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Finally finished my Death Adepticon Army

Lord Cedric

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Adepticon Army Progress UPDATE:


IT'S DONE!!! My 2k army and 1k Warhammer Age of Sigmar Death army is complete for Adepticon. This is not only my first time going to Adepticon, but its my first ever tournament as well. Im pretty excited!


Its my pleasure to introduce


Baron Krozis Darkheart "the Soul Reaper" and allies




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Thank you very much everyone!

My army placed #1 in Death Army General in the Vanguard AM tourney. It was also selected top five army displays on Spikey Bits website for same tourney! Im very honored by this.

I did ok in the GT. I only played Saturday but managed to get two minor losses and 1 Major Win with max points.

The best part of both tournaments was that my opponents were all great people. Smiles, excitement, fun, and beer was had at each game.

Adepticon was so much fun and cannot wait until next year.

- Cedric (Robert Hensell)

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