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  1. Finally completed all 8 decks out of the entire pool of cards. We scoured through the Let's Chat threads (some great advice) and looked at other decks and these seem fairly balanced, which was the main objective. The true test comes after a few games! Feedback would be great, whether you still think some warbands are over or under-powered, or that some cards belong better with a different band...or even that we left some great cards in the reject pile: Steelheart's Champions Garrek's Reavers Ironskull's Boyz Sepulchral Guard Spiteclaw's Swarm The Chosen Axes The Farstriders Magore's Fiends
  2. Thanks for the link! I don't think I explained myself brilliantly; what I want to do is split the best 288 of the cards (each warband having a settled deck of 12 objecive and 24 power cards) among the 8 warbands, but do it so that each warband has a fair amount of cards that suit/enhance their optimal playstyle (like I said, I know this is quite subjective), and also fixes some of their inherent weaknesses...so Fyreslayers get Earthquake rather than another warband, Reavers get Inspiration Strikes etc... So if there's a great card but only one warband can have it...where should it go? And who gets the Sprint and Healing Potions (a I have multiple of them)? And which of each warbands unique cards are must-keep?
  3. Hi, I have all 8 warbands and play Shadespire with my three boys. Each of us have two warbands each, and up to now regarding decks, we have used 12 objective cards (9 warband specific and 3 randomly drawn universals) and 30 power cards (20 warband specific and 10 randomly drawn universals). This adds a fun element of chance to your deck, but we want to fully utilise the huge amount of cards we have, and omit some of the less interesting/useful warband specific cards in favour of some of the universals that best suit each band. The idea is to have pre-made decks of 12 objective cards and 24 power cards, but I must admit, it's pretty overwhelming to do, even with looking through the Let's Chat posts and the Deck Building advice on the Warhammer site. Especially as some of the older warband decks don't include the newer cards. Essentially, for each warband I would like a fairly balanced, logical and fair deck that uses the 'best' of the warbands own cards with some of the universals that suit them the best. I have all the cards available, and would like to spread the 'auto-include' cards among all the warbands. Advice on each warband would be appreciated greatly! I realise this is all subjective but I'd love to see suggestions and it would help us immensely!
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