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Howdy Folks!


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From Portland Oregon,


 AoS is not really played much here, though I do run a once a month game night at the largest game shop in the area.Im also a member of a very large game club in the NW that was very active in the WHFB scene but very few of them moved over to AoS as they didnt like round bases and skirmish taking over Warhammer,,even though it seems they have moved on to other...skirmish games with...round bases.:|


  Anyhow we do have a small group of us that get some games in, and our local GW has a great manager that really enjoys AoS and he runs events at least once a month.Plus and I mean a big plus for me,I have 3 boys ranging in age from 10 to 15 so yeah,,I got the "home crew" thing going on:D


 Great to be on board here!




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