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  1. The whathamacallit that moves a guy from a board edge to a board edge is super handy in that deck. Deepstriking a petitioner to get backfield objectives is gold.
  2. Is there a problem with the GW sleeves? I've been using them.they seem ok, but I'm not an expert on the matter.
  3. I don't even know where I heard the term. Is there an easy find description of it?
  4. There a fella on here who did 9th place at adepticon with a very nicely balanced sepulchral guard deck. I'm not certain where to look it up but I think its posted around here somewhere. I'm super new and the rest I can't help with.
  5. Ok I got it thankyou. I think I had in mind that the core de is weren't enough cards to fill a complete deck. Sort of like how L5R core sets require buying 3 of them to get a complete actual deck for an event or something.
  6. If I want to introduce new players to the game what's the minimum they would need to play a real game? Does the core set have enough to make a full deck for one of the 2 included factions? Or are we looking at a core and at least one expansion?
  7. I switched to your deck ,and got a couple wins under my belt. Much needed morale boost. So yes. I absolutely feel that action paralysis. I have no idea what I should be doing most of the time. But I did learn that "attack someone" is usually not what to do. Better to draw a card.
  8. Wouldn't you include that with the supremacy and get double points for doing the same thing?
  9. Whenever I see a deck with keys in it.I wonder ,does it matter which keys to take? The only synergy is if you have the corresponding 'hold objective' right? After that i think it's all sort of random as to how the objectives get shuffled out.
  10. United states has a store called hobby lobby. Those boxes are super cheap and come in all sorts of sizes and designs. I use them all the time for game stuff.
  11. Hopefully this isn't an all too common concern. But I'm new to the game and I'm finding the guard to be basically ineffective. Now, to be fair, I don't think it's the guards fault. I guarantee I'm doing it wrong. But ,I'm wondering what " doing it right " even looks like. Is the faction just back burner material compared to what's out and about now or can it work? So...what I mean is, I'm not looking for anything hyper specific like an exact build. But more of a " should I continue to pursue it or move on and play a different warband."?
  12. I think I'm done with this project. Also fixed up a box to fit the cards and dice with my band. The boxes underneath are electric tea light candles.i swapped the dim flickering l.e.d. for a super bright one from a flashlight. Then used fiber optic strands to move the light up the columns and out to each models eye sockets. Some of the fiber optics are visible but hidden amongst the tall grass. I'm not super happy with all the paint choices I made,but I'm only a mediocre painter anyways. But I think overall mission accomplished.
  13. Hopefully work in progress is allowed here. Hard to photograph this. But I can't paint object lighting.so I decided to light my objects. This is a sort of behind the scenes thing before paint.
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