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Mixed Order


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I've got a random hodgepodge of Order stuff ... Fyreslayers, Stormcast, Sylvaneth, and some Elves. Starting to think of various things I could possible do with them. As such I have a few questions.


Are the new Arkanauts the best battle line option? (Blame bad dice for this opinion)

Is a gunline the best way to be competitive with mixed Order?

Has anyone tried anything else that's proven effective?

Are there any must haves?


Thanks all, appreciate any and all associated discussion.


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Gunline can be effective, especially with the Hurricanum. However, Order factions like Stormcast and Fyreslayers really bring the hurt in melee! Order (especially mixed) works with synergies, so first you should figure out which synergies you'll want to use.

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See I'm not all that into gunlines, right now I'm looking at doing a sylvaneth ironbark with 30 vulkites and a runesmiter but that leaves out the stormcast.

My issue is I have faction ADD, and always end up with a bit of this and a bit of that, and I don't like it being limited on options/appearance. 

Examples: I love dwarves, they are my favorite fantasy race. I never got into them during 8th due to plays style and the older stuff in the line not really doing it for me aestheticly. I got into Fyreslayers and love the look/fluff (especially magmadroths) but when I put down 1500-2k the entire force looks almost identical on the table and has little in the way of options.

My elves are more of a holdover from 8th where dark elves really checked every box. Competed in every phase, diverse range, awesome monsters.

My stormcast are just the starter set and some extra heroes.

My Sylvaneth I got on a whim for a trade because I kept on hearing how "different" they play and I'm all about options and varying play style.

While I like the look of the new KO stuff I'm not sure they are really for me and don't want to go all in and regret my decision.

Ive been loving my DoT and have been primarily playing them, again they really have a lot of options and variety of play styles with a great model range. 

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I love having a mixed order list. Get a celestial hurricanum and a Gryph-Hound or two, pick up some dinosaurs from seraphon and you can build an epic list.

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