lot. I then dropped the comet and some Judicators which once again turn 1 deleted the Bombardier. I moved up all my stuff. I got double turn and the Dracolines killed 40 Clanrats. In his turn he killed 1 Dracolines with the cannons. He got double turn and a cannon died from the comet pulse. The other cannon killed another Dracoline, and the Warbringer charged into them. The Stormvermin charged the Seqs who had 2+ save and Azyrite Halo. The Stormvermin had Death Frenzy. They attacked and killed 3 Sequitors, who hit back and killed 18 who attacked back. Then we remembered Azyrite Halo and the Stormvermin took a total of 14 MWs (I rolled a lot of 6s to save). Those 14 then hit back and recieve 5 MWs back. They attack and recieve 3 MWs back. And they all die. They basically killed themselved with the Death Frenzy. The Dracolines killed his Warbringer and the Screaming Bell. We call it and I win 20-0. Overall impressions: Very happy with the Dracolines, they're a hidden gem in my opinion. 2+ save Sequitor tanks are extremely strong. The comet is bad in a lot of matchups. Judicator Stormbolt Bows roll a lot of 1s to hit. Gristlegore is disgusting vs Stormcast with few screens and little shooting.
  2. No, not if you have only one +1 save buff on them. If you have the lantern and staunch and get wounded by a rend -1 attack you would heal on 6s again. Against rend -2 no heals.
  3. To do bouncing mortal wounds you cast Azyrite Halo from a wizard on the Sequitors, fairly simple. To heal on 6s you put the Warding Lantern ability from the Lord-Castellant on them, then they heal on 7+ (which means 6s heal since you also get +1 save from the lantern). To further improve this you have a general with Staunch Defender with them, or put them in cover.
  4. I put this post up earlier this week. I've since revised the list based on feedback I recieved from you guys. This is the new version: Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals- Stormhost: Astral TemplarsMortal Realm: HyshLeadersLord-Arcanum (180)- General- Trait: Dauntless Hunters - Artefact: Godbeast Plate- Spell: Azyrite HaloLord-Castellant (100) Lord-Ordinator (140)Knight-Heraldor (100)Battleline20 x Sequitors (400)- Tempest Blades and Soulshields- 9x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x Grandhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x GrandhammersUnits4 x Fulminators (480)War MachinesCelestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 130 I'm a bit unsure about the footslogging Arcanum. He's a lot worse than the Gryph-charger mounted one since he can't keep up with the Fulminators who are very nice with Cycle of the Storm (which I have a tendency to forget about, so maybe it doesn't matter too much). Otherwise the plan is mostly the same, but with one more Ballista to ensure the kill on a Gristlegore general, or any other monster really. Almost every monster in the game will die in turn 1 to this list. The Hysh spell that you gain access to is also very useful with the Fulminators, and with 4 Ballistas it will work out very well of course. Either the Sequitors or the Fulminators will get the lantern on them depending on the match-up and who will go where. The list is worse in close combat in comparison to my first list, but hopefully that will be mitigated by the enemy's best combat unit being destroyed before they get there. The Heraldor does however make it possible to turn 1 charge with the Fulminators or even the Sequitors if you roll a 5/6 on the run roll, and you can of course just spend a CP to make them go 6. The main thing I am unsure about is the size of the Fulminator unit. Should I split them into two units of 2 instead of having the big 4-man unit?
  5. Won't I be able to choose whether or not I make the Dauntless Hunters move after my opponent has decided who goes first? I'm looking at the rules but I can't see any reason for why I would be forced to make the move before who has first turn is determined. However, the point about the general defense buffing himself makes sense. But if he takes first turn he will move up the board, probably into range of Vengeful Illumination, which on average deals 13 wounds to him with one defense buff up which is close. If he gets both defense buffs off it's going to be tough.
  6. I'm going to be running this list in a couple of tournaments this spring: Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals- Stormhost: Astral TemplarsMortal Realm: HyshLeadersLord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (240)- General- Trait: Dauntless Hunters - Artefact: Godbeast Plate - Spell: Azyrite Halo- Mount Trait: Pride LeaderLord-Castellant (100)Lord-Ordinator (140)Battleline20 x Sequitors (400)- Tempest Blades and Soulshields- 9x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x Grandhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x GrandhammersUnits6 x Evocators on Dracolines (600)- 3x Grandstaves- Lore of Invigoration: Celestial BladesWar MachinesCelestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 129 In one of the tournaments you get a pre-determined spell from the realm you choose for your army, and for Hysh it's Vengeful Illumination which gives +1 to hit for shooting attacks against an enemy unit. Pretty good with Ballistas. This list is otherwise designed to counter the FECCERS and specifically the Gristlegore general which my usual cavalry-based lists can't beat in combat. Instead I deepstrike down with the Ballistas (which I still don't actually like) and blow him off the board turn 1. Almost every other army in the game also runs monsters, so they will be useful in almost every matchup to remove a lynchpin unit immidiately. In later turns I can light up important units with the spell and hit them with the Ballistas rapid-fire mode on a 3+. The Sequitors will most often deepstrike along with the Ballistas to screen them from the opponent's melee units. The Dracoline Evocators will almost always get a turn 1 charge off with the Astral Templar trait, and they hit like a runaway freight train when buffed by Empower, the Pride Leader Arcanum and her command ability. I will miss Staunch Defender in almost every matchup, but I think it's worth it to get a favourable matchup against FEC.
