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Magnetising Carry Case


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So I'm looking at magnetising the bases of my Khorne army to carry around in a really useful box.

In the past I've just used Blu-Tac but I've actually taken time on painting this army so wanting to make sure it's secure for transporting around.

I've seen this to line the box with - https://www.guysmagnets.com/flexible-magnets-c23/flexible-self-adhesive-rubber-steel-a4-sheet-p298

And looking at these magnets, but are they going to be thick enough for the bases? - https://www.guysmagnets.com/neodymium-magnets-c11/5-mm-x-2-5-mm-n52-high-grade-neodymium-disk-p2019

Is it just a case of super gluing the magnets to the bottom of the base and that's it?

Any help and suggestions would be great!


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I have been doing the same thing with Really Useful Boxes and magnetic sheet.

When attaching the magnets to the bases of models I have been using a very small ball of green stuff between the magnet and the base to make sure they are flush to the bottom of the base.

Put a dab of super glue where you want it to go on the base, put green stuff on top of that, more super glue on the green stuff and gently push the magnet on to this.  then flip the model over and push base down onto a flat surface to get it flush.  Then let dry.

Works great and best solution for a lot of the new models with delicate parts. On bases bigger than 50mm I have been adding a couple of magnets for better adhesion.  Once done you can shake the case and hold it upside down and models really don't move.

Make sure to get the magnet polarity pointing in the same direction on all your bases, I have a few which are not and they occasionally suddenly stick together.  Not really a major issue though.


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I agree, the newer bigger AoS bases require 3mm magnets. I'd buy 2mm and 3mm, then you're sorted. 

I always use epoxy to glue the magnets to the bases. Always the first thing I do with a new kit. 

Grab a metal tray, put the bases on upside down, blob a bit of epoxy and plop the magnet down. The metal tray will mean the magnet will pull nice and flat on the base and not try to fly off to the next base you're doing..  Had that happen before! 

Super glue or milliput or green stuff works, but always comes loose in the end I'm my experience, best to do it right from the start. 

Poundland do epoxy (for a pound belive it or not) and it's great. Make sure it's Poundlamd though, the other pound shops do some but it's ****** and smells like death. 

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