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Visiting England - Should I Visit Warhammer World?

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On 23.1.2017 at 11:25 AM, Soulsmith said:

Last time I was there, if you have a fully painted force and all the necessary tools just pick a table. Unless it's one of the popular ones then you must book it.

Sounds nice, and I presume this Forum will help us find a sufficient local resistance for two Finnish invaders... :)

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Warhammer World is great and well worth a visit. The museum is a must, the displays are just fantastic. If you wanted to play a game there you would need to organise it in advance and I would recommend booking on of the gorgeous tables to play on.
If you are driving to Warhammer World, you can just park in the large car park free of charge.
If coming by train, you can either walk from the station (it is about 30 minutes if you know where you are going) but I would recommend taking a Fastlane taxi. They are a firm with a fleet of black cabs, are always on time and Warhammer World to the station/city centre normally costs about £5 to £6 unless you hit rush hour traffic. There is also the tram but with Fastlane being so cheap I always use them.
There are also some great places to eat in Nottingham if you don’t fancy the Warhammer World fare – Memsaab, Iberico World Tapas and Hart's are worth visiting Nottingham just to eat at. Nottingham Castle is also in the city centre and worth a look.
Paris is a marmite place. Some people love it, some hate it. Certainly it is one of the least romantic places I have ever visited and I would recommend speaking french if you can. My wife doesn’t like it at all. However, June is a nice month to visit and The Eiffel Tower (take the stairs up – much cheaper and no queue) and Louvre take some beating. Just watch out for the gypsy gangs that seem to have multiplied in recent years.
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