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destiny dice


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so, what will we be classing as a good roll?

what are the numbers best used on ?

for the purposes of this i will be including mortal wounds for determining damage, due to the rule writer saying that's how it should be played, it being played like that on the livestream and on the white-dwarf battle report.

i suspect this will be a long post so ill open it now and allow other people to contribute before ive finished typing it up, and ill add various bits people may add if they do before im done



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In my games I've been finding 2's and 3's to be the worst rolls. They are usually good for battleshock but they usually just sit there to boost my shield of fate, which is a good strategy. 1's are ideal for battleshock and 4+ rolls are good since everything in the army usually needs 4 or higher for hitting, and wounding. I've been using my 5's and 6's for my skyfires almost exclusively to get some guaranteed sniping in. I usually only use about 2 to 3 dice in the first 1 -3 turns, since my tzaangors really like having shield of fate on them and maxing out the rerolls potential. However after I'm stuck in and have killed the bigger threats I use the rest of the dice pretty much on whatever I need. 

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