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  1. Really liking the look of that “yellow” WiP dragon. what parts did you use? And any chance for some more pictures of this wonderful creature? I saw the couple on Instagram but want some more “body” pics and profile options for inspiration. keep up the great work!
  2. Personally I don’t see dragons being very involved here as I think that will be more Malerion (evil dragon god) Id like to see the griffon/Sphinx/eagle stuff pushed more so. Especially so that there isn’t so much overlap between the various elf factions (I don’t want a repeat of WHFB) each should be very distinct. I’m thinking more a mix of old tomb kings and high elves forces of light deal.
  3. @Nubl0 Same. I’ve deleted and reinstalled multiple times. Cleared cache/cookies. Restarted device ... nada. Im extremely annoyed.
  4. @Blightlord it still all falls under Beast of chaos allegiance ... so you can at least use all the cool stuff the book offers. warheard / thunderscorn / Brayherd are all sub categories of beasts of chaos. You get their respective bonuses regardless of what’s in your list ... Just need the particular keyword ... page 60 of the battletomb probably explains it better.
  5. @Chris Tomlin I really like that maw crusher you did for your client. Mind sharing your palette/method? scales/underbelly/wings(membranes) excellent work home slice, keep it up!
  6. @Gr3g love your work. Great theme and amazing execution. I was curious if you could share your recipe for your stormtreemans skin tone.
  7. @Captain James Hook what head is that on the Manticore for your counts as? It looks really good. May have convinced me to finally buy a Manticore for my chaos.
  8. I really like the ghostly blue. How’d you achieve it?
  9. Really like that Sorceror on Manticore. Do you have more pictures? Especially nterested in how you painted the Manticore.
  10. Thank you. That was my interpretation but I was argued against and a “neutral” 3rd party ruled in the other guys favor.
  11. Shock and Awe Does it last just the Stormcast player Turn or does it last the entire battle round? the wording is a little ambiguous,
  12. @terrainguy how did you do the orange on your squigs?
  13. Did you create the bases? If so, can you go into more detail as to how you did the basing. Green stuff roller? Resin kits/pre done bases?
  14. Love the Nihilakh Oxide ghosts. Can you go into more detail how you achieved it?
  15. Where did you get the pillars you used for the khinerai basing?
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