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  1. Would you care to elaborate on this? Im really interested in running a more dragon ogor focused list and would like any ideas/tactics to get a head start with.
  2. @Grimmlock619 so they only thing I really don’t like about your list is the 10 dreadspears. Maybe switch them out for more free guild or another unit of 10 dark shards? Or more shadow warriors ... sisters of the watch or thorn ... dunno ... I just don’t much like 10 spears by themselves. It will net you 130 points to play around with.
  3. Yeah. Alarielle and Drycha really don’t need to be deployed off the board via hidden path with how fast they are. It will also avoid cumbersome rules arguments. @Grimmlock619 it would give you another fast threat besides Durthu and Drycha (sort of lol). How limited are you on models and is there anything that’s a must have? If this is still in regard to the 9 longstrikes I’m afraid your in for an uphill battle if so as they can reliably snipe off Durthu and Drycha a phase. Maybe try and get lifesurge in there somehow to top off their health in case he has a poor round of shooting. I would actually recommend a tree lord ancient In this situation. He can summon trees to block LoS on those longstrikes. And if Durthu just so happens to be in said trees while swinging his sword then bonus. Give the ancient life surge and he will be best bro’s with Durthu. I wouldn’t bother with hidden path in this case as those trees will make a decent LoS blocker right in the middle of the board.
  4. @Kramer No worries man, honestly I don't even have a list at this point. Just discussing ideas to get my 30 executioners back on the table. @Popisdead had brought up some interesting ideas to do just that. I just hate relying on magic so much so in order to pull it off. The Knight Azyros wasn't mentioned in his original run down. Just wanted to bring it up as another option, which also has the benefit of effecting any shooting that may be targeting nearby enemy units. I honestly think that the biggest weakness in the above tactic is the fact that Cities will rarely get to determine who goes first and thus must deploy accordingly. With such strong alpha strike and magic lists out there it really effects the viability of successfully pulling off that "trick". So I am considering a strong beta strike as it will be more widely applicable. And only requires a sorceress to implement. The Azyros being a little sprinkle of awesome sauce if I can pull it off. Neither of which relies on magic to implement. Essentially I want to minimize the amount of chance in order to be successful. Magic is horrible in this regard. Not only do you have to make a role, your opponent has ways to counter said roll if you do. Unlike for example priest buffs, command traits, and auras. Its just hard to compare apples to pineapples ... just cause they both say apple doesn't mean they taste the same .... Ultimately I am always looking for ways to get my old dark elves on the table and am grateful for executioners to even be a topic of discussion again. I think that their speed when coupled with a sorceress is their best attribute, that and mortals on to hit rolls instead of wounds. So I intend to get them on the table and will report back with my findings .. whenever I start gaming regularly again. Lumineth will also be bringing the ignore -1 rend to the table again so depending on how popular they end up being in your meta that could be a factor.
  5. @Kramer I don't think magic has to be all or nothing as the only options, you just cant rely on it when there are such power houses and hard counters out there. Its a nifty trick, but I am extremely skeptical at how often it will actually play out. Stems largely from how I approach the game and list building in particular. I always create lists that are looking for a good time at a 1 or 2 day event. I don't expect to get first place with it but I also don't want to be walked over. I want an "all comers" list that just happens to include a model or 2 I painted/converted and fancy looking at lol. We have a large number of players in my gaming group, but rarely know who and what army you'll be facing come game night. Seraphon has been a regular in my gaming group prior to the new book and covid, 1 regular Khorne player, The occasional DoT. Stromcast knight incantor that is commonly found throughout various order armies, oh the Rune Lord from Cities is also quite popular ... Nagash/Arkhan ... I honestly think Destruction is the only group that is lacking in solid magic defense, comparatively speaking. Most commonly I see Mawtribes with Stone Horns or Ironjaws with their strong alphas. So I would be deploying to screen and limit that potential alpha and thus denying my own ability to alpha. Especially since Cities rarely control the first turn decision making process. When playing to counter charge or for the double, you are less reliant on those casting rolls to get off the movement shenanigans. Instead just a command point to run and charge. *possibly 2 command points with lumineth lol. Hopefully my ramblings / train of thought make sense .... Otherwise I don't think there are any other ways to get reroll hits on Executioners to fish for those 6's, at least not that I am ware of. Happy Gaming
  6. 1. I have 20 Darkshards, might as well use them. 2. Secondary screen to Eternal Guard 3. With the Sorceress stabbing them every turn, and being ablative wounds for my general they will be dying plenty. 20 keeps them around to perform both functions with the added benefit of keeping their +1 to hit while above 10 models. 4. Lifeswarm is primarily used to keep the eternal guard on the table and replenish sisters as needed. D6 models being returned. If for some reason the Eternal Guard are destroyed, the Dark Shards will be my next line of defense. Keeps the sisters firing longer, especially if I can pull off the 3' Loose Until the Last by keeping them just behind the Eternal Guard or Dark Shards. 5. Phoenix guard would be another route but I am trying to maximize the Wanderer synergies and give Eternal Guard a go.
