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Help with a 2k Nurgle army


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Hey everyone.


I've been paying AoS with Nurgle since the game dropped, but I still find it hard to make a good list with the models I've collected.


Here are all the models I have, and I'm not planning to buy anything else any time soon, so I'd like some help making a decent 2,000pt list with what I have:


1 Great Unclean One

1 Morbbiex Twice Born

2 Winged Deamon Princes

1 Festus the Leach Lord

1 Lord of Plagues

2 Heralds of Nurgle

1 Sorcerer Lord 

1 Chaos Warshrine

10 Putrid Blightkings

40 Plague Bearers

6 Plague Drones

12 Nurgling basses

3 Beasts of Nurgle

3 Soul Grinders


I'm also open to adding any Battalion rules, Artifacts, etc that would make the army work


Thanks in advance for any advice. 


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Ok well if you do have 10 plaguebearers laying around, just go with a basic tallyband list to start with. The Prince flies around with the drones and activates the locus and additional punch. 

Tallyband of Nurgle 100

GUO 240

30 Plaguebros 300

10 plaguebros 100

10 plaguebros 100

3 drones 220 

3 drones 220

1 DP or Nurgle 160

Total: 1440

Add in the 10 blightkings because they are awesome and drop an insane amount of hits/wounds would leave you with 200 points to flavor to your style. Or you could add in just 5 blightkings, a soul grinder and festus to heal either the grinder or GUO. and drop some -saves to help the lack of rend. 

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