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Lore of Fate *plus* Lore of Change ?



Hi guys, originally posted this in Chaos forums without response, perhaps it's more of a question for here?


this might be a silly question, I've been playing Tzeentch Arcanites and when choosing spells I've been choosing either from Lore of Fate or Lore of Change, however I've just gone to build a list on Scrollbuilder and it looks like I get one spell from each as I've got both keywords on both the Tzaangor Shaman and Gaunt Summoner.

Looking into this that does make sense but I'm not sure it's as intended.

Can anyone confirm how I should be playing this please? How have most tournaments ruled it etc. if it's a controversial one

Thanks in advance!


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So units with both keywords get to choose which of the two lores they select their spells from. They don't get both. It's laid out like that on Scrollbuilder just for the sake of having the option of both on those characters; I believe this is how most TO's have ruled. Equally, Arcanite heroes like Magisters don't have access to the Lore of Change, and Daemon heroes like Heralds of Tzeentch don't get access to the Lore of Fate. 


Hopefully that answers your question.

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