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Zebgrokk goes mental


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I just wanted to share a fun moment with you guys from a game I played at the weekend. I was playing the Silver Tower SCGT scenario with a friend, and as he hadn't played for a while, and never against ironjawz I was playing a more narrative style (i.e. I was just trying to kill him and ignoring the objective. By round 4 he had secured victory on the scenario, but we had both lost a lot of our models.  My opponent was using a slaanesh list, which doesn't have much game against Ironjawz as I am nearly as fast as him, but hit harder. 

I still had zebgrokk (my megaboss on maw-crusha) alive though, which lead to the following sequence of events. My opponent had a sequence of models essentially lined up (they were around the edge of the tower, but the tower had moved).

Zebgrokk got himself to 3" away from a daemon prince in the hero/movement phase, and then bellowed at him in the shooting phase. I usually fail to wound with this attack, but this time it went through, the daemon prince failed to save, and I did 5 wounds. He then charged into the daemon prince, killing it with the destructive bulk and allowing him to charge again.

There was a herald just over 3" away, he rolled a 4 to charge, and then killed the herald with the destructive bulk. Time to charge again

So a single daemonette is standing just over 3" away, I roll another 4 to charge, and (fairly obviously) kill the daemonette with the destructive bulk again, so we are still going.

The next target is a keeper of secrets, its just over 7" away, but I roll an 8 for the charge, it already had a few wounds, but I do quite a few with the destructive bulk, bringing it down to 6. We then (finally) move to the combat phase, and zebgrokk activates first, killing the keeper of secrets before it gets to attack back.


So the tally for one turn was 1 daemon prince, 1 keeper of secrets, 1 herald and 1 daemonette (finishing off the unit). Not bad going, and the first time I have ever had destructive bulk go off like that.

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4 minutes ago, Chris Tomlin said:


Incidentally though, why does a narrative style equate to not playing the objective?

Good question - I guess because the narrative in my head was more about me smashing up some models, rather than trying to beat him.

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