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Verminlord deceiver skitterleap in combat?



So I have a question about the verminlord deceiver's skitterleap spell (and similarly the knight vexillor ability as well) if the unit is in combat and 'teleports' away, is this a retreat? Are they automatically removed from combat? They can't move but can they still charge and shoot? Thankyou

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From what I’m reading, it doesn’t say anything like ‘as if it was the movement phase’. It just happens during the Hero phase. For instance, Rampaging Destroyers specifically stats ‘as if it was the Movement phase’ so you can use it to retreat, but you suffer the penalties of the retreat.

Q: Can the ‘Rampaging Destroyers’ ability be used to retreat?
A: Yes, this move is made ‘as if it were the movement
phase’, so as long as you roll high enough you can use
this move to retreat.

The Pennant of the Stormbringer does not say anything about moving in the movement phase, so yes you could charge. The same goes for Skitterleap, which as an Eshin themed Skaven player I think sounds really really fluffy!

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