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  1. This is really useful thanks. Second the request for a breakdown of just the matched play ones though
  2. Is it that much different to the benefit others get from their faction terrain though? I can see me using one of these each game as our equivalent to dacron terrain.
  3. Hi guys, Not seen this mentioned but with the new matched play rules, from what I can see we can basically now play with 7 gravesites as both players choose 3 primary pieces of terrain and the new sigmarite mausoleum counts as an extra gravesite. That seems pretty solid... Am I missing something here, I'm surprised a bigger deal isn't being made of it? Rich
  4. Yea good shout that. I like the artefact I've used it in combination with walking death and swift strikes in blood to good effect but I normally prefer something defensive. From command abilities I like mist form most from Soulblight and I think with the Lance ghyrstrike seems great as it'll ensure you get those hits through. Depends how the list plays for you! Is a very aggressive list my worry is you can only really hit one thing a turn as without any always strikes first type effects of you hit with 2 units one will be decimated before it attacks. (generally a concern I have with glass cannon type lists in aos despite loving blood knights)
  5. Looks cool although I always feel its difficult to go Soulblight rather than blood sadly due to the +1 attack for all your vampires in blood. Is worth checking but I don't think mannfred can take any spells from the lore of the dead in Soulblight as all wizards have to take from lore of the vampires. Those points aside let us know how it goes! I'm very interested in seeing how others get value out of the blood knights and I need to justify a remortgage so I can buy my third unit! Rich
  6. Wait what am I missing here, how are the blood knights hitting at - 3 rend? Most of my issue with them is that they tend to bounce off things with their - 1 rend.
  7. You could easily fit in a 4-500pt model then a couple 200ish units.it helps that the behemoths are generally very fast so can get into the game
  8. I'd love for the blood knights to get a points drop...
  9. I'll stop responding then. Thanks for your input.
  10. Great work Sleboda, love these threads
  11. Was really happy with how this motivated me last month so I'm chuffed to see it going again. I'll pledge for: 20 Tzaangor I'm going to keep it at that this month and then to treat myself if I manage to finish early I'll allow myself to start assembling the Nurgle from the Dark Imperium boxed set.
  12. Yea we obviously disagree on the Acolytes, lets leave it there. I don't have the time or inclination to discuss further. In my opinion (someone who has used them every game) they're a sub par unit. From your opinion (by the sounds of it you've never used them?) they're solid, I'm just not using them right. I'm confident in my abilities as a general and don't feel I'm handicapping myself in any way due to "not recognising" their value, I recognise they represent very little value I've had good success across 40k, AoS, Imperial Assault, Destiny, and X-Wing, as well as being a former competitive chess player - So I'm confident in my ability to adapt!
  13. Changed mine slightly in the end. I pledged primarily to build stuff this month and really chuffed with what I've achieved: Balewind Vortex - Didn't buy this in the end, my Tzeentch are doing well enough already and I can do without further bad press! 6 Enlightened - These are all assembled and primed, I also painted 3 of them 30 Acolytes - Didn't quite get through these, I built 20 and then wanted to get my brush out so painted 10 of them. Bonus: Wanted to get something different done after the Acolytes and I had to create another character for a 1.2k tournament locally so I also made: Tzaangor Shaman 20 Tzaangor Quite chuffed with what I've managed to get done over the month and now have a reasonably sized Tzeentch force with: 2 x Tzaaangor Shaman Gaunt Summoner w. Familiars Ogroid Thaumaturge Magister 2 x 10 Acolytes 2 x 20 Tzaangor 6 Enlightened 3 Skyfires
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