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  1. Event Title: Hammer & Bolter Age of Sigmar Event Author: Sombremine Calendar: Events Belgium Event Date: 02/08/2020 08:00 AM to 02/09/2020 12:00 AM 2000Pts / 5 Games (2 days) / Fully painted & based MANDATORY Huge rewards & prizes / 10 Painting prizes Goodies & gifts for every player 50€ (2 Breakfast / 2 Lunch / 2 drinks) Draft available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sB4odRr5U3P7zJ_uiDcRGgU3Nn2cbIn4 Hammer & Bolter Age of Sigmar
  2. until
    2000Pts / 5 Games (2 days) / Fully painted & based MANDATORY Huge rewards & prizes / 10 Painting prizes Goodies & gifts for every player 50€ (2 Breakfast / 2 Lunch / 2 drinks) Draft available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sB4odRr5U3P7zJ_uiDcRGgU3Nn2cbIn4
  3. Hey @Ben Still impossible to post a Belgian event in TGA... we have a 100 players tournament coming up so I really would like to post it. Could you please add Belgium in the Countries in the event calendar. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey @Ben I would like to post an event on the Calendar but Belgium is not in the drop list when chosing country. Could you add our small country to the list so I can post the event ? Thanks a lot
  5. until
    AoS Tournament in Ath, Belgium on the 25th March. 20 Spots. 2000pts - GHB2017 - 3 Games. 3 awards for the 3 best Generals based on Victory Points1 Slaughterer award based on most KP1 Painting Award
  6. Hello everyone, We got our very first tournament in Belgium last week-end. Compared to UK or US where you got tournament every week-end, it seems pretty lame but it's a start... Now, I did not run it and just took part in it and I would like your opinion on some rules and your help to improve the next one. Tournament was as follow : 3 games (general handbook) 5Pts for Major, 3 Pts for Minor, 0 for Defeat, 1pts for draw 1 points for each unit destroyed, 2 pts for the General Then on a 10-10 basis you add the difference between the 2 players I am arguing now that it's giving kill points too much weight in the final result (basically even with a major win you could loose like 14-6, that's what happenned to me) and in an objective based game like AoS you should reward more the objective play than the KP.... One of the TOs explained that it's to give a chance to other armies to compete (like duardin that can kill stuff but can't grab objective) but I am not really buying that (especially since he is playing wanderers and have like 1 billion shots in his army ;-p ) What is your opinon ? how do you run your tournaments ? How do you weight KP vs. Major win ? What about secondary objectives ? Thanks a lot for your feedbacks
  7. May Grimnir, Grungni and Valaya hear you !!!
  8. I am betting on a new AoS box in the Summer with Aelves vs Slaanesh....
  9. Hello everyone, I am painting a little OrderDraconis force. Nothing fancy, 2 units of Dragon Blades, 1 Dragon Noble and as a central piece a Dragon Lord. With my limited painting skills I chose a nice and simple color scheme for my Dragon Blades. (See pic) Now my question is, how do I paint my Dragon Lord (Dragon and Lord) since it will be a central piece, I don't want to ****** that up so I am fishing for advice (see 2nd pic). I am thinking to paint the Lord in Gold armour with white and red for draps and robes and tissues pieces (sorry for my english) But for the Dragon I am more stuck, Do I paint the armour red ? Gold ? Do I choose a Red Dragon ? but I am not too keen on that color scheme because I'd like to keep it for my Carmine dragon. How do I paint the belly and the fragile part of the wings ? Last question, how do I proceed ? Drybrush ? (Like the Dracoth painted by Duncan on Warhammer TV) ? Or regular technic, (thin) layers of paint, wash, drybrush/highlight, edgehighlight ? Thanks a lot for your help and advice
  10. 2 Months !!! ??? but I will never be able to wait that long I thought Duardin would be release end of January beginning of February...
  11. +1 on this, Artillery become unefective 3 poor servants with a very mediocre save are doomed and will die too quickly to do anything... Pity I had just finished to paint my Duardin Artillery battery
  12. So does that mean, that per the FAQ, it's the attacker who chose where to allocate the wounds ? Or is it still the defender who choose where to allocate ?
  13. A new Tzeentch Beast like Cat like... Since Tzeentch has an egyptian theme (Thousand sons marines, Bird like Acolytes...) might be a new stuff ... Or a new Aelf Griffon
  14. You're welcome, The list is valid. basically, in AoS you have restriction but as long as you respect them (3 battleline units, max 6 leaders, max 4 behemoth, max 4 warmachines) you're good to go and you can take whatever you like as long as they have the same Allegiance (Order, Destruction, Death, Chaos) for your example it's order. by the way, ScrollBuilder.com is your friend to build list as it tells you the restrictions the General'sHandbook is also a must. Regarding Phoenix temple or Eldritch council , these faction, have very few units so to help you build a list if you take all units in the same faction (so all eldritch council for example) then some units become batlleline so you can have a legit army (don't know if I am clear, hopefully my example will be ...) example : You want to do a full Phoenix Temple army, then Phoenix guards become battleline, so as long as you have the keyword "Phoenix temple" in all the warscroll of your army then Phonix guards are battleline which allow you to field your 3 battleline units are requested and have a full Phoenix temple army. Same goes with Eldritch council with the SwordMasters Please also note that some Legacy Warscrolls (Teclis Tyrion...) have the Highborn keyword and cannot be field in my Phoenix temple army example. Hope it's clear (english is not my first language so apologies for the wording)
  15. I am always in favour of the Thunderers because they don't need a Runelord to perform and that's 80 points or a Runelord that I Can use somewhere else. I, too, use Burlokson for range. I do understand though the combo RuneLord Quarrelers. As for the Irondrakes, they are a bit expensive for my taste, 180 or 200 would have been more than enough, but I do like their stats.
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