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Belgium Tourney -Feedbacks - Rules


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Hello everyone,

We got our very first tournament in Belgium last week-end. Compared to UK or US where you got tournament every week-end, it seems pretty lame but it's a start... 

Now, I did not run it and just took part in it and I would like your opinion on some rules and your help to improve the next one. 

Tournament was as follow : 3 games (general handbook)

5Pts for Major, 3 Pts for Minor, 0 for Defeat, 1pts for draw

1 points for each unit destroyed, 2 pts for the General

Then on a 10-10 basis you add the difference between the 2 players 

I am arguing now that it's giving kill points too much weight in the final result (basically even with a major win you could loose like 14-6, that's what happenned to me) and in an objective based game like AoS you should reward more the objective play than the KP.... 

One of the TOs explained that it's to give a chance to other armies to compete (like duardin that can kill stuff but can't grab objective) but I am not really buying that (especially since he is playing wanderers and have like 1 billion shots in his army ;-p ) 


What is your opinon ? how do you run your tournaments ? How do you weight KP vs. Major win ? What about secondary objectives ? 

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks 



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Yes. This seems to overweight demolition of units and tabling your opponent. It also encourages Deathstars and Stonelords which minimize the number of units in the army. It's going against the current of AoS which has focussed on objectives and Battleplans since day 1 (which is not to say that some people shouldn't have fun from just trying to table their opponent or kill more in 5 Battlerounds).

Maybe you could just give the player who got more kill points 1 or 2 Tournament Points extra, so you would get 7 if you got a Major and more kill points, or 0+2 = 2 for a defeat with more kill points.

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