  7. Do people still use the Everblaze Comet? I've been considering a list with two wizards and the comet, and two units of Judicators. That should be great for picking off support heroes. If you go second the comet comes down, takes 2-3 wounds off every hero. Then the judicators drop down and mop up the remaining wounds. If any survive the comets aura can kill them at the beginning of the next battle round, as the wounds happen before they can dispel the comet (which is in itself a pretty bad idea). The rest of the list are 6 Dracolines, 20 Sequitors and a bunch of my own heroes (CastelIant, Heraldor, Incantor and Dracoline Arcanum) as vanilla Stormcast with Staunch Defender. Is this worth it do you think?
  8. That's absolutely disgusting. I guess every Flesh-Eaters army runs this? What do we do against it? My only idea is a Ballista drop, because that thing seems basically unbeatable in combat.
  9. What is it that makes the AGoTG so good? I'm a bit out of the loop.
  10. Sure, but they you're sinking even more points into a unit cluster that will lose you the mission. 5 Liberators are not enough screen. 10 might be, but then you have 640 points there. Sure, game 1 I killed a Lord-Castellant and a bunch of Evocators and a lot of wounds off a Stardrake. Game 2 was Total Commitment so RIP, but they killed like 20 Tzaangors over the course of the game. Game 3 they killed Crypt Flayers that just came back all the time, so nothing happened basically. Game 4 they killed 60 Freeguild troops. Game 5 they took 10 wounds off Nagash and then spent the rest of the game in combat with 30 Grimghast Reapers. Also, firing one shot with them is bad for the points you pay. The Ordinator is only really useful if you're inside 18" of something. Firing 1 shot with each Ballista is not worth 440 points. Having one or two Ballistas firing away a shot across the table is alright, but not the entire Ordinator supported battery.
  11. I played 3 Ballistas and an Ordinator in a tournament last weekend. They were a continual disappointment. I deep striked them along with the Ordinator within 18" of a priority target and usually took it out or heavily damaged it (they do hit really hard). But then they usually get charged by some chaff and have to shoot at them for the following 2-3 turns. Or they just get killed if they are outside of cover. Then they are soooooo slow and clunky. Only 3" move and each unit counts as only one model, so once they're deployed they aren't going anywhere, and they can't hold objectives very well. I found them to be a complete liability not worth 440 points. Use maybe one or two Ballistas as fire-support, but don't use an entire Ordinator battery. Not worth it.
  12. Has anyone managed to get the vanilla Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon to work? It seems like it could be very durable with the 6+ mount trait and Staunch Defender, and it is the best spellcaster in terms of number of spells and dispells. But what do you run with it to make it efficient? I've been trying to fit it into a cavalry army but I haven't come up with anything yet. Maybe it could be good with some Stormhost I haven't thought of. What do you think?
  13. I've been thinking about something I've been unsure about. What do you people usually do with the free Gryph-Hound you get when you take a Lord-Castellant? I've not found ways to make it useful yet.
  14. I see, how do you deal with really annoying screens like Skinks? And if you are Haloing a unit of Sequitors, isn't it better to run a 20-man unit, so the enemy has no choice in attacking the un-haloed unit. This also saves 80 points. Also, do you hit the Dracolines with the Lantern, or a unit of Sequitors? And I forgot to ask, how do you equip your Dracoline Evocators? I'm going to build my two boxes tomorrow and I'm still unsure how to go about it. 3 with Grandstave and 3 with Tempest Blades maybe? Which weapon does the Prime have?
  15. I really think this is cool, how many games have you played and how did the Dracoline Evocators do in most of them? Do they all die eventually, or do they just crush the enemy's most important unit and then you basically win? I play a lot of cavalry lists myself, but only with Dracoths and Palladors, and if I come up against Legions of Nagash I just die because their debuffs are so strong against Stormcast cavalry. I would think the issue would be even worse here. And another completely unrelated question to anyone: When is a Lord-Ordinator useful for his +1 to-hit buff? When you have 2 Ballistas? 3? Is it ever worth taking him over another Ballista?
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