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Hey folks


Just quickly introducing myself here. I've been a GW hobby enthousiast (mostly painting, but quite a few games too) for over 20 years now. It's mostly been 40k however, since that was most popular around where I lived. 

I did try my hand at WHFB with skaven in 7th/8th edition, but got completely turned off by the game by the need for massive (unlimited) units, spells that could have you remove whole units in one go, indestructable deathstars,... In short, I painted up a skaven force (over 200 models!) and then sold them after having played 6 games with them. 

So contrary to many, I was actually happy that AoS arrived. Didn't jump into it straight away though. I only started painting models up after the rumours of a points system arrived.

Anyway, I'm a death player at heart. I've been trying to stop myself from picking up another Grand Alliance so far (even though plenty of them are quite cool).

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