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Attacking Multiple Units of Horrors



I bunch a unit of pink horrors next to a unit of blues and a unit of brimstones. When my opponent charges all three with one of their units, my horrors are bunched so tight that only a couple of enemy models can get into base contact with each colour.

Because all attacks from a warscroll are made simultaneously, is it safe to assume all of the horrors die simultaneously (if he choses to attack each unit at all) allowing them to split into the adjacent units instantly? 

My opponent can't say 'I'll kill the pinks first, then the blues, then the brimstone' can he, even if he rolls in that order? 

Thanks in advance! 

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No damage is allocated until all attacks by a unit have been made. Not all attacks *on a specific unit*. So yes, damage resolution is simultaneous. And if he tries to argue this, by the wording of the rules, *you* pick how damage is allocated, so it'd be your choice which unit got burned first.

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4 hours ago, Gladders1980 said:

Splitting occurs at the end of the phase not instantly, so you could only split after all attacks and damage has occurred from all units in the combat phase

Of course! So it doesn't matter which order they're attacked in, even if it's by multiple units! Sweet. Thanks! 

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