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Skaven verminus gunrats list 2k


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Hello, Im a new to aos still collecting models. I would like a feed back for my skaven army


Skaven warlord

Skaven chieftain with battle standard



Stormvermon 30

stormfiend 3 (warpfire)


clanrat 30

clanrat 10

clanrat 10

Rattling gun 3


jezzail 3

jezzail 3


verminus clawpack


As you can see the theme of the army is rats backed up by lots of guns. I like having 2 units of jezzails. Either I can group them together or divide them into 2 to add more distractions to opponents. But I dont know if i should decrease their number so I can add more clanrats...(or queek cuz he looks awesome)


All feed backs are appreciated. Thank you!





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This might sound crazy, but if you are going Verminus...consider going with more Clan Rats. Especially if you are taking the Battle Standard (I hadn't considered him in a while). I'd drop the Stormfiends (yes I know!) and pick up Tretch Craventail and more clan rats. This way instead of having one area to apply pressure (Stormfiends) you are strengthening the mass of your army. Board control is the key on AoS, and Skaven have that in bodies.

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Thank you for your reply.

This is my updated list.


Skaven Warlord

Skaven Chieftain with battle standard

Arch Warlock

Tretch Craventail


Warplock Jezzials 2

Stormvermin 30

Clan rats 10

Clan rats 30

Clan rats 40

Rattling Gun 3

I was thinking of keeping FOUR rattling guns with 10, 30, 30 clan rats but this is what I have for now. What do you think? 10 more clan rats or 4 freaking shooters?

And also I can just use any warlord model and call it Tretch, right? It's not I dislike the Tretch model but it's too 'high'. If I know the rules correctly, any units with ranged weapon will be able to 'see' him and snipe him down.


Thank you.




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