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Stormcast, Death and Tzeentch for sale

Bryan C

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Ok will be selling the following at SCGT (from the back of my car ;) ) if it goes unsold there will revise prices here to include postage

20 tzangor - £25

Death army (all assembled to sub-assemblies, no paint, in a big box with all the sprues) - £100 comprising the following:
Vampire lord on zombie dragon
Manfred the Montrach
6 crypt horrors
2 mortrachs (could be finished as either type)
10 black knights
20 skeletons
Unopened box of zombies

Stormcast army (all of what is listed is fully painted plus there is about £200 more of stuff that is semi painted) - £400
20 judicators
20 liberators
10 concussors 
18 prosecutors with javelins
6 fulminators
2 castellents
2 griff hounds
1 relictor
1 knight Azyros
1 heraldor
2 vexilors

If there is any interest let me know

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