  7. Exactly how my cities of Sigmar army came into being. It all started with some Dark Elves I had leftover from WHFB, started picking up a few more elves that i liked the looks of then one thing leads to another and now I have a bunch of elves, dwarves, stomrcast, and did you know you can include Sylvaneth and KO thanks to TE and Living City .... buy buy buy ... no humans though ... that's boring lol .. although I am being more and more tempted to use "counts as" ad-mech conversions (inspired by a lot of others) . And now with the new 40k, even more of a reason to do so. Cities is a slippery slope my friend. Good luck.
  8. I am going to have to give something like this a try. Get my 30 Executioners back on the table. So many things would have to go right in order for this to succeed though. I think the biggest "what if" will be the Beast battlemage, unfortunately +1 from the Herricanum just doesn't mean as mush as it use to. More so with Lumineth on the horizon. I also really don't like using cogs ... I've found it tends to hep the enemy just as much if not more. But they are still plenty fast without that particular +2" of movement. Executioners MW being on the to hit roll and not wound has always intrigued me, shame it ends the attack sequence unlike all other great weapons in CoS. A Knight Azyros allowing rerolls of 1 could be a handy force multiplier when fishing for 6's but hard to get in position if your throw the executioners across the field turn 1. Very interesting ... yep, will definitely be playing around with this. Anything to get as much use as possible from all my Dark Elves.
  9. @Popisdead Indeed, the sorceress will be shanking the darkshards for the casting bonus. I am not 100% settled on who will be the retinue but I am leaning towards the darkshards for this as well. I don't want to tax the eternal guard more as they will be holding the line, and the 10 sisters are too fragile for that purpose. An empowered lifeswarm at +2 to cast should allow me to keep the Eternal guard in the fight or replenish my casting bonus as needed. Looking forward to getting it on the table and giving it a go. @schwabbele it really depends on the rest of your list and what your overall goal will be. I've found both to be extremely useful in very different ways but tend not to use shadow warriors in my Living City lists. But in an attempt to be more helpful .... I have never fielded Shadow warriors in units greater than 10. Finding them much more useful as distraction and objective grabbers. Multiple units create more targets and split your opponents attention/recourses. Sisters on the other hand can be fielded in multiple units (and Hidden Path allows them to function similarly to shadow warriors) OR in larger bricks to take more advantage of their outstanding shooting. Keep in mind that leaning too heavily into either can be a trap. Id say 20 of each is the safest and most flexible of options unless you have a very specific list/tactic in mind.
  10. Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar- City: Living CityMortal Realm: GhyranLeadersNomad Prince (120)- GeneralSorceress (90)- Lore of Leaves: Cage of Thorns- City Role: General's AdjutantDreadlord on Black Dragon (300)- Lance of Spite & Repeater Crossbow- Artefact: Spear of the HuntBattleline10 x Sisters of the Watch (160)10 x Sisters of the Watch (160)5 x Sisters of the Thorn (130)- Lore of Leaves: Lifesurge20 x Darkshards (200)20 x Eternal Guard (260)Units4 x Concussors (480)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsEmerald Lifeswarm (50)Extra Command Point (50)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 114 My current list idea for Living City. Prince has the Druid command trait and Ironoak Skin for his spell. +2 to cast from the sorceress is huge with all the big boi casters running around lately SotT can buff the eternal guard screen or run up to heal and support the drake deepstrike detachment Dragon and Concussors are in the hidden path deepstrike threat/distraction. Feeling starved for command points but a lot of tricks and options available to be implemented as needed. Any obvious ideas for improvements? I really want to use my old dark elves as much as possible but seems like they are a better fit in the other cities. Many Thanks
  11. Sounds like you have a solid theme/idea in your head and your just looking for ways to get it on the table. Like @Grimrock was saying, it isn't exactly using the most competitive tournament options, but don't let that dissuade you if that's not the gaming environment you frequent. First off id like to note that on the GW website and/or with the Azyr app you can check out the warscrolls for free to get an idea on what everything does. Also take a look in the blades of khorne and slaves to darkness topics as they have loads of good information there as well. Based solely off what you've said thus far Id recommend running Khorne allegiance vs slaves to darkness. This will let you use the models you mentioned and give you access to more toys and a less finicky synergy system to manage. I would prioritize the Blades of Khorne book in that regard. The terrain piece and judgments are also highly recommend buys if you go this route. Remember that anything that has or can be given the Khorne keyword can be used in this allegiance. Heroes are an integral component to the Khorne war machine. This is where most of your synergies will be derived from and will dictate list creation significantly. My notes and recommendations will reflect the units that you've mentioned with a bias towards the mortal side of things as a result. Slave to darkness options = Karkadrak - I fully endorse the crackerjack from S2D as above. He is a pure beatstick and buffs your knights. Demon Prince of Khorne - With wings he can keep pace with your cav and is no slouch in combat, but his command ability is great at controlling board space and allows you to dictate when and where combats occur. Especially handy in conjunction with units that receive bonuses when charging. (lances, some command abilities etc ....). Another highly recommended option. Chaos Lord - This guys main draw is his command ability which at the start of the combat phase allows a mortal slaves to darkness unit wholly within 12" to fight for a second time during that phase. But being on foot will usually mean its hard to keep him in range of cav. Blades of Khorne options = Lord of Khorne on juggernaut. I will mention this guy because you specifically wanted to include skullcrushers, and if you make this guy your general skull crushers become battleline. He is good in combat and has a command ability allows you to pick 3 mortal units within 16" that have made a charge to reroll ones to wound. Combining him with a demon prince to dictate those charges makes the most of this ability. He is fun to use and a great model but wouldn't consider him a must have unless you want to lean heavily on skull crushers. Slaughter priests - These guys are amazing and I include at least 2 in almost every list. Their prayers cannot be unbound and just happen if you make the D6 roll. In addition to the prayers on their warscroll they have access to 1 more from a list of 6 in the book. Ranging from battle shock immunity, buffing to hit, buffing armor save, and dispelling an endless spell on a successful prayer roll. A must have purchase IMHO. * Judgements of khorne are very similar to endless spells in form and function and as such are purchased with points while list making. That being said they are still prayers that can be used by any Khorne priest. * Note that the warshrine with mark of khorne, while not a hero, is a priest as well and will gain access to Judgement and the Khorne prayers in addition to what's on his warscroll. Bloodsecrator - This guy is a pure support piece that adds 1 attack to friendly khorne within 16", and also hampers enemy casters by making them reroll successful casts within that same 16". This model is great and is considered an auto include in many a list. Unfortunately he is only available on foot and your cav may outpace him quickly. A solid hero choice that will make most lists. Bloodstoker - Another great support piece that picks one friendly unit and adds 3" to run and charge rolls and also allows that unit to reroll wounds. Said unit must be wholly within 8". Again this model is only available on foot so your cav may not see the benefit but it can help your foot troops keep pace better. Bloodthirsters - A quick note here, they guys are expensive and eat a lot of points, and synergize with demons not mortals. BUT they are massive distraction pieces that can also be summoned with blood tithe. Might be worth picking up one as a result. But I wouldn't prioritize it with your current theme. There are plenty of other hero options that have a place and can be used but these would be my primary recommendations. I will also add that you may want to look at battalions as well. Gore Pilgrims being a very popular option that forms a good foundation that buffs the bloodsecrator range. It would mean including at least 1 unit of blood reavers as well but they are good chaff, and when they die (which they will) you get a blood tithe. On the subject of blood tithe, this allegiance ability resource provides great utility. One of which is summoning Khorne demons to the battlefield. They can be used to capture objectives or provide additional chaff screens/threats. So keep in mind that some demons will always be handy. Personally, I've found that Flesh Hounds, Bloodletters, and Heralds to be my most commonly used in that regard. Hope that helps and happy gaming.
  12. Hobby Question. I've got some bubble bois that I want to start working on but in an attempt to future proof them, I am considering magnetization and was hoping some of you fine folks would share your wisdom so that I can avoid any headaches/complications if I go this route. - Specifically what size magnets for the arms sockets were used? - Is it worth magnetizing the heads as well? - Magnetizing the flight stands seems like a good idea as well, I've seen the Magnet Baron options but I am honestly not a huge fan of the clear plastic. Its far too chunky and not pleasing to the eye (well my eye at least). Any other options? Magnet size recommendations? - Appreciate some visual aides as well if possible. Pictures worth a thousand words and all that. Thank you kindly for any and all assistance.
  13. Quick question for all the hobby gurus out there. When gluing clear plastic, like the flight stands, what type of glue do you use so that the "cloudy" effect doesn't occur. I know super glue is not the answer. I've heard that elmers or white glue is a good option but figured I would ask the experts prior to performing irreversible harm to my flying bois. Thank you much.
  14. Really liking the look of that “yellow” WiP dragon. what parts did you use? And any chance for some more pictures of this wonderful creature? I saw the couple on Instagram but want some more “body” pics and profile options for inspiration. keep up the great work!
  15. Personally I don’t see dragons being very involved here as I think that will be more Malerion (evil dragon god) Id like to see the griffon/Sphinx/eagle stuff pushed more so. Especially so that there isn’t so much overlap between the various elf factions (I don’t want a repeat of WHFB) each should be very distinct. I’m thinking more a mix of old tomb kings and high elves forces of light deal.
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