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Stormcast & Empire dilemma


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Hey guys, 

I've been debating over and over in my head about how best to organise my Stormcast and Free People's armies.

I have enough models for each to run seperately, but the question I keep asking myself is, should I combine them as 2 different Stormhosts, the twin-tailed bolts of Sigmars fury, each incorporating different parts of my Free Peoples or just stick to one Stormhost and one Free People's army?

I have narrowed down the Stormhosts i would be interested in to the Hallowed Knights, Astral Templars and Lions of Sigmar. There seems to be a close bond between the Knights & Templars in the fluff and both have been fleshed out in the novels. The Lions I like but there doesn't seem to be any details about them other than they have a loud battle cry :/

Sorry for the long post but I have been going back and forth with this for months and its holding me back from actually painting them up.

Any feedback is appreciated.






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Stormcastwork with everyone even in fluff. That's kinda their job to jump in and help whoever defeat bad guys in order to reclaim the land. Would be easy to combine I would think. At that point you just need to build a list around whatever comp your using. Having too much is probably your only issue lol

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