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Hello. I am Mehman, previously known as the scribe of warriors from a grim, dark future. It is good to be here, in fertile ground.

I'll be upfront and say that I do not play Age of Sigmar anymore. Not because it is a poorly executed game or anything - it's a breath of fresh air, even for an IGOUGO system - but because my health got too bad to where I can't stand or even sit over a table to move my plastic soldiers. I get by building, painting, and making backstory for these guys now. Honestly, I was doing that before my health declined but now it feels like a full-time job. You'd think it would be more enjoyable. The havoc I used to unleash on the field of battle...

Enough of the maudlin business. I both digress and apologize for such talk. I guess this is the part where I tell you of my glorious armies. Maybe you would like to hear their names, too. Here we go:

Bloodspoiler Host - Beastmen

The Mouldering Poxguard - Nurgle Chaos Mortals

Swamp Stalkers - Nurgle Daemons

Hallvardr Lodge - Fyreslayers

Shades of Silence - Stormcast Eternals

Deathwhisper Court - Flesh-eater Courts

The Chaotic warriors form together to make a superb Nurgle Chaos Legion. I've been playing Fantasy for some time now and started the hobby with Warriors of Chaos because the idea of vikings coming to wreck havoc amongst the "civilized" appealed to me. I assume the next part of my tale will gain recognition from some of you, dear readers. The Warriors of Chaos' Army Book contained mention of another army: the Beastmen. How could I resist murderous satyrs and minotaurs whose story was an exercise in poetic injustice? They were created by Chaos during the age of darkness to be their mortal agents - their children - and cause mayhem in all affairs. Humanity was deadlocked into small clusters, bright lights dotted about an ocean of dangerous filth. That they hated humans was apparent. The tragic thing to remember is this: they were created to hate and, in doing so, they fulfilled their purpose but that meant they could do nothing more. The Beastmen were a forced hand. I picked up their Army Book, battalion box, and a leader the next day after another three hour-round drive to the nearest Games Workshop store.

Well, it looks like I've gone on enough with the rambling. Again, it's great to be here!

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