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Hello from Western Massachusetts


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I was one of the few, the brave, the people willing to give Age of Sigmar a true try. I was really liking how the game was unraveling for me like an onion, which looked so basic at first until you start revealing all the layers. All the different ways to prepare it, it seemed limitless!

Then the trolls ruined it by guffing them down raw and laying us out with a wave of halitosis infused destruction. 

I haven't given up, and our FLGS had an Age of Sigmar event with a Tournament Package straight from Nottingham! It was great fun, until half of us lost on turn 2...some without taking a turn. This rage was quickly turned on Age of Sigmar, though after I stopped seeing red I realized it was the scenario not the game itself. 

With the announcement of 3 ways to play and the impending Silver Tower, I'm here. I'm here to learn and to play. Hello, all.

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Hello Dez,

Sorry to heart that you ran into some trouble with the game during the early stages. I game in central Connecticut and I will probably run a 1 day tournament in Manchester, CT once the new points system drops this summer. Look out for a post on this forum in a few months and try to attend if you can. Trust me when I say that the scenarios will be tame.


PS: Do you play at Off the Wall Games in Hadley?

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