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  1. If you're playing petrefex elite which is certainly the competitive option atm, then you're going to want to build the kavalos.
  2. I'm sure it'd be decent mate but I think 40 10 10 is better than 20 20 10 as that 40 is just so, so good. You're also splitting what you have to maintain those buffs on as to buff 2x20 to have reroll saves is 4cp a round, whereas to buff the 40 is just 2 (which you get for free with the battalion) The battalion feels to me like 3rdp a turn for 120pts, plus lowers your drops so I wouldn't want to drop it. Having said that though mate none of us have likely played enough games to, "figure out" what the best is, so go for it and let us know what your experiences are and we can all benefit 😊 In my experience when a big nasty unit charges the 20 they might kill say 10-15 and your return punch is neutered. If they kill 10-15 of your 40, they're very, very likely to just die in return from the other 25-30 guard with 50-60 rend 2 attacks. If nothing else that massively changes how they play the game as they can't really take on that 40 at all in combat.
  3. For 130pts you could bring 10 more mortek which is more than he's likely to bring back and I'm not sure the extra 10 mortek won't do more than the boneshaper will. At 1k I've been liking this: Soulmason 40 mortek 10 mortek 10 mortek Mortek shield corps Bone shrieker Whilst low on rdp the shield Corp gives you 2 free shield walls per round so I haven't felt particularly short. 40 mortek can deal with pretty much everything (killed a frost lord on stonehorn (metalcruncher) with ethereal amulet last time out. The other 2 units of 10 are still legit at that point level and gives you a good chunk of mortek for bigger games
  4. Yea that's fair mate and the list doesn't benefit as much from LoB now that those changes have been made for sure. I'd not considered Arkhan and was therefore thinking I had to be in Blood for Nef. Having said that it looks very different in Sacrament. It's not just a case of swapping a 140pt Vampire Lord out for Arkhan, you'd have to lose the coach as well, and you can't run the battalion without it looking like a vastly different list. I'd be up for trying Nef, Arkhan, VLOZD though with the 2x10 Hexwraith package and see how that gets on, I think that'd be an interesting one to try thanks mate!
  5. I get that Legion of Blood aren't top tier but I've been playing them a while and I don't get some of the complaints, they're comfortably mid tier with Nef even before the points drop. Bit of a dump here but I felt these comments about Nef and LoB not being any good are inaccurate. This is what I took to Blood and Glory, I didn't exactly smash face but I was happy with 3-1 and a forfeit to watch the rugby day 1: Neferata VLOZD with Eth Amulet 2 x 5 Blood Knights 2 x 10 Hexwraiths 3 x 5 Dire Wolves ------ Since Blood and Glory I've removed the Blood Knights as whilst they can hit pretty hard on the charge they just melt in return to most things. New list looks like this: Neferata VLOZD with Eth Amulet Vampire Lord on Foot Black Coach 2 x 10 Hexwraiths 3 x 5 Dire Wolves It is absolutely disgusting to try and kill. Front screen is Dogs, behind those are Hexwraiths. Most of the time the opponent will be -2 to hit against your 4+ ethereal Hexwraiths with a 6+ death save. Once you've received the charge unless they do 20 wounds into your Hexwraiths you're then replacing D3 models from the black coach, plus you'll likely have 5-7 rolls from Graveyards and Heroes returning a model on a 3+. It's just fantastic at the attrition game. If you need an opponents objective, just retreat with your super fast Hexwraiths over them and sit on it. If they do manage to kill them all, bringing 10 Hexwraiths back for 1 cp is great. It comes undone a bit to magic, but against a combat army (and often shooting if you march Neffy up early) it can completely neuter them. I'm not saying it's top tier, but it's competitive, and my second list there just went down another 80pts so you could upgrade the Vampire on foot to something else (Olynder, Reikenor or Kurdoss(+ a cp), 2nd Black Coach are all options)
  6. Why the shrieker and Katakros? Seems like you're doubling up on +1 to hit? Other than that seems solid, I've been using 40/20/20 Guard with 2 crawlers Katakros and Soulmason and been very strong, I like you managing to get the Soul Reservoir in but I feel moving from a 40 right down to a 10 to get those extras might not be worth it. Love the suggestion on splitting Godbone and Archaeossian, I'd never considered that but a great shout in the mirror Thanks for sharing!
  7. really helpful thanks. I don't think Arkhan has gone down in points though from what I can see? Think it was just Nef and Manny
  8. I appreciate not in Soulblight but she's pretty solid in legion of blood. Stacking her command ability can be pretty disgusting once things are - 2 to hit. I took her to blood and glory and did OK with 3-1 and a forfeit to watch the rugby. Not saying she's amazing but I think she worked pretty well pre points drop. Having said that I can now get her in plus have an extra command point so I'm not complaining!
  9. Disagree due to reasons in my above post. Yes they're playing other serious tournament players but they're also playing non serious players, I'm not sure I get your point (not trying to be rude maybe I'm missing something here?) I don't think there really is any "new to this faction" - there may be some nuances but we can see what's good and why.
  10. Yes this, the OBR players are all players who've smashed that army out to take it to tournaments. There are no casual players at all and I think it's a fair assumption they'llall pretty much be taking what they feel are highly competitive lists. Other armies such as ogres and cities will have a lot of hobby players who are happy to be getting their toys back on the table, therefore will likely be much lower as a result. To be clear I'm absolutely not saying that the OBR aren't great, but let's give it some time before saying these figures are representative of a good selection of the player base
  11. One thing I've not seen mentioned anywhere is that I would think that anyone who has actually painted and taken OBR to an event so far is pretty serious about AOS. You've pretty much removed any casual players from the stats by the fact that they've only very recently come out. We are likely to see those win rates drop considerably once more casual players start getting their armies fully painted and taking them to tourneys. I definitely think their powerful (specifically PE) but we can't make judgements on their current win rate as all of those players are very likely to be serious tournament players.
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