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Need Help with MournGul Conversion


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Alright so I have an idea for a Mourngul conversion but wanted to get feedback before I started on it.

The idea was to keep the Mourngul figure the same, even paint it ethereal.

However I want to add a fair bit of blood on the claws + mouth, nothing too unique right?

Well I want the idea to be that the Mourngul has been eating his victims, and their disemembered bodies are hanging out of his open torso.

Was thinking of adding some intestines splayed out, maybe a few bodies hanging too, mangled of course. All that with him having a bloody trail of corpses and body parts behind him on the base.

It would be cool if you could see through him at some points and view the bodies inside him, but I have no idea how to visually accomplish this.

Would love to hear any feedback, thanks.

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